2 Minute Christmas Cracker Craft

christmas cracker craft

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and the cold hasn’t stopped you from getting out and about. However if you are safely wrapped up inside you may want to try this super quick and very thrifty Christmas craft.

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These are pretty simple and easy homemade Christmas crackers – my v quick video (above) shows how to make them in around 2 minutes. Now they don’t whizz or bang but they do pull apart well and if you feel inclined to add the ‘bang’ element you can pick them up in craft shops.

Mini versions will look great strung together or placed on your Christmas tree and of course it is up to you what you decide to fill them with – or if they’re for decoration if you’re going to fill them at all. Our crackers are filled with mini candy canes.



P.S. Anyone had snow yet?

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  1. aw, no snow for me yet:(

  2. like the idea of popping a mini candy cane in them as the treat.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Great idea Mrs. Thrifty! We always make our crackers and take great joy in making the little gifts personal and coming up with naff jokes, it’s part of our Christmas family preparation fun xox Penelope

  4. It reminds me of Tom and Barbara’s crackers, do you have to shout bang when you pull it? did you make hats from folded newspapers?

  5. No snow yet :( did a beauty type cracker pressie for sis (hope she doesn’t see this!) Great idea xx

  6. NO snow for me yet:(


  7. I’ll be making some of these to give with gifts this year. I’ll be putting a lottery ticket in some of them for adults and sweets and stick on moustaches for the kids in my family. Such a great gift idea :)


  8. On the subject of ‘how to’ posts I thought I’d let you know that I’ve recently done a post on how to make a teacup candle, I sourced the teacups from charity shops and I’ll give them as gifts…I thought I was being rather thrifty! :)
    I think I commented earlier but again great post, I love crafts!
    Frankie xx

  9. We used to make these alot when I was younger. We added sweets etc inside and then gifted to each other as a surprise.

    We had snow here in Cambridge last week!

    Claire x

    P.S. The ring looks great on screen 😉

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