Mr Thrifty is OLD

30th birthday

My lovely, lovely husband is OLD. Today he turns 30. He is an old, old man. Actually let’s scrap this old stuff because I’ll be 30 in a few months and I won’t take very kindly to him calling me old. Mr Thrifty is young, agile and erm bendy.

Happy birthday my lovely husband. I’m proud to be your wife, I’m proud of everything you are and everything you want to be. I love you with every fibre of my being. Thank you for being you. I wish you a very happy 30th birthday and many, many more to come.



P.S. We shall feast on cake in the company of friends today, is there a better way to celebrate having a new number?

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty. 30 isn’t old! I am beginning to think that the only old number is about 80, because lets face it that is old and all the other numbers beginning with 3s and 4s just dont seem that far away anymore :(

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty! Enjoy cake. Mmmmm….cake. Me want cakey…. x x

  3. Happy 30th to Mr thrifty

  4. Happy birthday to Mr Thrifty! I turned 30 last month and don’t worry, it doesn’t feel worse at all…. more like better because you don’t have people winding you up anymore for being ‘almost 30′, much better :D

  5. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty, you are less than half my age!

  6. Don’t worry about turning 30 because when you reach your 70′s and look back, you’ll realise what a young whippersnapper you really were/are!! Have a great day with your hubby! :)

  7. Your 30′s rock. I have been here for nearly 2 years. And it ain’t half bad :) A very happy burfdee to Mr Thrifty :D

  8. Happy birthday to Mr Thrifty! What a lovely tribute to your relationship too :)

    Maria xxx

  9. Aw Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty!!

  10. Oh, what a lovely post. My cockles are thoroughly warmed.

  11. I agree with landgirl 30′s are pretty good compared to your 20′s. I do my own thing, am my own person and don’t gove a **** what other people think.
    Birthday wishes to Mr thrifty

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Thrifty. Have a great day! xx

  13. LOL I agree the 30s ROCK! Happy Bday to your hubby! He is still VERY young-enjoy it all! xox

  14. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty! 30 seems a long, long, time ago … xx

  15. Happy Birthday to Mr Thrifty- a lovely message from you to him.

  16. Cute, happy birthday Mr Thrifty!

    Sophierosehearts x

  17. Happy 1000th birthday Mr Thrifty! :p

  18. Hope he has a great birthday. Have a lovely time both of you.

  19. Mmmmm…cake! If there wasn’t this pesky ocean between us, I’d happily provide you with one! Enjoy!

  20. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty :) xxx

  21. What’s old?

  22. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty :) x

  23. A spring chicken!!! Happy Birthday x

  24. 30 is not old. Happy young birthday Mr Thrifty!

  25. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty!!

  26. Happy Birthday to Mr Thrifty, hope it’s a good one!!

    Kitty xo

  27. Aww, this is lovely! Happy birthday to Mr Thrifty! :D x

  28. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty! My boyfriend will be 21 this year, I love telling him how old he is! haha :)
    Sophie :)

  29. Happy birthday Mr T!!! OMG wait till he is kncoking on the door of 40!!!! I am heading in a that direction quicker than I would like Lally

  30. 30′s – old enough to know what you want, young enough to not care. Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty!

  31. A very happy (belated) birthday mr thrifty! x

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