Accessorize Lipstick in Love Struck

Love struck lipstick
I love bright lipstick. Usually if I’m going to bust out a bright colour I go for a red but if I’m feeling daring I go for a spot of MAC Girl About Town because the pink has just enough blue in it for it to work with my pale skin. I love to wear brights on a night out but I think they’re great for day time with just foundation and a lick of mascara.

Acessorize’s Love Struck* is a bright, punchy pink with a matte finish and the colour made me mutter ‘oooh yeeeeeah’. The packaging is pretty, although because I hate owls, the presence of one on the side knocked off lots of points – yes I’m that shallow. Also can I ask when this obsession with owls is going to end? They freak me out like no other.

Accessorize love struck
Anyway back to the lipstick. First off I swatched it on my hand and although it was very matte it seem to have somewhat of a creamy consistency, which a lot of matte lipsticks don’t have. I always worry mattes will leave my lips looking dry and flaky straight after application so if I’m honest I’m not usually drawn to them.

When applied the colour is just as bright as it appears in the bullet, however on application to my lips it is drier than it felt on the back of my hand. I’d suggest a hefty amount of lip balm before hand and maybe even a lip scrub the night before so you have super smooth lips. I applied the lipstick without lip liner, mostly because I only have two shades and neither of them are suitable and because for some reason I couldn’t imagine it smudging or feathering. It went on well and stayed in place nice enough for about an hour but after a long conversation with my friend I came away feeling my lips were dry and parched and there seemed to be a lot of smudging around the bottom lip. I piled on some lip balm, tamed the edges with a cotton bud and instantly felt better.

lovestruck lipstick The staying power was fair and it didn’t go as flaky as I imagined it would, that said it did start to crack my lips and the dry feeling came back every hour or so. A quick reapplication made it fine again – which surprosed me because usually if I reapply to dried out lips they look far worse.
After about 2-3 hours the top lip started to smudge a lot, especially around my Cupid’s bow but I feel I should say this is common for me if I don’t wear a good lip liner – so I would be interested to see how it lasts when my lips are properly lined.

accessorize lipstick
I really, really like the colour of this lipstick and I love how it shows up on the lip because some cheaper lipsticks look great only to be almost transparent when applied.The packaging (minus the owl) is nice and the price point excellent (£4.95), I just wish it wasn’t matte.

I’ll be seeking out a vivid pink lip liner so I can try out this lipstick on a night out. I’d love to hear any recommendations you might have.
Ooh also have you tried any of the Accessorize make up?

Accessorize make up is available from Superdrug and Accessorize, although I was unable to find it online.

P.S. Yes I’m rubbish. I meant to take photos of the lipstick when it was first applied but my friend called with gossip about Coronation Street and next thing I knew we’d spent and hour talking about Ryan’s drug habit (a character I must add not a friend) and the opportunity to take a shot of the fresh lipstick was well past. You can send all lipstick related hate mail to her.
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  1. Looks amazing! Deffo picking this up! Accessorize seem to be coming up in the beauty stakes xo

  2. I love the colour of this! And the packaging is so cute.
    I tried and accessorize lipstick when they first came out but it had hideous packaging with a cheap diamond at the end and it stunk of cheap lipstick. I might give accessorize another chance after reading this! xxx

  3. The packaging is so cute (lol about the owl hahaha)! Pretty color too :)

  4. Cute photos, owls are a tad creepy, but lovely colour on you :)

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway x

  5. Oooo might have to purchase this! :-)

  6. Not tried any of the Accessorize make up line, but I love the colour of the lippy.
    I don’t mind an owl but must admit people have gone owl crazy lately. Waiting for a Keep Calm and Twit-Twoo poster with giant owl face on it. (Sorry if I freaked you out!)

  7. And to think I was searching last week for the perfect hot pink. That’s me shimmying my arse down to Accessorize when I’m next in the area. X

  8. Amazing colour! I love how it is a matte texture but it doesn’t look too drying! x

  9. I love the Infatuation shade of this, it’s so lovely. But I agree with you on the drying part- lots of lipbalm is essential (my favourite is Figs and Rouge Pomegranate!) MUA do a good hot pink that’s not too drying (and it’s a POUND), as do Sleek which is the same price as the Accessorize one.

  10. The colour is amazing!

    Laura x ~

  11. Hi I work at Accessorize and have loads of the make up, it’s lovely. Some older stock is on half price offer in Superdrug and you can buy on under accessories, or type make up into search bar. I’ve got the bright red but love the colour you tried, so may have to try more.

  12. The colour is really pretty and it seems reasonable for £4.95 but I think there are other lipsticks that are better that you could get for less than that price.

    Endometriosis my life with you

  13. This is a freaking gorgeous colour!!!! I haven’t bought any accessorize makeup yet but I’ll definitely be swatching some lippies next time I’m in superdrug! Brill find Thrifty

    Robyn Mayday

  14. Smashing colour!

  15. I’m so in love with this colour, amazing!

  16. Really pretty :)

  17. loving the colour! i am obsessed with lipsticks at the moment!

  18. mmmmmm really love that colour thrifty but I fear I’m a bit old for it these days (sob). It looks great with your complexion.Maybe not so with my Ma larkinesque weathered skin though.

    Where you frightened by an owl at an impressionable age? I’m terrified of bats but I cant see there being a fad of them around thank goodness, not unless you want your house to look like batman’s.
    The Body shop used to do a clear lip liner which was great to use with every shade of lippy going, it stopped that feathering business and everything,dont know if they still do it but it’s a thought…

  19. I think the packaging is adorable! I love all the accessorize packaging, although I must admit owls do feature quite heavily in it haha, so if you’re an owl hater than I wouldn’t like it as much!xxx

  20. Gorgeous colour! I normally go for Bodyshop lipsticks, they do a super hot pink shade, but I might treat myself to one of these when I’m next in town, the staying power looks great! xx

  21. I also use MAC Girl About Town! Love the look of this lipstick, may I also recommend Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 20, beautiful glossy deep pink which I wear all the time and think it’s under a fiver. Also I swear by Body Shop Clear Lip Liner £8, no need for any other lip liner, it stops bleeding round lips and i was so happy to find this product since Benefit stopped doing one.

  22. Wow lovely colour! I’ve never tried accesorize lipstick, but should do as I love other bits that I have tried. I have one of their mascaras and it is my favourite mascara of all time ever, I also very much enjoy a bronzer and blusher from the range and got a great eyeshadow palette at half price a few months ago. For some reason everything in the range was half price at superdrug that day. I have no idea why but am hoping they repeat this soon. Oh, and I almost forgot, I love love love their nail varnishes. They are very cheap but very very lovely! Hmm….guess I’m actually quite an accesorize make up fan all in all!

  23. OOoooooo, it is a lovely colour!! I have heard the MUA lip liners are good, they might have the colour you are looking for? I haven’t tried Accessorize make up yet, but I always hear good things!

    Kitty x

  24. I’ve only ever tried their nail varnish, this looks like a really nice colour – might give it a go! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  25. I use the Barry M bright pink Kohl eye liner as a lip liner cos it totally matched a pink lippie i bought. it actually works really well- stops bleeding, isnt drying and lasts fantastic. I’d reccomend because its cheap as chip and it looks about the right colour :)
    Erin xx

    ps, I think that it was £1.99 or £2.99

  26. I love this colour, may be a tad bright for me though :P

    Beauty for Biochemists


  27. You have really lovely shaped lips Thrifty :) xo

  28. Love this colour…but everyone must agree, Corrie take precedent no matter how beautiful the lipstick ;)

  29. wow, this colour is amazing and if after a convo about corrie it still looks good it must be a good lipstick. xxx

  30. My favourite bargain lipsticks are from sleek. I’ve got loads and their matte ones stay on forever. Maybe they are a little drying but I find that actually almost exfoliates my lips and once removed the dryness isn’t lasting. I LOVE them :)

  31. My favourite bargain lipsticks are from sleek. I’ve got loads and their matte ones stay on forever. Maybe they are a little drying but I find that actually almost exfoliates my lips and once removed the dryness isn’t lasting. I LOVE them :)

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