Homemade Oven Cleaner

As with most homemade cleaners, oven cleaner is simple and easy and not to mention thrifty. That’s how we like it to be here at A Thrifty Mrs – simple, easy and thrifty. Or is that just a description of me?

Homemade Oven Cleaner

Here are two options for homemade oven cleaning options:
1. Homemade(ish) Oven Cleaner
To start off take everything out of your oven including the shelves. Grab a washing up bowl and fill it with hot water and washing up liquid (we use eco friendly washing up liquid – it saves us spending a small fortune on prescriptions for skin problems when buying the cheaper non-eco versions). Take an old long armed washing up brush, dip it into the water and give the interior and door on the oven a good firm scrub. Do the same to the shelves and set them to one side.
Then take a handful of bicarbonate of soda and pat in on (thickly) to the surface, continue until the entire inside of the oven is covered before moving onto the door and shelves and leave overnight. If you prefer you can make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water in a bowl (so it resembles the thickness of an icing sugar and water mixture a-top a fairy cake) and brush it on with an old pastry brush.
Wipe away with a cloth and hot water. If any of the mixture is difficult to budge, use the long armed washing up brush to wipe it away in circular motions.
2. Homemade Oven Cleaner
Grab a spray bottle and fill 3/4 of the way with warm water along with two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda. Give it a really good shake and spray onto the surfaces of your oven. Leave for a few minutes and you should be able to wipe clean the oven. This works particularly well when the oven is cooling down – warm but NOT hot.
We prefer not to deep clean our oven because frankly it is a hassle, so we try to wipe down the shelves in the sink after every use. If you clean them when they are still slightly warm you get off most of the dirt, grease and food stains straight away. We tend to have a roast dinner over the weekend and it is at that point that I tend to give the inside of the oven a good wipe down to keep on top of any spills. Who wants to spend ages tackling the oven because the landlord is coming over, when you could have your feet up watching Downton Abbey?
This is the Wednesday task from Daily Housewifery Prompts. You can keep updated by using the Twitter hashtag #DHWP.


P.S. How dirty is your oven on a scale of 1 to 10?

P.P.S. If your oven is really, really dirty and this won’t budge anything, try adding vinegar into the mixture (for a max of 30 minutes) but please check if this is harmful to your particular oven (when mixed with bicarb.)


  1. Hello Mrs Thrifty – I use value ‘brillo’ pads for 25p for 10 from Tesco and they are wonderful for cleaning the oven. Wet, scrub and then rinse with a damp cloth xx love froogs

  2. I wish I had know this before spending a fortune on oven cleaners!!! But then again I hadn’t cleaned it in nearly a year!! I know bad me!! I swear in my new house I will follow the DHWP more closely!

  3. thank you once again for a jolly fine cleaning tip :0)

  4. My oven is middling grubby (5). I should really clean it, this overnight bicarb plan sounds better than endless scrubbing! Is it OK with an oven with a heated element on the ‘floor’ of the oven? I have heard all sorts of things can upset its heating capacity! Erk.

  5. If you don’t want to use elbow grease, just fill a spray bottle with water, add 2 teaspoons of BofS and spray all over a dirty, cold oven. Leave and do nothing. Next time you use oven when it’s gone cold there will be a powdery film on bottom of oven. Just wipe with a damp cloth and respray. Do this every time you use the oven and within 2 weeks your oven will be absolutely sparkling with no hard work involved. Just do this for ever and you’ll never have to scrub out an oven again. Trust me, it really works!

    Claire xxx

  6. Is it sad that I have been eagerly waiting for this – I am desperate to clean my oven, I think I have cleaned it once *shame face*

  7. My oven is about a 3, maybe 4 – people don’t really look in the oven so I’m not gonna sweat the small stuff, but my love of bicarb is endless and so I adore having another use for it!

  8. I’m so trying this I used oven pride once to dee clean my oven and got a tiny but on my arm , it burnt me so badly it actually broke the skin !! So I’m glad to know there’s a safer alternative :)

  9. Fab!!! I need to clean the oven today so you have helped my day and saved me cash!! My oven is not pleasant today…. I’m ashamed to say a 10 xx

  10. I love these sort of posts, perfect :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  11. Ah love it funny that you did post last week I used this tip like I knew what you was thinking :)

  12. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say my oven is at least a 12 :/

  13. I think my oven is a 7…. My lovely OH decided to be helpful and clean the oven not long ago (he really wanted to try out one of those bag cleaner ones) and only did the shelves because cleaning the inside wasn’t exciting enough. And nothing has been done since, until maybe tonight before I clean out the hedgehog’s house! I like the bicarb idea because the fumes aren’t good from the other cleaners and my dog likes to investigate these things….

  14. My oven is filthy but it is also falling to bits, hence my lack of enthusiasm to clean it. I work on the basis that no one has died from food poisoning yet. I read your blog and thought ‘I haven’t got bicarb in my cupboard’..but on checking I actually do!!!! Not sure why or how but it was there with the baking powder? Any ways might give it a go now…thank you Mrs Thrifty :-) Oh and the trick of storing the bed linen in a pillow case works wonders for me. :-)

  15. If you sprinkle bicarb in the bottom of your oven all the time it catches any greasy bits that fall, making it easy to clean. Plus bicarb is really good at absorbing any smells (say if you are cooking fish) I leave an open pot of bicarb in my fridge to do the same!!

  16. Ummm probably a seven….or eight….
    My oven was fine till I let my boyfriend use it. Veggie lasagna, not put on a tray, slightly overfull. Now half of it’s burnt in a crust on the floor :-( sad times. Although I think it’s shrivelled so much now that I might just be able to pull it out!
    Not at patch on my dad’s though. Definite fifteen. I tried to use it yesterday. It set two fire alarms off and I had to vacate the kitchen for half an hour. And that was just getting up to temperature!!
    Congrats Mr Thrifty by the way, and Mrs, love the blog :-)

  17. I think I might give this a go this week and help my mum out!

    Abi x

  18. Since I hate cleaning…and chemicals my oven is quite a mess. Will definately give this a shot. What’s the pillow case and linens thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      You put the clean set of bed linens inside the pillowcase. That way everything is together when you next change the sheets.

  19. Gotta love the ol’ bicarb. That stuff is a wonder product!

    Thanks for reminding to sort my Dad’s oven out!

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