Roarsome Fancy Dress

When Mr Thrifty and I were daaaan sarf last weekend we stopped by the lovely Sarah’s circus themed 30th birthday party and naturally used the occasion to bust out a spot of fancy dress. Because we have a teeny tiny car and had to pack pillows, duvet (Travelodge/needs must) and effectively 6 billion changes of clothes I didn’t want to bring a whole fancy dress costume. I thought it’d be easier to pull something together from the clothes I had for other events and then just concentrate on the make up and backcomb the shit out of my hair.


I decided to go as a lion and wore all yellow – because in Primary school THAT’S THE COLOUR OF A LION, DURR. The skirt I’d worn earlier in the day to a christening with a black net petticoat underneath, the cardigan was something I had in my handbag in case it should rain or turn cold and the mustard vest top is just well…a mustard vest top I had sitting in my suitcase.

As we came off the M25 we found a lay by and stopped to do my hair and make up (backcombing and spraying your hair orange in a car is FUN). Then I had to riffle through the boot to find my outfit. Ummm to say the people of Herts were shocked to see a 29 year old, chubtastic woman in nowt but a skirt, bra and lion make up searching through the back of a Polo is an understatement. Hiya! It was roarsome and much like an errant scene from Phoenix Nights.

Mr Thrifty didn’t let the side down and busted some moves as a bearded lady. Gotta love a super shy chap who gives it his all meeting new people whilst wearing a green floral dress, blue eyeshadow and even lipstick on his teeth. So many people made a great effort with their costumes, including Amy from one of my favourite blogs Wolf Whistle who went as a ringmaster – swit whoo and Anne who was surely the sexiest of all the big cats.

essbeevee circus party

Actually there were a whole host of use feline creatures, including another of my favourite bloggers Hayles – purr!

We had a great time, so thanks for having us Sarah. Sorry we couldn’t stay longer. Damn geography + Mr Thrifty’s old man driving = long times.


P.S. If you want to do fancy dress on the cheap – go all out on the make up and hair but go ‘abstract’ on the actual costume.

P.P.S. I took lots more photos but I expect Sarah would very much like to share those herself – she looked GORGEOUS as did the room she held the party in. So check out Essbeevee as I’m not sure when she’ll upload them but also because her blog has the funnies.

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  1. hahaha. brilliant photos. mr thrifty looks very good :) so funny x i didn’t know you knew @hayles in real life xx

    • It was actually the first time I’ve met her or anyone there. I’ve been talking to essbeevee for years so it was nice to finally meet her and a few other Internet friends.

  2. I normally go cheap as I can’t be bothered sometimes lol. However for my Goddaughter’s birthday party I decide to go kind of all out – it was a princess party and of course I’m the fairy godmother so I had sparkly shoes (Charity shop!!!), fairy wings, glitter hair spray and tutu (local fancy dress shop) and then bits from my wardrobe to make it an outfit. Unfortunately the party was postponed so I have a bag of fancy dress in my room atm

  3. Hahaha this is brilliant! I always dress up as some sort of feline Mr Thrifty looks fab! Xx

  4. Awesome Makeup!!!! and outfit! haha Looks like a lot of fun :d

  5. Aah you both look brilliant! I approve of the big hair, that’s mine when I wake up in the morning!

    • It was a nightmare to get my hair sorted afterward, it was full of spray on hair dye (which you can’t really see in the photos) and hairspray. Mmmmm matted.

  6. These outfits are amazing, I think the way you managed to rock a fancy dress outfit with make-up hair and regular clothes is seriously a skill
    Thanks Thrifty :)

    Chat with Ailsa

  7. Such a great costume & you looked fab! Just shows what you can do without spending a penny!


  8. I’m nearly wetting myself at your husband dressed as a bearded lady. What an actual hero.

  9. Oh thats so funny, I speak to Hayles on twitter and was funny seeing a picture of her here, blogging is such a small world hur! :) x

  10. You guys look AMAZING!! Such fun! I’ve got to say, Mr Thrifty is up for it, isn’t he?!!! He looks quite fabulous as a bearded lady ;D xx

  11. Mr thrifty looks fantastic hahahaha! Xxx

  12. Yellow is the colour of lions, no?

    Loving both your costumes! I am also of the ‘hairband with ears’ or ‘wig’ mindset when it comes to costumes… both can transform relatively normal clothes into 1001 things!

  13. Love yours and Mr Thrifty’s outfits! You can’t beat a good fancy dress!

  14. Awesome costumes! I am a big believer in accessories when it comes to fancy dress. My easiest costume was when I was a viking. Black mini dress, black boots (both my own) then I bought a plastic axe and viking hat for £2. Woop! :) x

  15. Awesome make up and hair! Love that mr thrifty wore a dress aha! xxx

  16. You look awesome and what an amazing effort from Mr Thrifty! Such a good theme for a party and it looked like a LOT of fun!

    Maria xxx


  18. You both looked AMAZING and I was so happy to see you! Your makeup was incredible, I adored how you did your eyes. Thank you for coming!

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