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Bonjour your face. Of the thrifty variety? In need of a gift for someone else of the thrifty variety or friend starting down the thrifty path?

Why not do something sweet and simple like take your friend shopping?  Draw up a homemade coupon (lots of links below) for a day at your favourite charity shop filled village. Include a spending limit/or outfit for a specific event and stipulate you’ll be including cream tea or a picnic.
How to present the coupon?
Once you’ve printed or made your coupon you can present in all manner of ways.
- Create a word search with clues as to where to find the coupon.
- Print out a picture of your favourite charity shop, glue to a piece of thick cardboard, glue the coupon to the back and then cut into jigsaw pieces.
- Place inside a beautiful thrifted frame and add a note that you plan to take a photo of you two on your day out to include at a later date.
Easy, peasy, charity shop squeeze-y.
Useful free customised coupon links -
Now off you pop and let your imagination run free you crafty minx, you.


P.S. Will you be giving this a whirl?

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  1. Love this! :)

  2. Wow this is a fantastic idea! I like the jigsaw thing. I might make one for a car-booting trip with a sausage sarnie thrown in LOL!

  3. This is a great idea – it’s what my brother and I usually do for each other’s birthdays – in fact thinking about it, he still owes me a day shopping for this year…

  4. What a cute idea, i love it :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. Fantastic and unique idea, I love it! Also, I’m holding a giveaway, check it out! There are 3 prizes and a booby prize :)

  6. LOVE the bag!

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