Autumnal Charity Shop Haul

I haven’t had the best luck in charity shops lately and I almost gave up visiting them altogether which is an annoyance considering I run A Thrifty Mrs – a charity shop and money saving blog. However a few weekends ago I was lured into a nearby shop and found great treats hidden within. My faith in charity shops has been somewhat restored, maybe I should try again this weekend. I should, shouldn’t I?

autumnal vintage tray
I found a mixture of clothes and homeware, Mr Thrifty would say I need neither but we’ll just tell him to hush his gums (down with da yoof or what?) and turn a blind eye to his ever growing record collection. Fair deal huh?

charity shop saucers

I’ve made a video going into some detail about the items and the price (bargain) which you can find over on my youtube channel here if the embedded version above doesn’t work.


P.S. I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things. I’ll be replying to your lovely emails and comments when my head is a bit more steady and there will be more posts next week. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. You look so cute in the top picture, cute finds and great prices :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Mwah!! Glad your getting back to yourselfx

  3. Love that cup! Good you,’re feeling a bit better.

  4. I love charity shops! :D

  5. £4 bargain!
    I did a charity shop haul post last week;

  6. Yep, love all of this. Would definitely have bought the saucers, cup and tray. The lady does look like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummage. Thanks for the suggestions on what to do with orphaned saucers. I have so many of them too! I have had some great charity shop luck lately. I show it all of on my blog!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I appreciate your honesty about mental health xxx

  7. I know you’ve been charity shopping way longer than me, but I think I can still say stick with it. I just went thru about 2 months of finding nothing. In the last week I’ve found about 5 pieces of Pyrex (mostly Chelsea patter) and today I had a major Greydawn haul!

  8. Hello,
    Love your doll face cup and plates. I wish wish wish we had chazza shops here. Will have a look at your vid.
    Wishing you happy days. xxx

  9. lovely video! You found some lovely things, those saucers are soo cool!! xo
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  10. You can never have too many trays in my view!

  11. Just thought you might to know a little bit about your mug! It’s actually from a tea for one set. My nan has one at her house and it makes up the most adorable little girl as the image when complete. I think it must be from the seventies as the tea set would have been brought for my mum who was a little girl in that era. Great haul!

  12. Just thought you might to know a little bit about your mug! It’s actually from a tea for one set. My nan has one at her house and it makes up the most adorable little girl as the image when complete. I think it must be from the seventies as the tea set would have been brought for my mum who was a little girl in that era. Great haul!

  13. I actually recognise that little girl cup! It belongs to a tea for one set that my nan has at her house. When complete it makes up the image of the girl on the side. It’s the most adorable little thing and is from the 70′s I believe as my mum owned it when she was a little girl. I love it! It has made me smile to see a part of it out in the world. Looks like a great haul!

  14. I have a feeling that tank tops in America are called sweater vests, I might be wrong though …

  15. Yes! Sweater vests is the right term… I lived there for 3 years and sometimes feels like I am bi-lingual! (I also often forget whether I am using the correct term for the country I am currently in!) Great finds :)

  16. cute mug x

  17. Oh the tray. Be still my beating heart!
    Lovely to see your face xx

  18. YAY glad youve had some success! I too have had great success recently, two pairs of boots and i spied scrabble in the window but the shop had already shut, I called and the lovely volunteer let me in to get it! xxx

  19. I adore 70s style & the tray & saucers are wicked cute! I would call the black garment a sweater vest as well. So glad to have you back & see you looking well! :)

  20. Ah that leaf print is fabulous! Retro fall prints (especially at those kinds of prices) make my heart sing!

  21. The cup & saucers are so cute! I never seem to have any luck in charity shops :( Happy to hear you’re feeling better too :) x

  22. I have a few old saucers around, as you say they are great for candles and there is rom to add seasonal bits as well. Love the tray :-) Glad to see you looking and sounding good.

  23. I love charity shop shopping! You got some great buys and SUCH as bargain! xx

  24. That tray is so cute! We always get our homewares from charity shops :) xo

  25. These are some lovely finds, especially the crockery, I’m a total sucker for a pretty print. I’ve been feeling a bit negative about my charity shop shopping lately too, the few close to me that were affordable are slowly becoming more and more expensive. It’s a bit frustrating.

    Glad to hear you are feeling more positive. I know I’m finding it quite difficult not to fall into my usual autumn habits of letting my social life fall apart and spending all my time under a blanket eating crisps. I think it’s the cold and the early sunsets. My thoughts are with you xo

  26. I love looking in charity shops but lately not been able to find much myself. stock on clothing is low in my town as well as other items it seems people are trying to sell off there items now instead of giving to charity due to the economy.

  27. Lovingggggggg the dress & plates. Second hand homewares are ALWAYS the best x

  28. Great inspiration (as usual). Love the charity shops and love your blog. Look after yourself and take care xx

  29. Inspirational blog (as usual). I love charity shops too – look after yourself and take care xx

  30. The dress is lovely! I’m not a fan of the tray though, seem to be in the minority on that :o) Glad you are feeling better. x

  31. I love your blog – pretty and very well done!
    I’ve followed I was wondered if you could take a peek at mine and possibly follow back? Thanks

  32. Glad you’re gradually feeling better – but take your time and be kind to yourself. We will still be here when you’re “up and running” again. Your charity shop haul looks lovely – if you like that kind of thing. I’m not wild on it, but I love reading about it all.

  33. Love that East Anglian (or West Country) farmer styleee intro! Hehe!

    And soooo glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better. Don’t overdo it and take care lady! :)

    That haul looks a good combo of home and clothes. My husband doesn’t understand when we ‘need’ more vintage homewares either. It’s just as well I am vigilent or we might run out of 70s china. ;) And then where WOULD we be when we needed 70s tea?

  34. Love a bit of charity shop shopping!
    Love the floral tray :)

  35. great finds! Love the print on the tray.

  36. Fave things from your haul: autumnal dress, leather wallet, and the soup cups that are stalking you (for the sheer weirdness of their omnipresence!)

    Had a really cracking run of luck charity shop-wise recently…. there are some posts already up, but there are many more to come – so keep em peeled – including the story of a lady who’s gradually clearing out her old wardrobe…. (and I keep buying it and taking it home with me.

    Going to need an entire room purely for storage space! x

  37. I have no idea why I didn’t know about your blog sooner – it’s fab!
    Also in love with that tray, I’m very jealous :(

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