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Jewellery making is one of my favourite ways to pass time. I get something to occupy me for a few hours, it is relatively cheap and at the end of it all I have a nice new accessory to wear. This year I’ve put together a few basic jewellery making kits or hampers, if you will, for my friends this Christmas. Here at A Thrifty Mrs we like easy, fun and creative all thrown into a big bag and shaken together until they are…well…not quite sick but you know, jumbled together.

Jewellery making gift sets are a cheap and cheerful gift to put together but they really show you’ve put time, thought and effort into making something special and useful.

Jewellery Making Gift Set

Instruction manual
You don’t want to hand your friend a bunch of jewellery making gubbins without also letting them know the best way to make themselves a few items without a headache. If you’re knowledgeable when it comes to this particular hobby then you could type out your own very quick guide and print it out. Or you could even hand write some instructions and pop them into a beautifully decorated notebook. You can pick up plain note books in most local Post Offices or you can pick up a multi pack on eBay for mere pence and decorate with drawings or decals.
Maybe you could print out a voucher for an afternoon of jewellery making together?
If you’re not skilled at making jewellery you can pick up a variety of useful books or leaflets from craft shops, I’ve found this one to be particularly useful.
Other useful jewellery making guides:
Tools and basics
There are some essential bobs every start out jewellery maker will need. Pliers, chains, clasps, headpins and more. If you’re making more than one starter kit you could buy a big amount of each item (especially small things like clasps) and divide them up so you can give to several people.
Pliers and cutters
Pliers are essential to the making of jewellery. You can buy a pack of the most often used on places like  Amazon (here is a good kit) or on eBay. If you just want to pick up a simple starter pair of pliers a pair of round nose pliers are always a good starting point and you can pick them up for around £1.50 here.
The foundations
– Jump rings – I’ve bought from this seller recently with great success.
– Clasps – You can pick these up in great volume from eBay, Amazon and jewellery supply shops for mere pence.
– Studs – An essential and often a starter point for many a new jewellery maker.
– Earwires – Again, a great starting point and easy to get to grips with, they’re cheap and easy to fiddle with – I pick mine up from eBay here.
– Crimp beads – New to making jewellery? You won’t survive long without these bad boys.
– Cabochon discs are endlessly useful. I use these ones.
– Ring blanks

You might also consider:
– Leather cord
– Hot glue gun
– Chains

If you want an easy life you can buy a nice little kit of crimps, ear wires, jump rings etc. for £2.75 here.
Pretty things
You’ve started your friend off with the basics now it is time to add some pretty bits and bobs so they’re inspired to get going. Maybe you could cut out some pictures of beautiful jewellery so they can have some inspiration, y’know if you can be bothered.
– Filigree beads  £1.35
– Hearts, bows and flowers £2.45
– Rose cabochons £1.50
– Painted bird cabochons £1.40
– Bow shaped cabs £1.99
So how are you going to package this up nicely? Now is the time to get your hunt on! Get yourself out to a charity shop or bootsale and hunt down a pretty and cheap jewellery box. If you find one in shoddy condition you could sand it down and treat it to a lick of paint or varnish.

Away you go! Let your imagination run wild.


P.S. Is there anyone in your life who would appreciate a jewellery making hamper this Christmas?

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  1. Aw, brilliant ideas. I’ve done this for kids before -putting beads, wire and clasp into pretty tins for them but never thought of doing more advanced adult ones.

    It’s also given me the idea for other kits I could give out if I run out of time making gifts for every one! For example, instead of giving the candle I could package the glass jar, wax, colour chip, fragrance and instructions for those who I know would like to make it.

    A bit like when people package the dry ingredients for cookies etc too instead of finished cookies! Though finished can be good too! 😉

    Thanks thrifty!


    Claire x x x

  2. I wish I had someone in my life who would appreciate this. If you feel like sending me a Christmas pressy of the jewelry making variety I wont say no ha ha x

  3. I am thinking of making up some hampers for Xmas presents. This idea is great!

  4. Such a good idea, and then they can make you jewellery for gifts. 😉
    I like making up little boxes of goodies I know family and friends like, favourite sweets, and beauty bits.

  5. I’d love this as a gift!!..Unfortunately I can’t see that my friends or family would appreciate it…they are more into readymade things and I can’t see how they would take the time to sit down and actually make something for themselves..a pity I know, because i spend hours beading and making little bits and bobs even if i never end up wearing them!

  6. Fantastic post! I love making hampers, they’re my favourite kind of gifts to give :)

  7. Great post! thanks for the idea x

  8. This sounds like such a good idea, but also – would it not be quite expensive to get all the bits and bobs?


    • Hmmm it shouldn’t cost too much. Most of the items I’ve mentioned above come in packs of 100+ for less than £3, so they can easily be divided up into smaller little sets. Plus you don’t have to buy everything I’ve mentioned here, a lot of it is down to decoration and taste. Or you could just make an earring kit or bracelet kit. None or the kits I’ve put together have come to more than £8 including packaging.

  9. This is such a lovely idea! It would be perfect for a few of my friends, thank you for the idea :) xx

  10. What a lovely idea!

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