Make Your Own Refreshing Toning Spray

Toner sprays are all the rage this summer (I sound like my mother there, shoot me), so why not make your own?

homemade toner

As I’ve mentioned before Witch Hazel is a great toner and it is so refreshing, plus you can pick it up almost anywhere for not much over a pound. Bargain.

How do you make the toner? Well it is pretty simple, take a small spray bottle (I’ve used an old Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Spray bottle) and just add one part water to three parts witch hazel. Give it a quick shake and away you go. If you feel like adding a little something extra just pulp a cucumber in a blender and add the juice – although this is so refreshing I don’t feel it is needed.

Use on a freshly cleansed face to refresh and remove traces of cleanser. Either spray directly on to the skin or spray onto a cotton pad and wipe across your skin. I prefer straight onto the skin – it is far less wasteful.


P.S. Do you think you’ll give this one a go?

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  1. this is such a good idea, definitely going to give it a go :) so simple! xo

  2. Wow I will definitely be giving this a go! What a fantastic tip! I’m starting to think more carefully about saving money on trendy beauty products so this is this perfect start! Thank you :)

    Helen xxx

  3. I’ve been wanting to buy a toner water for ages, but funds are low so this is perfect for me! Thanks for the idea :)

    L x

  4. May have to try this once I use up my current toner spray :) x

  5. I use witch hazel often but I haven’t used it as a spray. Great idea! Love witch hazel on my skin!

  6. I love your thrifty ideas :) I may try this as money is really tight at the moment!


  7. Fantastic! How long will a bottle that size last for?

  8. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the great idea.

  9. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the great idea.

  10. yes, this is one I’d try. Like this idea a lot.I want to try the bicarb face wash idea, but haven’t had the bottle to do it yet.


  11. This is a lovely idea, another nice toner is to use rose water, its cheap, natural and a light antibacterial, perfect if you are acne prone. Its also lovely to spritz on your face on a hot day. I’m taking some on holiday with me next week!
    Grace –

  12. What a cleaver idea. I will have to try this.

    X x

  13. oh yes!! I love to make my own skin care products. it’s a great way to save money and you know exactly what’s in that little pot of heaven.

    I am almost out of my beloved Liz earle toner so this will go down a treat!!

    thanks so much for sharing your amazing ideas with us!!

  14. I am definately giving this a go this weekend. I love spray toners in the heat. They are so refreshing!!!

    Love the tips!!!

  15. Really easy DIY – thank you!It reminded me of this one time (in band camp) the OH sprayed a face refresher spray in his mouth thinking it was snore spray (both on bedside table). Laughed my head off! Ahem.

    Anyway, will give this a go. Ta!

  16. This is a good little tip, I will probably try this!

  17. Great idea! Will definitely be trying this out :) xx

  18. I use witchhazel daily. Me luffs it.

  19. Such a good idea! Never thought it was so simple to make a toning spray.. I’m definitely going to try this out some time!

  20. Fab idea, thank you. Saving money is so important and it gives you a real buzz!

  21. Thank you! Fab idea. Saving money gives me a real buzz x x x

  22. Fab idea, thank you. Saving money is so important and it gives you a real buzz!

  23. What a great idea, i will definitely be trying this out :)
    sophierosehearts x

  24. Definitely going to try this! x
    Sirens and Bells

  25. Warning re: witch hazel – as someone who has spent the last few years under treatment from dermatologists (after 12yrs+ of serious skin problems), do not use witch hazel on your skin if you have rosacea or facial redness – witch hazel is a well known cause and irritant for rosacea.

    • Thanks for that warning, that is really helpful. I have rosacea (although thankfully it seems to have receded due to some medication) but it is well worth keeping this in mind.


  26. Will definitely try this when my current toner runs out – thank you!

    Nikki x

  27. Great idea, I bet it smells great too.
    - Keyta x

  28. I always have some witch hazel handy! :)

  29. Such a great idea. I didn’t even know you could buy witch hazel like this! I will definitely be trying this out next.

    Endometriosis my life with you

  30. Oh my this is a wonderful idea! Nice to keep a bottle in the fridge as well during hot humid days for a quick refresh! I’m definitely going to give this one a go. <3

  31. This is definitly cheaper than the caudelie toning spray, ill have to give it a try :-)

    Currently giving away loads of St. Tropez & OPI Nail Polish goodies on my blog here International competition, c-c-c-check it out!

    Good luck :-D

    Kirsty-Anne x

  32. I’ve been hunting for an affordable toner for SO LONG, thank you so much for the tip-off!

  33. I’m def going to have to give this a go!

  34. Such a good idea, and I love that you re-use the Body shop sprays, I love them.
    I’m going to try this
    Daniella x

  35. what a great idea, thanks! :)

  36. I’ve got an addiction to using Witch Hazel, it’s so so good x

  37. I’ve been a convert to witch hazel since I first read about it on your blog about 18 months ago: it’s cheap, effective and good for slightly oily skin like mine. I also did a one day course making natural beauty products and we made the witch hazel/cucumber toner too. Only problem is you have to keep it in the fridge (ie not near the bathroom) but on the plus side it’s wonderfully cooling and refreshing!

  38. Great tip!!!
    -Kasmira Anne from

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