Organising Nail Polish – Updated

You may remember I posted a post titled how to organise nail polish last year. I had just used some stickers I had at hand, chopped up and fiddly stuck down, but because they weren’t the perfect size and looked sloppy I decided to re-do them.

I keep my nail polish in a drawer, I know lots of people keep their nail polish out in pretty displays so they can see which colour is which at ease. Honestly though? I just couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of creating something extra to dust.

how to organise nail polish

I bought some tiny round stickers from here on the cheap (actually that seller seems to have raised his prices – this eBay seller is now the cheapest for that size when you factor in p&p), painted them with nail polish and plonked them on top of the corresponding nail polish bottle. Easy peasy, nail polish squeezy. I can look in my drawer and find myself greeted with organisation and ease without having to lift out each and every bottle. It’s the small things.

I did a wee video about this very topic, which actually involved me going insane due to the workmen in the flat next door – these chaps were actually at least two rooms and four walls away and yet it was still THAT loud.

If you can’t view the embedded version you can click here to watch it on YouTube.


P.S. How do you store and organise your nail polish?

P.P.S. This post was requested by a lovely lady called Sara. If you’d like to see some updated posts do let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. wow great idea, might have to give this a whirl! x
    I just did a apple nail tutorial if you like to check it out x

  2. I loved it when you inspired me to organise my collection – I’m so happy with it now. This though, THIS, makes things so much easier. Thanks for the tip! xxx

  3. genius idea! I shall start doing that to my nailpolishes too :-) x

  4. this is a great post – i love your videos, you make me shmiiile :) those round stickers look great and a lot less fiddly than all the cutting and sticking i’ve tried doing before! definitely going to re-organise my nail varnishes now!
    nicola xxx

  5. What a good idea!
    I line all of mine up in a box in rainbow order, might just try this idea though :)

  6. What a great idea :) Think I’ll be stealing this one!

  7. This is such a cute idea that i am stealing, i normally just store them in a box :)

    I’m currently having a mini blog sale before i go to uni:


  8. That is such a good idea! Not sure why I have never thought of doing that. It’s so time consuming picking up every single bottle to see if it’s the one you’re after (and the one you’re after is always the last bottle you pick up). xx

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  9. This is such a good idea! I just store my nail polishes in old giftboxes! xxx

  10. I organise my nail varnishs by colour in a 3 tier cake stand, they look pretty but take up alot of room xxx

  11. Love this idea, I’ve only just organised mine in an old beauty box, but I really like the idea od the colour on the top
    Daniella x

  12. Wow! What a great idea! I just have mine lined up on an empty bookshelf shelf, but they take up more space than I would like so I will defiantly try this out!

  13. I keep my nail varnish in the fridge! Honestly it makes the nail varnish thinner and therefore goes on easier and dries quicker! No gloopiness :)

    • I wish I could store all of mine in the fridge – my husband would have a fit! Haha.
      But yes the fridge is fab for rescuing a gloppy polish isn’t it? The egg section of our fridge is always mending one of my polishes but gosh I wish I could store them all in there!

  14. I keep mine all upside down so I can see the colours but I like the spot idea.

  15. This is a fabulous idea!! Why didn’t I think of this before I stole an old tool box from work?!? – I did jazz it up a bit though and made it as shabby chic as I could.
    It’s the last post I made on my blog if you would like to have a look? I think it’s fab!

  16. Wow this is organised! Do you have a “Monica” messy cupboard? I like to think that you do :-) x

  17. That’s such a great idea!

  18. This is such a lovely, useful idea! Thanks for the tip :)

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  19. I use two she said beauty boxes and have all my pinks, reds, oranges, purples in one box and ‘other colours’ and my manicure things in the other, but some you aren’t able to see the colour so this is great, definitely going to copy you here:)

  20. Nifty idea 😛

  21. This is a great way to organise things, never thought of it! I keep mine in a bag and end up tipping them out all over the floor. One of my friends keeps hers in the fridge! Apparently it stops them going gloopy!

  22. I love the idea of the sticker of nail colour at the top :) genius. Given me inspiration to organise now too :)


  23. such a great idea, thanks a lot for sharing! xx

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