National Clothes Swapping Week

What oh A Thrifty Mrs reader! Apparently it’s National Clothes Swapping Week, who knew such a thing existed? Actually isn’t there a dedicated week for everything nowadays? National Green Snot Week coming to a wrist band near you soon. I jest. Or do I?
Anyway, clothes swapping, s’good right? Actually it really is and it’s something I heartily recommend if you’re on a budget. I’ve been to a few swishing parties (which is what clothes swapping is known as) and had a great time. Some of them have been more successful in both organisation and swapping bounty than others but they generally seem to be good fun.

Swishing Parties

How do they work?

Loosely you just bring a long something you no longer wear and swap it with someone else at the party. Don’t bring anything grubby or in need of mending, bring items you’d in the state you’d like to receive yourself.
The parties I have been to have ranged from just a group of girls sitting in a living room swapping clothes (and accessories) over a bottle of wine whilst watching a DVD to full on military precision events for 100+ women. Some have rules, some don’t. Some value each item and give you a stamp card so you can claim items up to the same value however some give you a little stamp or ticket for each item you bring. So if you’re going to a swishing or clothes swapping event try to have a word with the organiser or check out their website for details.

Why are they good?

 - You get new clothes!

- You can try things you’d previously never have had the courage to try on, who knows you might find a new style that suits you. Yes lots of the items are pre-worn but if you have an issue with that not to worry because a large chunk of the things on the rails at swishing parties I’ve attended have still had their tags and labels on them.

- You’re able to declutter and get rid of items you no longer wear.

- It’s a form of recycling. You are Captain Planet (if you know the theme tune sing it now.)

- An excuse to meet up with friends or even meet new people.

This winter I’m going to be clearing out a lot of clothes I’ve been hanging onto as a security blanket. I’ll be inviting over friends and family for swaps, chatter and vino in the comfort of my home but I may also try to attend some larger events in my area. I’ve been thinking about hosting a big swishing event myself for about two years but I’m a bit nervous about it, would you come?

How to host your own
Bigger events are obviously going to take a lot of thought and preparation. However if you’re just going to host a swishing party at home with friends then you just need to ask them to each bring at least three quality items of clothes with them. You can decide if you want to include shoes and accessories or not, personally as a larger lady I like it when they’re included because a lot of my friends are teeny tiny and my arm wouldn’t fit in their trousers and they prefer pencil skirts to my a-line numbers. Lay on a bowl of punch or crack open a bottle of wine, turn up the music and make sure you have space for people to try things on.

There are quite a few sites dedicated to swishing or clothes swap parties so I’ll list some of my favourites below.


P.S. What say ye? Would you attend a swishing event? Have you been to one? What have your experiences been?

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  1. well i didn’t even know that this was possible.such a great project.thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love swishing, such a great way to get new clothes without spending more cash.
    I’d certainly come if you organised a Thrifty Mrs Swish!

  3. “… gunna take pollution down to ZERO!”

    Oops – sorry. Back in the room. Love this idea :D

  4. I have never done this before but I am thinking of giving it ago. Great Idea and thanks for the links :)

  5. I was just thinking the other week how I’d love to organise a swishing party with my friendship group; never been to one before but love the idea of getting new clothes AND getting to clear out my overflowing wardrobe in the process.

    Sam x

  6. I’ve never been to one before – but I like the idea. I’m going to check out those links and think about hosting one! Thanks for the info :) xx

    My latest post:

  7. I love clothes swaps! I have a really cool skirt from a swap that I always get compliments about.

  8. I have toyed with the idea of holding a party like this for so long.
    I’m currently trying to think of as many fundraising ideas as I can for a Rangers trip next summer, so somehting like this may be an idea if we can figrue out how to organise one in the village hall.

  9. I went to a swish in Cambridge a couple of weekends ago and came away with some great stuff. One item was a pair of brand new tan ankle boots from Miss Sixty. Chuffed to say the least.

    You should definitely host one! Although by the looks of your latest giveaway, you will need a venue for thousands! ;-)

    Claire x

  10. This sounds like so much fun. I need to get clothes swapping!!!

    Love Becky xxx

  11. What a lovely idea!

    Sophierosehearts x

  12. I’ve always wanted too try swishing!! It looks like fun, might have too organise my own event!

    Kitty x

  13. We went to one that my friend ran in aid of the school & nursery. It was brilliantly organised and great fun, although I took 17 items (I was happy to take more to have a good clear out) and only found 1 item to take home. It worked ok as most people were similar range of sizes/age so were likely to have quite similar tastes…but there were a couple of random people who came along who were about 25 years older than the rest of us – they were the ones who seemed to have got lots of good items, while there was a lot of shabby looking gear left on the rails which was a shame – not really the sort of clothes that I’d even send to jumble sales.
    I’m looking forward to doing another though at some point. I think they’re great events.

  14. I always wanted a sister to swap clothes with, and though I don’t have one this sounds like a fun alternative!

    Hollie x

  15. I would definitely come to a swishing party! I want to organise one! x

  16. I actually organise a clothes swop for charity in Derby called Swop n Shop – – we get some amazing finds including designer things! People were bringing bags and bags at the last event!

  17. I think that its a great idea :) xxx

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