Look magazine featureDid you know ‘look’ was the first word I ever read from a school book? I actually remember bringing home a book called ‘Look’, each page contained a different scene from a zoo and just the solo word Look. The next week the next book in the series continued along the look theme but introduced a few other words such as ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘at’ and ‘it’. That was well over 25 years ago and I remember it clear as day, it’s funny what you remember isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m stretching my ‘Look’ memory a bit by relating it to some exciting news. I’m in Look Magazine this week. A couple of weeks back I was interviewed about running a money saving blog – this very one you’re reading, A Thrifty Mrs – and living a thrifty life – I expected it to be a few short snippets but it turns out I have a whole page dedicated to my damn face. Cool huh? I share some of my favourite money saving tips along with some of my charity shop location and timing secrets.

Professionally I’m lucky enough to have my worked featured in the press on a regular basis however whenever my blog is featured in a magazine or newspaper the excitement whizzes through me a lot faster and I make bizarre noises. My blog is my love, my baby. We go through ups and downs but ultimately I love my blog. A huge thank you to everyone who stops by to read because you’ve made my blog go further than I could ever have imagined. THANK YOU!

This edition of the magazine, which is their Style Savvy issue, came out on Tuesday and will be available here in the UK on the shelves of your trusty local newsagent until next Monday.


P.S. By the way if anyone can track down this book or point me in the direction of it that would be fantastic and I’ll love you forever. It was an official school book from a reading scheme rather than just a story book for children. I read it in school when I was about 3 or 4 so that would have been 1986/87.

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  1. You got a Louis Vuitton Speedy for £5. GAH. xx

    South Molton St Style

  2. Congratulations! I’ve learnt lots of thrifty tips from you, so thanks! You deserve it. x

  3. Congratulations! Look was my first ever magazine too xx

  4. My brother learnt to read with the ‘Look’ book! My mum was so proud when he started reading the word off the road (look left etc) as he’d been struggling with reading. Well done on the mag article :)

  5. Ahh I’ll have to go out and get Look then! Congratulations :)


  6. its sounds like the Oxford reading tree books to me. well done on the magazine you desearve it x

  7. Congrats!

  8. Wow congratulations! I’ll definitely be picking up a copy on Monday! I love your thrifty tips!
    Chloe xx

  9. I saw this yesterday, shoved it in my mum’s face and was like “I follow her blog, she’s brilliant!” ha slight mad moment, ah well. But well done lovely, you work so hard on your blog you deserve all the recognition you can get! :D
    Hope you have a great weekend

  10. Gah congratulations! You deserve this and so much more! I’m so happy for you. P.s If anymore £5 Louis Vuittons fall into your hands, I’d be willing to take them of your hands haha ;)

  11. I read this today, it was a lovely feature :D x

  12. Congratulations!

  13. Oh well done Congratulations that’s fantastic!! :) will have to read that, ohhhh I remember the “Look! book!! That’s just brought back memories! xx

  14. I remember ‘look’ although it was not the first book I read. Mine was ‘egg’ x

  15. Congratulations El you certainly deserve the recognition xox P I love your blog by the way!

  16. I am sure we have the Look book at the school I work at. I’ll nick it for you :)

  17. congrats. I’m going to get this tomorrow so I can have a good read.

  18. Congratulations, you deserve it! I always take your thrifty advice :)
    Rachelle x

  19. Well done Thrifty!

  20. It ‘Looks’ like a great photo!
    Congrats! We all love your blog too!
    Hope the depression is keeping its’ head down and you’re back to your sparkling self. (Bit behind there, but I still care!!)
    Z xx

  21. I have no recollection of this Look book of which you speak, I am a girl of the Village with Three Corners…….Roger Red Hat, Billy Blue Hat and Johnny and Jennifer Yellow hat. Oxford reading tree has NOTHING on that ;)

    • Oh my word you just took me straight back to my sons school reading books, I really loved those, (eeek showing my age), they didn’t have these when my daughter came along and I can’t remember hers (does that say something about me or that particular reading scheme!!).

  22. That’s so good! Congrats and well done for getting an article written on your great blog :)
    Daniella x


  23. Ah I know what you mean! I was in More a couple weeks ago and i was SO excited!!! It’s the only time i’ve ever been a magazine! Oh I’ll be picking up Look to have a read :)

    Robyn Mayday

  24. I remember those books. Congratulations. :-) X

  25. Found a Look on eBay, sent you an email to see if it’s the same series, check it out!

  26. Ooh congrats! Love the picture of you :) A LV Speedy for a fiver? God, you really know how to make a bargain, don’t you! xx

  27. ohmylife this is so exciting! aaaaaaaaaace, congratulations! :D going to have to try and find this! xxx

  28. Congratulations! Will be off to read a copy tomorrow. I love designer bargains. I found a vintage silk Cartier scarf in a charity shop last year for £1.30 and was so happy i almost cried.


  29. Aaaah that’s so exciting! Well done you! And you look gorgeous i the photo xo

  30. So exciting! Looking gorgeous as ever as well.

    From Jan 1st I’m planning to give up my spendaholic ways and become more frugal. Reading your posts has been a big motivator in that, so thankyou :-) Check out my blog to see how I’m preparing for the new year.


    Frugalita xx

  31. This is a lovely picture of you, I love the dress! Congrats on the article! xx

  32. Well done!!

  33. Congratulations! I remember that look book from school so well too! Guess we are showing our ages! I’m a primark school teacher and I wish they still made them like that! X

  34. Congratulations :)

  35. Well done! May have to pick Look up now! :) xxx


  36. Congratulations, I am so pleased for you. Its nice all your hard work has paid off and you are getting the recognition you deserve :0)

  37. Wow, how blooming cool! Well done and well deserved. xx

  38. Congrats hun! you deserve it lally

  39. Aww congratulations, how fab :) Must be surreal seeing your blog in print!

  40. YES I read the Look book too! It’s Book 1, Level 1 from Ginn Heinemann! The next one is “Look in here” I believe

  41. Yes, Look is Level 1 book 1 from Ginn Heinemann if my memory serves me right- I remember it! The next I think was “Look in here”

  42. That is pretty damn cool. Congrats!

  43. Awwwwwwwwe-SHUM! :)

  44. congrats, that is so exciting! So well-deserved.

    It’s a LDN Thing

  45. Congrats! I’ll be picking this up!

  46. I am constantly wanting to save money and your blog is perfecttt!!!

    Check out my blog if you get time It would mean the world to me!


  47. yay congrats

  48. wooohooo well done elle i bought this magazine straight after this post just to see your lovely story! very proud :)

    please could you check out my blog i would love it if you could :)


  49. I bought this magazine especially to read your piece :) Loved it!

  50. I remember the Look book you mention :-)

    Congratulations on your Look magazine feature!

  51. congratulations! that’s so exciting :)


  52. I remember the ‘Look’ book from the Reading 360 reading scheme. Level one book 1. Good blog only just stumbled across it :)

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