The best free 2013 printable calendars

free printable calendars 2013

With the new year breezing in the door many of us feel the need to make sure we’re nicely organised for the months to come. Rather than running down to the shop to buy an expensive calendar print one out a free 2013 printable calendar at home and save yourself a little bit of cash.
Here are my selection of the best free 2013 printable calendars I’ve found.
Printable 2013 calendar – FREE
2013 printable calendar // TomKat Studio // Here 
Free printable 2013 calendar
Free printable Sweet New Year Calendar 2013 // Eat Drink Chic // Here 
Free printable 2013 calendar
Love Life 2013 Calendar // MissTina // here
Free 2013 printable calendar – two sizes
2013 printable calendar! // The Twinery // here
Free 2013 Printable Calendar PDF
2013 Calendar // Ellinée // here
2013 calendar freebie!
Whimsical Mini Calendar 2013 Freebie // The Ink Nest // here

Free 2013 printable calendar
Hope and a Home: Free Printable 2013 Calendar // Seamless Days // here



P.S. All images taken from the respective blog.

P.P.S. Happy 2013.

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  1. I cannot wait to print some of these… for every room right? 😉

    Thanks for your comment it means a lot.



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  2. Hi I love your blog your such a lovely lady!
    I’ve been blogging for a while now though I don’t have alot of views,if you have the time I’d love you to see my blog & what you think of it :) x

  3. Oh wow, I think I love you right now! My girlfriend just told me we MUST take down our 2012 calendar tomorrow because its bad luck (despite not being superstitious?) and we don’t have a new one yet and I got a fancy new printer for christmas. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow? :)

    Bettie xo

  4. Love this!!!! I always have so much trouble finding a good printable calendar. Thanks!!!

    Happy new year! xo

  5. I didn’t think about getting a print off calender! Saves me going to buy one – you’re always full of good ideas :)
    Abby xx

  6. Thank you, how very handy! I like printing off these sort of things as revision timetables, makes me life easier, free and pretty :)

    Happy new year, hope 2013 is amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  7. They are all cool!

  8. Thanks for that, they are amazing!¸.•°♡♡⊱彡


    Ƴ░Є░ƛ░Ʀ░ !


  9. These are all really pretty x Happy New YYear x

  10. These are awesome I love the pudding one! :)
    I have just started up a blog and would love if you came to check it out! :)

  11. Great idea – thank you for this post :) I will have to print a couple of them x

  12. Ooh! The Eat Drink Chic one is so lovely, downloading now! Thanks for the link :)

  13. Thanks for finding and sharing these links. You have excellent taste. :)

  14. They all look great! :) xxx

  15. These are wonderful! I love the one from The Ink Nest :)

  16. These are great! Really love them! I’ve shared the link on the freebie sites I use over Facebook and on my Blog page. Total thrifty gal here – following you via GFC
    Kez x

  17. Wow they’re so cute! I will stock up on coloured ink and print one! Thank you for sharing x

  18. I love the whimsical bird calendar!

  19. thank you for sharing the websites! I’ve been looking for an adorable printable calendar. These are all awesome.

  20. Yes! I’m always so bad with getting hold of a calendar – and then it gets too late in the year and then there’s no point. These are just lovely. Thanks for sharing them. Rx

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