Personalised Wedding Gifts

personalised wedding gift

Going to a wedding can be expensive when you add up travel, hotel, outfits and a gift, not to mention the hen do. One of my favourite things to do is make a personalised wedding gift to give after the date. On the day simply pop a card their way with a little note explaining something special is on the way.

At the wedding itself I collect together little mementos of the day such as confetti, petals from bouquets, small table menus, table scatters (please don’t take anything large or significant – usually table decorations need to be returned or were bought at great expense) and keep them together with the invitation and save the date card. Throughout the day I also take a few snapshots and print them out later on to include in the gift. Making prints need not be expensive or a pain – you can even print off photos from your mobile these days. I can recommend Photobox or taking your camera memory card or phone into a supermarket or branch of Boots to use the little printing machines there.

Once you have all of the mementos pieced together from the day simply buy a frame (I like Ikea or Wilko for this job) and arrange them in a pretty manner inside the frame. Get your craft on with a bit of glue and some scissors, if you’re lacking inpsiration check out scrapbooking blogs or even Pinterest. Here is my Pinterest.

At this point I would normally include an example photograph but because the gifts feature photographs and names of my friends or family that would hardly be fair.

Package the frame beautifully, I like to use personalised ribbon like this, and present to your friends on their return from honeymoon complete with a bottle of processco and a memory stick containing special songs from the day or their relationship. Actually one couple who wed recently are non drinkers so instead of processco we bought them a set of Mr and Mrs mugs and filled them with a delicious tea and some chocolate biscuits.

Soppy but always gratefully received  – usually with tears and a hug. I don’t know why I continue to do this because I don’t do hugs.


P.S. Do you give personalised wedding gifts? Share your ideas below.

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  1. That sounds fun! I think my cousin will be engaged very soon, so…

  2. What a lovely idea. Mrs T you look very hugable so it’s no wonder people go in for the squeeze whether you like it or not xx

  3. Lover this idea! So creative!! Thanks xx

  4. This is such a cute idea! I especially love the Mr and Mrs mugs.. they would make a cute Christmas present with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows xx

  5. That is an amazing idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so personal and much better than just buying some tat for the sake of needing to buy a present!

  6. I love this idea! I’m definitely going to be taking it on board for my next wedding xx

  7. your timing is uncanny – a v.good friend (the first from my group at secondary school) is getting married in 10 days! This is an excellent idea – thank you for sharing it :)

  8. I have made personalised wedding gifts like this too. ALSO I have made similar special ‘memory frames’ for silver/ruby/golden wedding gifts.

    Like you, I can give time and thought to a gift where I cannot give much money, and I believe people appreciate that.

    blessings x

  9. I think this is a great idea. As I can”do” calligraphy I often ask the bride & groom if they have a favourite quotation/ poem and I will calligraph that for them. But I love your idea too and may take it on board for when (if!) my nephews/nieces/godchildren get married

  10. This is an amazing idea! If I ever got married I’d be over the moon to receive a gift like this. Will defintely be using this idea for friends and family x

  11. Mrs Thrifty I LOVE you! I have a friends Wedding on Friday and I had NO idea what to get them as I’m on a tight budget and they are moving so it needs to be a small, lightweight gift.

    SO doing this….now I need a big enough handbag to stash everything so I dont lose them when drunk and dancing the night away…

  12. How cute, your friends must really adore you!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  13. Those ideas are simply wonderful, thank you!

  14. This is such a lovely idea. I’ve done similar things before but not as well thought out or crafted as yours (I mean, come on, once I did it after I’d been to a JLS concert with my friend who is obsessed with them, I had pockets full of green confetti and I really don’t like JLS but she loved her memento) (: xx

  15. Lovely idea!
    Some years ago, I gave some friends a wedding gift made up of kitchen bits; garlic rusher, whisk, egg slicer, teabag squeezer etc and put them all in a box. I included a parcel in the box that I labelled, “WARNING! THIS PARCEL CONTAINS THE HARSH REALITY OF MARRIED LIFE!” It contained a washing up sponge.
    On someone else’s anniversary, I gave them a pair of candlesticks and candles. As they opened the wrap, there was a box labelled “For romantic, candlelit dinners”; they opened it and found the present with another parcel labelled “…and…”. Opening that they found a sponge labelled “for the washing up afterwards.”

  16. I love this! Going to weddings can be really expensive, and wedding gifts are often impersonal, so taking the time to make a special gift is a great idea.

  17. I love to make personalized gifts, people really appreciate them – yes soppy hugs all round. I also do cross stitch samplers. A friend had a baby not long ago and I told her to save any clothes that she didnt want to pass on and I am making a patchwork blanket out of them for her to snuggle under. 99% of my family love my gifts and treasure them, but theres always one or two that ‘ don’t get it’ and get rid of them.

  18. Such a brilliant and personal idea :) x

  19. What a lovely idea! I have a wedding to go to next year and will bear this in mond. More to the point, I got married last year myself and have programme, invitation, handfasting ribbons, etc etc so I think I will make one for us :)

  20. This is such a lovely idea! I’m too young to have had any friends get married yet, but I’m definitely going to use these ideas :) I love all the little bits you get floating around at weddings :) xx

  21. I love it, though I wish I’d seen this last week. I was stuck for what to get for my friend’s wedding and got him and his wife vouchers instead.

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