Daily Housewifery Prompts

Daily Housewifery Prompts

It is that time of the week again, time to make sure things run smoothly and in a clean and organised fashion. Here are a few tips which should take around 5 minutes and help to keep on top of the chores which sneak up on us out of nowhere.

MONDAY — Organise your underwear drawer. Check out this post on that topic.

TUESDAY — If you are able to do so, remove the covers from your sofa and wash.

WEDNESDAY — Clean out and organise your fridge (there will finally be a blog post up on Wednesday about this topic – sorry for the delay)

THURSDAY — Wash your shower curtain with a cup of vinegar and 2 tbsp of borax in the drum.

FRIDAY — Go through your books and pick at least two to donate to charity.

SATURDAY — Dust down the tops of all doors and door frames.

SUNDAY — Fold up some carrier bags and put them in the bottom of the bin in your bedroom. As you go to remove the dirty bag you have a nice clean one waiting for you.

Will you be joining in this week?

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  1. I love the idea for the bags in the bottom of the bin xx

  2. Do you do a countdown to Christmas rota. I am thinking about housewifery rather than Christmas shopping. Its a nightmare trying to clean the whole house and do all the other Christmas chores. I always have Christmas Day at my house and so I have to have the place spotless and smelling gorgeous as a backdrop to amazing food plenty of booze and also make sure its a safe haven for all the kids. I am guaranteed to be changing bed covers ironing table cloths and trying to wrap my husbands presents under the bed so he cant see what I am doing, all at once on Christmas eve. The only plus point is that its perfectly acceptable to be drinking Baileys before 5pm

  3. Oh the embarrassment- ‘clean out your underwear drawer’ has been on my To-Do list since you posted it last JUNE.
    But at least I can feel smug this morning- I finally got round to doing it last week!!!

    can I just mention that bio-degradable carriers are NOT the thing to put in store in the bottom the bedroom bin – I have just showered the carpet with confetti!!

    blessings xx

  4. Please can someone tell me where to buy borax in bulk? Got some from ebay but will cost a fortune if I carry on Luke this. Thanks, T. x

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