Thrifty Christmas gifts for under £20

Thrifty Christmas

So Christmas is coming, who knew? Well I’m sure if you have either a.) a calendar or b.) have been reading A Thrifty Mrs since oooh, January you may have had some clue before now – I talk about it a lot.
I’ve put together some thrifty gift guides in various thrifty price brackets for various different recipients, for the coming festive season and I hope you might find them useful. The first few gifts will come in at around the £20 mark and as we get closer to Christmas they’ll drop lower and lower in price.

Bargain Beauty Product Christmas Stocking

Christmas wrapping

The following package of gifts comes in at just under £20 and provides a face of make, all nicely packaged up in pretty wrapping paper and an old school Christmas stocking. When pricing up Christmas gifts always make sure you are factoring in things such as wrapping, postage, parking or transport to the shops and small things like sticky tape and parcel tags.

A Thrifty Mrs Giveaway

Check the video to find out how you can win this package (and more about the products) in time to hand it over to a loved one this Christmas.

If you can’t view the embedded version click over to my channel directly to watch it there. Please note the method of entry is based on my YouTube channel and entries on this blog will not be considered valid.

1. MUA Undressed Palette £4 –  Superdrug (read my review of this product here)
2. Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (Pink Cloud) £1.99 –  Boots (read my review of this product here)
3. Barry M Lip Laquer Crayon £4.99 Superdrug
4. Rimmel Precious Stones Nail Polish (Ruby Crush) £3.99 –  Boots
5. NYC Showtime Mascara £1.99 –  Superdrug (read my review of this product here)
6. 2True Plumptuous Lip Gloss (no.3) £1.99 –  Superdrug
Total value of contents = £18.95

thrifty christmas stocking
1. Tesco value stocking 45p
2. Tesco value wrapping paper (14p for 2m – 1m used) 7p
3. 1/2m of cheap sticky tape – around 10p max
TOTAL £19.57

Would you be thrilled to find this gift under your tree come Christmas morning? Do you already have someone in mind who would be elated to receive this gift?

I’ll be back with some more gift guides under £20 soon and after that I’ll be going cheaper and cheaper!

P.S. I bought some of this make up from Superdrug during a 3 for 2 (across all make up) sale and whilst the MUA palette was £1 off rrp, so the actual price at time of purchase was £2.99 cheaper than above. Hurrah! I didn’t factor this into my final price because I wasn’t sure how long these offers would last. So keep your eyes peeled for great offers and shop wisely.

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  1. Yout got some great products there, I love the MUA Palettes and the Natural Collection Blush too! BeautyUK do some fab cheap lip products too!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  2. such a lovely idea! im still in need of a present for a close friend and as my purse is suffering the consequences of Christmas shopping, this seems the perfect gift for her! thankyou!

  3. Great pressies, I’d be more than delighted to see these under my christmas tree!

    Jo xx

  4. Hi thank you for sharing this video. You can also put the gifts in a nice tote bag or bag for life which costs at the most £1. That way they can be used again. Also for the competition – my favorite beauty product is nothing special its my tin of vaseline. I always keep it in my handbag for when I have chapped lips.

  5. These are great ideas – and now I’m so excited for Christmas! xo

  6. I’m going to make something like this for a friends but I think I’m gonna add a perfume from Next as well. They are great presents to give. Inexpensive but good quality perfumes :-)

  7. I would absolutely love to receive that at Chistmas! I love your money saving tips! MOREEEE!!!

  8. Great post – it’s amazing what you can do for under £20!

  9. Great idea, can’t wait for the upcoming gift guides! :) xx

  10. Just a tip – I’ve seen the NYC make up in poundland as well as superdrug.

  11. Just a tip – I’ve seen the NYC makeup In Poundland as well as Superdrug. Might be worth a look.

  12. I look for make-up and toiletry 2-4-1 type offers all autumn, then stock up and make my gift baskets from them. Also for people in London Beauty Base shops do some great make up offers.

  13. i would definitely be delighted :) great idea x

  14. This is a great idea thrifty! Especially for under £20! Thanks for the post! x

  15. Love this! You do get me in the Christmas spirit Mrs Thrifty xx

  16. Very cool post. Thanks for the idea. I like that MUA palette.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  17. Please could you do a video one how to sell on eBay? Any tips and tricks you could share? I’ve recently started selling unwanted make-up items to gain a bit of money before the holidays and it would be really helpful xx

  18. Oooh great idea, i’m doing something like this for my sisters :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  19. I’m a student, and the end of my loan is drawing close… I’m really struggling for Christmas pressie ideas that are fantastically cheap, but still lovely. This is a great idea. :- )

    Eeep! I’m so excited for Christmas already!

    Xx. Emma @ ever–

  20. Really nice idea, thanks for sharing!

    I’m attempting to hand-make all my gifts this year… probably a bit silly, but I thought I’d give it a go at least! Lots of cowls, candles in retro cups, wool head bands, lavender drawer scenters and lime pickle are the order of the day!

  21. Great ideas as ever, thank you a Thrifty Mrs :D. I love the videos, you are so cheerful. Can’t wait for Crimbo, I’ve been planning and buying for a while! Love that the Tesco stocking is under 50p was thinking of stuffing a stocking for presents for children!

    Thanks again BettyButtons Xx

  22. Looks like a real good stocking’! Good lick to everyone who’s entered.

  23. Thank you very much for this! Gave me a lot of inspiration, great for a lot of my friends! But as my mum is not really into loads of make up, I am going to put in the stocking: A yankee candle, (that are ridiculously expensive but she loves them), dove bath and body products, a revlon kissable balm stain in the orange colour, chocolates, and have a look for a few little bits around the town. I also bought her a 50 pound voucher for my local salon, but if was on sale for 25 pound! And will you be do one of these for men not make up obviously haha 😛 No worries if not, thanks again!

  24. i just started following you and wondered if you were interested in doing my 10 for £10 challenge? my boyfriend came up with it a few weeks ago, i blogged about it here: it seems like something you’d like as it’s all about bargain hunting!!! :)

  25. Brilliant gift idea, just not sure I would keep it all for myself!

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