Penny Pinching Polish

My nail polish this week is the lovely (yep, I’ve given the game away already – I like this one) Pink Manicure by Natural Collection. I’ve become a big fan of Natural Collection lately, I think it was their blushers which made me a full on, season ticket holding fan, I even did a blog post about them here.

This pink, as the name would have you believe is designed to be the pink part of a French manicure but because I’m lazy and clumsy I’ve never gone in for doing anything like that myself and bought it purely because I liked the dainty pink colour.

Natural Collection Pink Manicure
The first photograph shows it applied as 2 coats over a clear base coat and the second shows it applied once over the white matte star of Penny Pinching Polish from last week (yup I removed it from one hand and then it became such a pain to remove from the next that I stopped bothering…lazy mare) – which you can see here.

Applied without a white base Pink Manicure is a glossy, polished version of natural nails but over a white base it is the palest baby pink with the merest tint of blue under tones.

The polish applied evenly, quickly and without smudging. The brush is a little shorter that I would prefer, however that didn’t make for dodgy application. It dried fast without denting and has so far (at the time of taking these photos) lasted 36 hours without chipping (without a top coat). I’m impressed, especially considering Natural Collection nail polishes retail at £1.89 and more often than not the entire Natural Collection range is priced at 3 items for £5. Bargain.

Which nail polish are you wearing today?


P.S. Voting for the Cosmo blog awards closes soon, I’ve been nominated in the Lifestyle catgory – if you’d like to vote for me you can do so here. Thank you!

P.S. Forgive the state of my fingers and nails (as always) I’m due a good and proper manicure to sort them out.

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  1. I love the Natural Collection too, cute polish :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Natural Collection is great value, it’s a shame my usual Boots is usually out of the polish colours from that line that interest me the most *sigh* I shall have to write to them!

  3. This looks like such a gorgeous shade, I’ve actually never tried anything by Natural Collection but I’ll have to make an effort to check them out now. I’m just about to paint my nails actually :)

  4. Natural collection is amazing.
    Think you may have uncovered my wedding polish, thank you! Their lash lengthening mascara at under £2 makes my lashes look full and lashy (it is a word I just said it!).

  5. I love natural collection. I own quite a few of their polishes. I love Red Robin the most.Today I have barry M in dusky mauve on. But I put 3 coats on so it looks a bit claggy, but they seem to last the longest. I can get 6 days out of them before they look rubbish. I got 2 bottles of NYC for a pound today out of poundworld and 2 lipsticks as well.
    Mind you Barry M is one of my favourites at the moment. I want to try stargazer next as their colours look FAB!!! Allie

  6. your blog post on natural collection blush made me re-asses my whole make up regime and i took a leaf out of your thrifty book and followed suit. also a big fan of 17 blush which is also at boots and really affordable – i find the pigments a bit stronger, but natural collection do come a really close second. i have this polish too :) both the pink and the white of the manicure set but never have actually DONE the manicure. too lazy and i prefer the colours seperately.

    erica x

  7. I am currently wearing Natural Collection in Maple! I’ve had it for ages and it hasn’t thickened at all. It’s a lovely colour and when applied properly (I rushed mine but am going to do it again) it lasts a while. I might see what other colours I can get.

  8. That’s a really pretty colour and so cheap too. I think I like the second version better, it looks more shiny and pink (if that makes sense?)
    Daniella x

  9. I bought a Natural Collection blusher after you recommended it and now I’m tempted by this. I rarely wear varnish on my finger nails as I’ve never found an affordable lasting one and I’m too lazy to remove it.

  10. I attempted my own version of the penny pinching polish feature – referencing and linking to your blog, of course. Always love this feature and I never spend more than £4/5 on a nail varnish.

  11. Suck a pretty everyday colour :):):’) xx

  12. omg I meant such oops hahahaha

  13. That is a very lovely colour! So nice on you :)

    Lots of love,

    Enter my studded corset giveaway in collaboration with Kat Valdez!

  14. looks so nice! Natural collection is such a bargain x

  15. I used to think Natural Collection would be too cheap and not very good, but after seeing this colour on you I’m tempted to go out and purchase one :)

  16. I didn’t think this nail polish would be good because its so very cheap, but after seeing your photos, I might go out and purchase one. Is there a good range of colours and where are they available? :)

  17. Natural collection polish is awesome!c I’ve been buying it for a few years now and it rarely disappoints. No.17 range is also pretty good and there’s usually vouchers to be found with your Boots card, giving you free products or extra bonus points. Its always worth checking out eBay too, I love Models Own polish but can rarely justify the price but managed to get 11 polishes for £20 which was pretty good as they’re usually £5 each x

  18. I love the natural collection and having been using their mascara and blush for years. I think the only products in the collection i have been disappointed with is the liquid eyeliner and cream blush.

  19. Natural Collection are SO good! They are so cheap and most of their products are still a really high quality. I’m trying to grow my nails out at the moment – after a long, horrible, habit of biting them – and their clear hardener & strengthener is great!

  20. Thats such a pretty everyday colour, I’ve been looking for one and was just about to cave and go for an OPI or essie, but will definitely be giving this a try instead!

  21. Such a pretty pink colour!

  22. Ive not tried the polish but I like the natural collection blusher. The 17 red lippy always has good pigment.
    I am about to paint my nails in the MUA vibrant lilac colour, I did a test nail yesterday and it looks amazing!

  23. The Natural Collection nail polishes are really good, I like their peach manicure too! Their blushers are also really nice x

  24. I really love the look of this shade! My current favourite Natural Collection polish is ‘winter moon’, which is a pale silver :) I really need to invest in some more of them though! xx

  25. I like natural collection nail polishes too! Was impressed by the price so was tempted to try Primark’s nail varnishes too (4 for £2!), unfortunately they were rubbish! I’ll be reviewing on my new channel this week-
    I’m aware that It’s currently blank! :) xxx

  26. I love your blog, the recent posts have been awesome! I’ve recently started a blog with OOTD’s and product reviews. I’d love for you to take a look? :) thanks xxx

  27. I have spent a good part of today reading your blog. It’s awesome! You have inspired me. Also the hubs says we look like alike. So I have therefore voted for you in the Cosmo award thing. Good luck!

  28. now…have I posted this before. Hmm. Dear Mrs Thrifty – you have pretty hands and nails to match – the photographs on your blog show that up so well. I have paws with ug-er-ly nails. Moop. Thank you for your blog – which I follow avidly – any tips on the Prettification of Paws?

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