Well Done Mr Thrifty!

Mr Thrifty Great North Run Over the weekend we travelled up to Newcastle so Mr Thrifty could run the Great North Run. If you’re not familiar with this race, according to the guys commentating on the BBC, it is the biggest half marathon in the world and features lots of hills and a beautiful ending along the coast.

Mr Thrifty has spent months getting up at 6am running miles before hopping on his bike and cycling to work. On Sunday he sloped off brimming over with nerves and he did us proud!

Mr Thrifty completed the course at his target time and was running in aid of Diabetes UK, a cause close to my heart as my cousin was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes as a baby. I’m so proud of the hard work he put into running this race, there were tears all round at the finish line.

Newcastle was a fantastic city to visit and the spirit of the race was fantastic. Very friendly and hospitable locals, gorgeous architecture, fun nightlife and awesome charity shops. I can’t wait to visit again. Oh and the Red Arrows put on an incredible display at both the start and finish lines, they were amazing. Check out the video below.

You can still sponsor Mr Thrifty by texting (UK only I think) MRTJ82 £1 (or the amount you choose) to 70070

Thank you ever so much.



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  1. well done that man. Great photo.

  2. It’s great to support such great causes!

  3. Hurrah! Well done Mr T!

  4. Awww amazing! Well done Mr Thrifty! Mr brother is 14 and has type 1 so it’s also close to my heart! Thank you for doing that for such a great charity! X

  5. Excellent! the GNR I think is only rivalled in size and turn out by The London Marathon.

    It’s a great race – one I’ve loved cheering at for many years. although sadly wasn’t this year. WELL DONE MR THRIFTY! What a fantastic achievement!

  6. A huge well done, what an achievement.

    X x

  7. My cousin also did the Great North Run – she finished in 1hr 43minutes. I’d have been still been at like Mile 6 at that pace lol.

    Well Done Mr Thrifty!

  8. This is amazing! Very welldone to him :) xx

  9. Congrats well done! You must be very proud x

  10. Hurrah! Congrats to him! x

  11. Brilliant! Well done!!! x

  12. Well done Mr Thrifty! I have made a little donation as diabetes is in our family too, and I get such a lot of fun and info here on your blog ’tis a tiny way of paying you back a wee bit :)

  13. Good on you mr thrifty! x

  14. I’m weeping all over my biscuits. Beautiful post. Congratulations Mr Thrifty!

  15. I’m weeping all over my biscuits. Beautiful post. Congratulations Mr Thrifty!

  16. Congratulations Mr Thrifty – I was rooting for him! I’ve made a donation, what a lovely man :-) xxx

  17. Well done Mr Thrifty! All for a good cause,you should be proud of yourself! :D Taylor xox

  18. Well Done Mr Thrifty! My boyfriend also did the run and I plan on doing it next year. We actualy live in South Shields about 2 minutes walk away from the finishing line! Would have been exciting to see you x

  19. What an awesome post, well done Mr Thrifty :O) I cried at you crying, I’m such a muppet sometimes but you clearly love that man sooo much.. xx

  20. Well done Mr Thrifty!

  21. Well done that bearded man!!

  22. Well done Mr Thrifty and THANK YOU from a Type 1 Diabetic :) Inspiring x

  23. Well done to Mr Thrifty! Such a great thing to do for a good cause :)

    Frances xx


  24. This is such a great achievement, and a fantastic cause. My Mum works in diabetes research and people like Mr Thrifty help her discover new things about the disease every day! Congratulations to him. I hope I can have the perseverance to do a run like this in a few years time!
    Briana x

  25. The Geordies are such a friendly bunch, I love their accents as well. Well done to Mr. Thrifty.

    Gill in Canada

  26. Well done Mr Thrifty!!!

    Kitty x

  27. Wow well done, he looks adorable :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  28. What a brilliant achievement, well done Mr Thrifty and a great photo too.

  29. WELL DONE MR THRIFTY! It is a cause very close to my heart and it’s thanks to people like him that I am able to have a relatively normal life so thank you!

    Maria xxx

  30. That’s great! Congratulations Mr Thrifty! :)

  31. Well done Mr Thrifty, especially for a good cause!

  32. Your video was so adorable. I’m glad you had a nice time in Newcastle and MASSIVE congratulations to Mr Thrifty!

    Hollie x

  33. Thank you all so, so much.
    I really mean it.

  34. Your video very cute’, we’ll done mr thrifty great effort! How often did he have to run and how much to train for this, an inspiration! Xx

  35. Well done Mr Thrifty! :) xxx


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