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Money saving appsI’ve got a phone, have you got a phone? Well aren’t we a fancy pair. I’m still amazed at the advancements phones have made since I got my first mobile in 1997 and even at the huge difference since my first fancy pants phone with a camera in 2003. There isn’t much you can’t do with a phone these day, sometimes I even phone people with them.

Obviously if you aren’t in a great place money wise then starting out a new contract or buying something fancy like a smart phone isn’t a great idea, let’s just get that A Thrifty Mrs type blurb well and truly out there. However if you already have one or if you aren’t in financial perril but still like to save money (sometimes it feels like that isn’t allowed, doesn’t it?) then these apps might be for you.

Here are my current favourite money saving phone apps.

Ah good old skype. I love being able to yack to and even see my friends for free. Actual FREE. Isn’t technology amazing. I’m forever sending skype instant messages back and forth but it is just so lovely to connect fact to face or just by voice with my friends who live across the globe. Skype makes me happy.
Where to find Skype

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Great name and a great app. Redeemia captures together all the best deals from the likes of Groupon, KGB Deals, Wowcher etc. and makes it relevant for you. I love the daily deals websites but I find it dull and boring to wade through irrelevant deals. I like this app because you can customise what you want them to show you because you can tell it your interests and your location.

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Oh come on, you know how much I love eBay. I’m an addict. That said, I’ve been getting better recently – I’ve been selling more than I buy and I think the app on my phone has been really useful. I used to find setting up the camera and getting everything together a bit of a hassle but now I can just snap it direct on my phone to the app and have a really good listing up in under 5 minutes.

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Blind Lemon
Pop your location into the search bar and Blind Lemon will return a list of charity shops and vintage stores within the area. Really useful for areas you’re not familiar with and very, very easy to use.
For some reason I’m having real troubles locating this on any version of app store so if anyone knows what the deal is let me know – has it been withdrawn? Will I lose it when I update my phone?

ATM Hunter
This is a great little find by friend and has fast become a firm favourite app. So, this app will show you the nearest ATM based on your location which is handy enough in itself but even better than that – if you fiddle with the settings it will help you find the nearest ATM which has no charges. I really hate cash machines which charge, especially when I have about £11.12 in my bank and it wants to take £1.50 for the privilege of giving me my money.

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I’ve also made a quick video on this very topic, which you can viewabove  however if the embedded version doesn’t work you can click here to hop over to YouTube.


P.S. What are your favourite apps money saving or not? Tell me, tell me.

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  1. My favorite money saving app is defiantly Ebay; I always find great bargains on there! Just the other day I brought a Lipsy dress for £15 – how great is that!

  2. My favorite money saving app is Ebay too! I got a Lipsy London dress on there for silly money; something like £10 I think! Amazing what you can find if you look for it! xxxx

  3. My favourite app is definitely my Mobile Banking…I live miles away from my nearest bank/ATM and like to keep on top of my balance…Especially when I’m indulging in a touch of Ebay shopping at work…(SSSSHHHHH!!! I know I should be working)

    I love O2 Priority moments too…Lets me enjoy some of my favourite things for a lot less…Best offer is definitely 20% off at Yo Sushi!!

  4. I need a new phone! Blackberry apps are rubbish! I like that sound of the blind lemon app, I hope it still exists somewhere?!
    Rachelle x

  5. Looks like Blind Lemon has been withdrawn, this is what this site here suggests – This site ( has charity shop locator and an app (paid) too (

  6. I absoutely adore VoucherCloud – me and the boy go out for meals quite a bit, and there’s always a voucher for somewhere. We’ve tried out tons of new places we wouldn’t normally go because of 2 for 1 deals, the best was getting two starters and two steak mains for the price of just one steak main at Strada!

  7. YES ATM Hunter! I thought I was the only person in the world to use it haha xo

  8. not an app but i’ve had couple of free lunches and some millies cookies by checking out my O2 rewards through my phone…always worth checking – especially in train stations!

  9. Ooh atm hunter sounds very useful! I can’t really think of any moneysaving apps, I do use my phone to create shopping lists for food shopping though. The app ‘clear’ is pretty good because you can swipe things off as you buy them along the way.

  10. I’ve just added Redeemia to my phone!
    I love my o2 Priority Moments app as it has helped me save so much money, and I love the Quidco app so that I can earn money just by checking in at shops, and not spend anything haha.

  11. It’s not a money saving app per say but I love the Pinterest app to while away a few minutes and I’ve taken some really good home decor, outfit and craft ideas from there.

  12. i downloaded redeemia but it wouldnt move over to my SD card so had to uninstall :(

  13. Hi thanks for sharing these. I know that you queried the blind lemon app but is it definitely not around anymore? I couldn’t find it before and it sounds great x

  14. Thanks for sharing, I currently have a blackberry but my new Iphone arrives next week can’t wait to try out the Redeemia app.

  15. Blind Lemon appears to be here for iPhone:
    But I need it for android… :-(
    Wouldn’t it be super great if it listed local boot fairs too..? x

  16. Blind Lemon appears to be here for iPhone:
    But I need it for android… :-(
    Wouldn’t it be super great if it listed local boot fairs too..? x

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