FashionistA Eyebrow Kit

FashionistA eyebrow kit

Eyebrows are one of those things which can completely pull your face together even if the only other make up you’re wearing is a lick of mascara and a dab of lip balm. Until about two years ago I actually thought eyebrows came in three categories
1. Perfect, no need to do anything to them.
2. Crazy bushy eyebrows which cause tears and expensive threading and waxing bills/hours of plucking.
3. Drawn on.

I had no idea people were delicately filling in their eyebrows with powders and setting them with wax, this had completely escaped my consciousness. Somehow I thought trying out an eyebrow regime would be great and my face would suddenly look beautiful but alas I tried it for the first time when slightly tipsy when getting ready for a night out and my eye brows looked less Scouse Brow and more Slug Brow. Bum. Despite my mishap with Slug Brows, I was still taken with the idea of  perfect brows and looked into brow kits but found myself shocked at the price and retreated deep back into the depths of category 2.

I was recently sent the FashionistA Eyebrow Kit*, which is a little black compact that comes with two coloured powders, a highlighter and a setting wax to keep the hairs in place. It also has tweezers, a good sized mirror and a dinky brush. I’m genuinely surprised at how good this thing is and what a different running a little powder and wax through my brows makes.
Although I have black eyebrows I’ve found using only the darker of the two powders to be a bit too dark and full on, however a mixture of the two gives a nice, natural look and the brush, despite my first thoughts of ‘meh’ is actually really fab for tiny, fluffy little brush strokes. I’m not really a full face of make up kind of girl, well certainly not for everyday occasions, however I think I’ll be adding this eyebrow kit and in general ‘doing my eyebrows’ to my essentials of lipbalm and mascara.

I’m an eyebrow convert and I think this is a great value little kit, especially perfect for your handbag or travelling.

It costs £7 and you can pick it up in Superdrug. Bargain.


P.S. Are you an eyebrow girl? Any budget eyebrow products I should know about?

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  1. I absolutely love my ELF Eyebrow Kit, which is £3.75, and MUA are bringing one out for just £3.50! I can’t leave the house without filling in my brows now – 2 years ago, I also thought the same as you!

  2. I love that this has no black! People tend to see black and think okay i’ll go for the disney villian look today!! Haha!

  3. haha I think we’ve all had a slug brow incident (unfortunately!!) I’m such a brow freak – feel weird without them filled in! But that’s probably because half of one of my eyebrows decides not to grow! Does look like a handy little kit

    Robyn Mayday

  4. That’s awesome for the price, such a good mix of colours too.. I always find it hard getting the right mix! x

  5. sounds like a steal!

  6. Have you tried the new MUA brow kit? For £3.50 it looks very tempting! xx

  7. I love the fact that this kit comes with some wax, my HD one didn’t! I do think the ELF one is pretty nifty for £3.50 – you get one colour powder, a brush, mirror and coloured wax!

  8. So glad to see a cheaply priced eyebrow kit out there who needs HD when other cheaper brands are just as good. Thanks for the info think I will be going to get this :)

  9. I really like the Sleek eyebrow kit which has powder/wax and little mini tweezers in- I think it was about £5 and it’s really good. Mine has lasted me ages. I thought the tiny tweezers wouldn’t be any good but they actually work better than my proper tweezers!


  10. This reminds me of the GOSH palette but with bigger shadows. I really want to try this one, it looks fantastic!

    Beauty for Biochemists


  11. I have eyebrow issues. I have mousey blonde hair (which gets lighter in the sun) but my eyebrows are generally slightly lighter than my hair so need a bit of definition. I’ve been lightly using the MUA blonde eyebrow pencil with a light slick of Vaseline (using the brush at the end of the pencil) to keep them tidy. I only want them to look slightly darker so they 1) can be seen and 2) frame my face but I don’t like the drawn on look so am ever so light with the pencil (unlike my teenage years, where I heavily penciled brown brows which went so well with my bleached white blonde hair- what was I thinking?!) . I like the idea of these kits but looking at the shades worry they may still be a little dark, but maybe the lighter brown shade may look lighter if it’s not built up much. Hoping to try the MUA kit out soon (which looks almost identical to this only with the brush etc at the bottom) however they’ve been sold out every time I’ve looked at my local Superdrug.

  12. Oh my goodness, it is ridiculous how much of a difference nice eyebrows make to your face! Because I always used to have a thick fringe that sat over my eyebrows I never touched them, but one day my (makeup artist) pal took me aside and I’ve never looked back!

    I get mine threaded and tinted which lasts about a month, and I just use a boots 17 pencil to touch them up (ha) just before my appointment, which works well for me.

  13. I have not tried an eyebrow kit yet. Am tempted by the MUA one though. I am def an eyebrow girl and use a brown eye liner from Boots Natural Collection and a rubber smudger on the end of another pencil as a blender :D

  14. This is exactly the same as the MUA one in different packaging and the MUA one is £3.50.

  15. At the moment I use the brown eyeshadow from a Sleek palette to do my eyebrows, I do like the look of this though! x
    Sirens and Bells

  16. An eyebrow tint makes a big big difference too. I was a beauty therapist before the kids came along but prefer the natural look, just getting those little fine blond ones at the ends makes an impact. The eyebrow powder kits are fab idea. Especially for us girls now 40+ who had nice eyebrows in prev yrs only to find they turned 10 shades lighter!!
    Thanks for sharing, Jeanette :)

  17. I love doing my brows and it has become part of my daily make up routine. It also make a huge difference to my face, as my eyes tend to get a little lost behind my glasses. My current favourite routine is to fill them in with Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Mahogany and then hold them in place with Brow Set from MAC in show off. No exactly budget friendly, but defo worth the cost to me. Plus the eye shadow makes a lovely change to black if used as a liner, so its double duty.

  18. To keep unruly eyebrow hairs in place I use clear mascara! super cheap, and completely non dramatic for everyday wear. Bx

  19. I use clear mascara to tame unruly brow hairs, super cheap and completely undramatic for everyday wear! Bx

  20. Sounds great but I honestly think that I’ll never be able to get away from my HD Brows Kit! Pricey but so worth it!! xx

  21. This is great, I am still on a hunt for perfect eyebrow pencil/powder! I definitely want to try this one out


  22. That is an absolute bargain, being a bit blindsighted at the benefit counter, I bought the browzings kit for a super high price (something near the 25 mark) Now it is okay, but there is only the one coloured powder in each kit, sometimes I want to mix it up a little… when it’s all gone, I will definitely research around a bit more- this looks like a brill set!


  23. I have a little spot where my eyebrow doesn’t grow and they tried to sell me HD makeup for £30!

  24. I have a little spot where my eyebrow doesn’t grow and the salon tried to sell me HD makeup for £30!

  25. YES! I used to use Benefit’s “high beam” right under my brows/ along the outer edges. But then I found the same thing for soooo much cheaper at Target. I just did a post about it check it out :)

  26. this palette looks lovely! i love brows! x

  27. I hate ‘doing my eyebrows’ as I hate it when they look more defined, they don’t suit me like that. I merely keep them a tidy shape.

  28. I never used to do anything with my eyebrows, now I can barely go a day without filling them in!
    I like them to look a bit more full and defined, nothing too “Scouse brow” y’know.

  29. I have the sleep brow kit but this one looks a lot better, regretting not buying this instead now! If only I knew it existed at the time </3
    Hollie x

  30. I am very much an eyebrow girl! Luckily mine don’t take too much to maintain, and occasional pluck to shape them and filling them in with an eyebrow powder from Illamasqua. I don’t even use wax on myself as they seem to stay put fine but will on makeup jobs sometimes.

  31. Funnily enough I have been looking for a set to do my eyebrows. I too, am a recent convert but just use “brow and lash gel” at the mo. Thanks for the tip x

  32. I am very much an eyebrow girl! I have used an eyebrow pencil on occasion but always found that to be a little too harsh for the everyday. However, I now cheat and use a plain old matt (non-sparkly) dark brown eyeshadow from Natural Collection, £1.79 from Boots. I apply it with an eyebrow brush (also from Boots) and this seems to work perfectly well! And I get lots of compliments on my brows, so I must be doing something right? It’s so much cheaper than buying designated eyebrow kits!


  33. just purchased this and i love it!!

  34. Ooh this sounds lovely, I’m just looking into starting filling my eyebrows slightly so this’d be ideal :-) xxx

  35. It sounds great. May have to check this out now :) xxx

  36. I just did a post about Sleek’s eyebrow kit, it looks quite similar to this & is brill.

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