Don’t throw it away – Christmas card envelopes

christmas envelopes I know to some of you this might sound pretty basic but there are a lot of the things in the world which seem basic when it explained to one and a revelation to others. Just like mathematics.

Don’t throw out your Christmas card envelopes and make it your resolution for 2013 not to throw out any other envelope. Open them up and use the backs as scrap paper to write lists on, or for your children to scribble on. You can even trim them up and secure with a mini bulldog clip (find them here on the cheap) to form a little shopping list note pad.
Look at what you’re throwing out and find a second use. Help out both the planet and your purse.
P.S. The craft giveaway winner has been revealed here. And the magazine giveaway winner was announced here.

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  1. I always use old envelopes for address labels on parcels :)

  2. Instead of using a bulldog clip I punch a hole in a top corner of the envelope and hold them together by putting an o-ring through to make a kind of book :)

  3. LOVE it! I reuse as many envelopes as possible, from cards, bills etc and get a bit narked when companies and banks insist on putting their ads/logos ALL over the envelope…that’s my writing space!

  4. I’ve already used a load of mine to make snowflakes to hang on the tree & to use as gift labels. I also hoard them for the pretty patterns inside!

  5. Thank you for posting this! I think more people need to consider the things they throw out, especially at Christmas time. Smaller envelopes could even be used for some sort of craft, especially if they have a pretty stamp on them!

  6. You know what else more people need to reuse at/after christmas? Their cards. Too many people throw them away when the fronts can be cut out and used as gift tags next year. That way you don’t need to buy any and you’ll always find something that matches your wrapping paper! xx

  7. I also cut out the stamps as lots of charities collect them!

  8. I always cut out the stamps as lots of charities collect them!

  9. I don’t send x-mas cards at all and don’t receive many either – I’m trying to encourage people to go down the e-card route for birthdays, festivals etc. I have received a few cards though and followed your instructions and have turned the envelopes into a notepad! I also use the front of the cards for gift tags or thank you notes.

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