Daily Housewifery Prompts

Daily Housewifery Prompts

Monday has crept round, the weekend has drifted away into nothing but memory and it is time to get your house in order. If you want to that is, I’m not forcing your or sumfink or nufink.

Monday — Clean out your recycling bins with white vinegar and hot water.

Tuesday — Make sure your underwear is neatly organised. See this post for tips.

Wednesday — Organise your fridge. Keep your eyes peeled for a dedicated post.

Thursday — Put your make up bag in the wash.

Friday — Sort out that heap of shoes in your hallway. Organise them into pairs and PUT THEM AWAY.

Saturday — Wash your shopping bags.

Sunday — Have the day off.

These little tasks should easily slot into your day and make sure housework doesn’t take over your life. I have a daily cleaning routine which means I multi-task and clean on the go and never have to dedicate and entire hour/day/weekend/week to cleaning ever again in my life. Small and simple routines and tasks make cleaning and housework manageable.

Feel free to print out the above tasks, or even take a snap with your phone and keep it with you this week.
Do of course let me know if you’re joining in and which task you’re looking forward to or even dreading the most.


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  1. Thank you for the underwear draw reminder.. that is definitely something that needs doing in my house! xx

  2. So glad to have you back, Thrifty my love.

    I have ‘come back from somewhere else’ and hopefully have found my housewifery mojo again, (yay go me woop etc etc). I am going to check into your ‘how to’ section and make my own cleaning products. Thanks for those, they are v v helpful.
    Susan x
    Off to clean out daughter’s shower plug’ole now, gak!

  3. Definitely the underwear drawer tidy for me this week! Nightmare at the moment.
    Love the prompts, it’s like someone bossing me around and making me do it. :)

  4. I really need help with this, even with a cleaner coming weekly and spending 30 mins every evening todying the damn flat it still looks a mess. I blame the cats (not me and my penchant for clutter, oh no). Sigh. you should set up a subscribe to text messages thing where people can sign up for daily texts on what they should do.

  5. I should probably do a couple of these! xxx


  6. I must be very peculiar. I don’t put anything manky in my recycling box, I don’t wear makeup, I organise my underwear drawer as I put stuff away, I don’t keep shoes in the hall, my fridge is already organised.

    Why is my house such a tip, then?

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