Investment Make Up

Investment make upYou may know by now that I like a bargain or seventy two, however sometimes I prefer to buy something more expensive which I know will do the job without any compromise whatsoever. This could be clothing, home furnishings, food or make up.

All my make up wearing life I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect shade of foundation. My skin is deathly pale but with a lot of redness and pink undertones so finding a good shade with suitable coverage drives me up the walls and I’ve always, always compromised. Then I stayed with my friend and borrowed a dab of her foundation and it was a near match with the perfect coverage but just to yellow. I moaned to her about never finding what I needed and she said ‘oh that foundation comes in an only very slightly pinker shade, you should try it.’ I ummed and ahhed for ages because this particular foundation NARS Sheer Glow (in Mont Blanc if you’re wondering) is £29.50. I know, right?

I happened to be in a department store one day and bit the bullet, I tried the foundation and it was the exact match for my skin. I’d honestly seen nothing like it before. Instantly I knew that one £30 bottle of foundation would be far better than the 20 foundations, which come in at anywhere between £1 and £12 each, I had sitting in my drawer – collected on my quest to find perfection.

If  the perfect shade had been £1 of course I’d be delighted, of course! But for me it isn’t and £30 is good value and a great investment for such an integral part of my make up look. I’m happy to invest in this product because I know I can get a palette of eyeshadows for £4 or that I love Natural Collections’s budget friendly blushers and lipsticks.

I actually made a video on this topic with two friends who happen to be beauty youtubers Louise and Zoe which you can see below and it was interesting to hear their thoughts.


P.S. If you buy investment pieces of make up which do you choose?

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  1. Hi, I am loving all of your thrifty posts. I too am extremley pale and I recently got ‘matched’ in boots and think I might have found my perfect liquid foundation. You get given a sample of the colour you are so that you can try it before you buy it (oooh rhymey). Its pretty good if I’m honest and not too pricey for the full size bottles. I think I might be getting bottle when my sample runs out. x

  2. I am all for cheap make-up but I always invest in mascara – it used to be Benefit’s BADGal lash (16.50) but now I’ve moved over to Clinque’s High Lengths mascara (£16)
    I also have a Mac lipstick, a briht red one from their winter collection which was £20 I think. Nothing finishes of a look like great lashes and a popping lipstick! Well worth the splurge in my mind!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve met those two ladies. They seem very nice and genuine. I bet they’re really good fun.
    Your skin has a lovely glow here.
    Clinique foundation is good and lasts a long time. I think sometimes more expensive things are more worthwhile in the long run. xxx

  4. I have pasty paley skin with pink undertones too and find that the palest possible high street foundations make me look orange. Apparently you are only allowed to be pale and have yellow undertones, not pink!
    I’ve thought about trying a high end foundation but had no idea where to even start so thank you! Thrifty to the rescue :D xx

  5. Aw, I just sat and watched all three of your videos. I love all you ladies! xxxxxxx

  6. I watched this video the other day and really enjoyed it. Very much like you i like bargain make up but i think with some things it’s better and in the long run cheaper to bite the bullet and get the more expensive item. I use Etee Lauder’s double wear foundation which lasts me FOREVER and that one i believe is £26. It’s actually the most expensive make up item i own but i think it’s always important to start with a good base, great post and video Beckawoo xx

  7. I’m a huge fan of bargain cosmetics but foundation is something of a staple and I definitely think its one of the few products where you get what you pay for! I’ve yet to find a high street foundation that’s really comparible to high end brands.

  8. I`ve been following your blog for a while and love all your posts. I love the fact your thriftiness includes investment products too. I buy expensive foundations but love Natural Collection, Collection 2000, MUA etc for blushers, eye shadows etc.
    Your thrifty tips are brilliant and I love your Ebay hauls. I was also really pleased to see you have an organised Christmas, my husband thinks I`m bonkers as I have lists on the laptop of present ideas with a budget for each person.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  9. I definitely don’t mind splurging on benefit’s boi-ing concealer because the shade and coverage are exactly what I need. Same goes for Mac’s studio fix because I like the coverage compared to the drug store brands.
    A great quality product goes a long way!

  10. I do like ‘investing’ in some makeup – as I usually go for Eva Garden products. Slightly pricey but amazing!

  11. I watched all three videos one after the other! I loved them all too. I need to try the NARS sheer glow but not sure if i want to pay that price!


  12. I just can’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on make up… hehe. I found it hard to leave superdrug non-guilty after I’d spent a fiver in there!!!

    Would defiantly recommend any New York Colour nail polish, £1.79 and better than a maybelline one my mum bought for £7!

  13. I think when it comes to foundation you just gotta pay the price. My favourite at the moment is Estee Lauder Double Wear (and everyone else’s I think) but it doesn’t have quite the right tone for my skin, so I love the long lasting-ness of it, but I need a better colour match. I might have to give NARS ago, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve never tried any NARS products, eek!! xx

  14. Illamasqua foundations are fab for us fair skinned ladies! For the first time ever I went to a makeup counter and wasn’t the palest colour LOL! Also I’ve heard their white foundation is quite good so you can mix a blog of it in with foundations that are slightly too dark to make your perfect colour – a thrifty investment perhaps? X

  15. I think splurging for your foundation is OK because it’s the base of your makeup, and if it looks off the rest of your makeup won’t look great either. The rest of my makeup bag is a mix of high end and drugstore. You just gotta test and see what’s right for you (and your wallet! lol).

  16. I always invest in foundation, usually Clinique or No7 as they work for me.

    Several make-up artist friends -including one who works for MAC so should be pro-them- have told me that mascara and pencils are rarely worth buying from premium brands; mid range (GOSH, Loreal etc’) are almost identical formulas to top end for these products. Maybelline (Great lash) and GOSH (their pencils are the same formula and pigment level as MAC) are my stops for these two items.

  17. YSL Touche Eclat is my (only( splurge xx

  18. I have to say, sometime it is worth spending a bit more money to get something that lasts for a long time. My friend’s pair of Dr Martens for example only just needed repairing and she’s had them for 10 years! xxx

  19. Can you get matched for that concealer? Thanks! x

  20. Love the thrifty posts and I’ve never tried NARS but I really think I’m going to have to go and check them out, I also have the foundation woes. I really want to try the no.7 colour match gizmo i think that’s mainly because I’m a bit nosy and I want a go!


  21. Damn I want that nars sheer glow, I know I’d be the palest colour usually but I’ve tanned in the summer and I’m scared to get one now because I know my skin colour will go pale again! Woe is me with my first world problems :P

    Love this post though, thrifty. I’m always going on to my mum how she shouldn’t buy EVERYTHING cheap because she’ll just have to buy again and it isn’t cost-effective!

    Hollie x

  22. I always think of it in the way that I’d buy a dress for £30 that I’d wear maybe once a month, but I ‘wear my face’ every day! I love Benefit play sticks personally, at £24 they’re not cheap but it’s worth it for me.

  23. I love that video, and great post! I always see items such as foundation and investment too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  24. I’m in total agreement about buying a pricey foundation if its a a good match for your skin tone, skin type or has skin care benefits. What is the point of buying endless bottles of mid priced orange goop that might end up breaking you out and or leave you with tide marks around your neck.

    I’ve not tried the Nars foundation, I’m oily skinned and sheer glow doesn’t sound suitable for my skin type.

  25. I agree with you! Great post! :) xxx

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