Magazine Freebies

Magazine freebiesListen up A Thrifty Mrs readers, there are a glut of fab freebies in the magazine this month, so if you’re in the mood to hunker down and leaf through a magazine choose wisely because you could nab a bargain!

Here are just some of the freebies -

UK MagazinesEasy Living  – Nov 2012
Price – £3.70
Free gift – Cowshed hand cream

InStyle  – Nov 2012
Price £3.80 (£2.50 in Tesco)
Free gift – Choice of Benefit highligher or cheek tint – specifically Benetint, Cha Cha Tint and Sun Beam.
Inside the magazine is a voucher for a mini Benefit mascara which you must take into store to claim.

Ideal Home – Nov 2012
Free gift – Tea towel in choice of two colourways

Marie Claire – Nov 2012
Free gift – Limited edition L’Occitane hand cream worth £8

Price -£4.90
Free gift – Philip Kingsley hair product – This product is not in the package so I assume you must either go into store or send off for the product.

Free gifts
As always if you are buying a magazine just for a product it is worth weighing up the price of the publication against the size of product you will be receiving as a ‘free’ gift. However if you know you’ll make good use and enjoy the publication then fill your boots.

If you’ve seen a good freebie then do of course let us all know.


P.S. What has been your favourite ever magazine freebie?

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  1. I do love the L’Occitane hand cream giveaways – there was one last year and I have just about run out! I buy them at their regular £8 price as they are the best hand creams out there and a perfect handbag size – and as demonstrated, they last forever.

    RED I think have a great Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish freebie which comes with an organic muslin cloth. Cleanse and Polish also lasts for ever and it’s a handy travel size.

    Hope you’re ok, btw, Mrs Thrifty. I do keep thinking about you xxx

  2. I really am impressed with this month’s freebies. I was going to repurchase a L’Occitane hand cream this month anyway, so I essentially have saved money on this! x

  3. I was really excited about the benefit freebie in the Instyle mag, but when I actually picked up the magazine it was absolutely tiny – the box was about the size of my thumbnail! safe to say I didn’t bother buying it! :)

  4. OOh i love that hand cream! On it straight away!

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  5. i really want to get the benefit freebie instyle, i really want to try out sun beam :) x

  6. would like to purchase instyle and red xxxx

  7. I bought Marie Claire and InStyle yesterday for a wee treat! love the freebies! My InStyle came with a small Dove colour protect shampoo too (all for 2.50 in tesco!) The magazine was a bit guff though….hey ho!

  8. Definitely need to get my paws on Instyle magazine! :)

  9. I bought the ideal home magazine and its a lovely tea towel. I do fancy the hand cream, but the bene tint what a pile of rubbish!!!! Also homes and Antiques have a lovely free bird print and it is really nice.
    Hope you are feeling better. I had a massive flip out today, but I had a lie down, still feel like pants. So huggiees for both of us, Ohh and I still feel no better after eating a bag of candy laces and a 40g bag of monster muncg beef of course!!!! Allie x

  10. love these posts x

  11. I got a free INstyle once on trial offer and it had a free Alice Temperley shopping day event in it when I got my makeup, nails and eyebrows done, refreshments and a goody bag including a free Alice Temperley scarf which i think was reatialing at over 100 quid at the time.

  12. I got a free Dove with the hand cream Marie Claire too

  13. I need to get instyle and marie claire asap! Instyle have had some fab freebies this year!

    Sophierosehearts x

  14. I love magazine freebies! Love this post x

  15. i LOVE mad freebies always on the look out for a good one. I don’t really read magazines like that but i like to have a flick through and then give them to my mum once im done haha x

  16. There seem to be some awesome freebies out there at the moment! xx

  17. Sadly the item I am most excited about is the free teatowel. How glam, not! ;)

  18. I might try Instyle!

  19. I always seem to miss the magazine freebies! It’s such a shame… sigh.

  20. I love getting freebies, I get shout and bliss teen mags, and I love the freebies, the other day I got a black nail art dotting tool, striper and nails varnish! xx

  21. YES I always do this! Buy ramdomo magazines just for the free gifts… xo

  22. I have a subscription to Easy Living and not once this year have a recieved any of the freebies that are on the shop copies. Grump.

  23. My fav ever mag freebie was last month’s Instyle. Picked up the Clinique Turnaround Overnight cream, and I loved it. And I wish I could afford/justify spending £34 for the 50ml size.

  24. It has never occurred to me to buy a magazine for the free gift.

    That said the one magazine I have been dabbling over is I love crocheting and am seriously considering signing up with the bonus of so many enjoyable products. Hmm… Save the pennies, part with the pennies? So often it is far easier just to keep them warm and snug in my hand.

  25. North American magazines never have freebies, ever. And I’m talking about Marie Claire and In Style.

    We just get the magazine!

  26. Magazine freebies these days are fabulous! I always look out for the Benefit and Clinique ones….sure beats the freebies of yesteryear…peach frost Collection 2000 sellotaped on the front of Blue Jeans anyone? ;)

  27. I just picked up two copies of InStyle! One for the cha cha tint and one for sun beam! I bought high beam and posie tint over a year ago when glamour were giving them away and they’re the same size and still going strong so everyone saying how small they are, you need the tiniest amount of product so they will last you forever! Total bargains for £2.50 each! XO

    Please check out my beauty blog if you get a chance, I have reviews on OPI, Bioderma, Morrocan Oil, Topshop nail polish etc! Thankyou <3

  28. Loved the hand cream in Marie Claire, I chose the date one and it smells fabulous. There was also a small Dove conditioner with it. Inside the magazine there is also a 20% off voucher for L’Occitane which I’ll probably use when my hand cream runs out.

  29. Clinque Moisture Surge mini, brilliant for taking to the gym and swimming pool!

  30. 1st of november glamour mag £2 free givt nails inc polish :)) 3 or 4 colours i think xxxx

  31. Thanks for the info – I love these kind of posts! I always get the L’Occitane hand cream free in magazines and it’s such a bargain! xx

  32. I managed to get Benefit Cha Cha and Sunbeam. Fab! However, when I took InStyle to the Benefit counter in Debenhams to claim my free mascara, they claimed the offer was only valid if you booked a brow treatment (which you had to pay for). :(

    I also got the rose L’Occitane handcream from Marie Claire. :)

    PS. Hope you are feeling better Thrifty Mrs.

  33. ah great post! I’m definitely going to try get my hands on InStyle for the Benefit freebies – so worth the hefty cover price!

    It’s a LDN Thing

  34. I’m going to have to get InStyle now :) xxx

  35. I am subscribed to Ideal Home and didn’t even know about the tea towel freebie. Have tweeted them. Surely they should be rewarding their current readers, and not just trying to grab passing custom? Hurumph.

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