Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets

A few months back I was standing outside a coffee shop in the middle of London with my friend, waiting for her to finish a phone call. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder, so I turn round to see who it is – expecting to be asked for directions by a tourist but it’s an old man with a pint in his hand who says ‘alright love, you’re the perverts’ delight!’ ‘ummm what?’ I reply whilst plotting my escape route. ‘Your dress is tucked into your tights’ came his reply, and indeed it was. My arse was exposed to the all of London and his mates in beer garden next to the coffee shop were getting a good look at my rear end. Great. That’s the story I told to Kleenex Cleanse on Twitter when they were asking for embarrassing stories you’d like to wipe away, in order to win a goodie bag.

Shine Absorbing Sheets

Yup I won and was sent a goodie bag of Kleenex Cleanse products, the stand out product, to me being their Shine Absorbing Sheets*. My skin can be a real mixed bag, some days really dry, other days a bit on the sensitive side and often oily in places. I usually carry around powder to combat the oiliness but sometimes, when a clutch bag is called for, it just isn’t practical.


I’ve used blotting sheets before (some fairly expensive ones) and decided they weren’t for me because they tended to lift off not only oil but my make up. However I decided to slip these in my bag on the way to a recent wedding, almost on a whim. Weddings are long, tiring days which involve standing outside in the sun having photos taken, dancing and drinking – all of which make my skin oily and just blah. The sheets come in a slim packet, just perfect for stowing away in your handbag and are themselves purple – I’m not sure why the colour pleases me but it does. The packet comes with a little tab which means when you reopen the packet the next sheet is there ready for you to use – very clever.


So on to the sheets themselves, I’ve found them perfect for blotting away any greasiness or shine in problem areas without lifting the make up. They contain no powder which means you don’t get that cakey look you can sometimes get if you apply powder to greasy skin – which is really important to me. I thought I’d just use them out on the go or for nights out but I’ve experimented with applying my foundation, leaving for 2-3 mins and then blotting away any excess or shine before powdering and I have to say this has fast become part of my routine. They happily mattify my skin without giving me that awful 2D look and make my foundation last longer.

Have you tried any of the new Kleenex Cleanse range?

You can get these in Superdrug (£2.99 for 50) and I’ve seen their cleansing wipes in supermarkets so I’m not sure if they carry the full range too.


P.S. I’d be interested to hear if you’ve tried any other blotting papers and what you think of them.

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  1. I use superdrugs own their pretty good and for a reasonable price too Ax


  2. most Superdrug’s carry the full range, I think there is 4 products in total. I’ve tried the tissue wipe things and they are quite good to say they go on offer sometimes for £1. also dont use water products on them, it goes everywhere! ha

  3. I have these (I was actually contemplating reviewing them but the packet’s all battered from being in my bag!), and they’re brilliant. Love your story too – I was walking home once and a man actually stopped his van to run after me and tap me on the shoulder to inform me I was walking down the street tucked in…

  4. That was a great story! Congratulations on your win. :) x


  5. I love the Kleenex facial cloths which I normally get when they are on offer normally in either Superdrug or Sainsburys. I have a weird thing about cotton wool (not exactly a phobia I just don’t like the feel of it makes me all yuk since a young child), I can use cotton wool pads but sometimes even they feel odd when they separate. These just feel nice and soft and I either use them with make up remover or just nice warm water which leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and soft. I was really surprised when I soaked them that they don’t tear one little bit how I expected them too and are unbelievably strong and good at cleansing my face. I haven’t used them as much since using Superdrugs vitamin E hot cloth cleanser but I still have a box handy for when I go away.

  6. I love these. I tried the ELF blotting sheets before but these are just so much better! The only downside for me is not being able to use both sides, I feel it’s a waste.

  7. I hear you! I think we all have a dreaded skirt-tucked-in story. Ladies, save someone’s pride by informing your fellow females BEFORE they leave the toilets! I’ve done it, and whilst it’s a bit embarrassing, you’ve saved someone from a humiliating story in public and done your good deed for the day! :)

  8. I should live in England!!! :S

    My BLOG: Keep calm and carry on

  9. oh no.. so embarrassing. but funny at the same time lol.. x

  10. I’m desperate to try these! I’m going on holiday in a week and I’m going to need some. Heading to Superdrug tomorrow!

  11. I’ve used clean and clear mattifying sheets, but I’ve found like you said, they lift the makeup off as well as the oily areas! :(

    I might give these a try seeing as they’re so reasonably priced

  12. These sound really useful, blotters that don’t lift foundation!

  13. I use Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets and I really like them. They don’t smudge my makeup and they absorb all my oil!!!


  14. I love these to and the price is great! at least your embarrassing moment got you a cool goodie bag :)xx

  15. hahaa i’ve done the same thing.. so embarassing! xx


  16. These look really interesting! I’ve used the Clean and Clear absorbing sheets but my problem with those is that they don’t really absorb… They need a fair amount of swipes before all the oil is removed.


  17. I get a very shiny nose and forehead and have tried several blotting papers, however the best and cheapest I’ve found are tobacco papers! Rizla’s are great and can be easily tucked away in my purse.

  18. I use Rizla tobacco papers!

  19. Oh what a story, bless :) These look fab powder can be a nuisance to cart about on a night out, thanks for the post :)


  20. I love these – although it grosses me out how much oil comes off my face!

    Rachel from http://www.whatabeauty.co.uk x

  21. I’ve not heard a thing about these! I’ve recently only been using some cheap shine absorbing sheets, so I’ll definitely be hunting these out :) xx


  22. I got the cleansing pack for revealing my embarrassing story too, and I love these blotting papers. I used to use Body Shop’s tea tree blotting papers, but they removed make up too x
    Sirens and Bells

  23. These look really interesting! I used to use blotting papers when I was at school! I’d like to give these a try now, as I’m getting more oily in the sticky humid weather we’re having!

    Abi x

  24. I must try some kind of blotting product, they seem quite good! xx

  25. Congrats on winning!! you have a fab story!! made me laugh!! x


  26. Cool post I will def give these a try!

  27. I’ve never heard of them before, but I love the idea! Nothing worse than a shiny face!

  28. i’ve never tried blotting sheets! maybe i should invest

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  29. Years ago I remember using some blotting sheets that seemed to be talcum powder, looked like it on your face too. I have a wedding coming up so think I shall be hunting for these.

  30. I lived in Japan for a while and there was a shop I really liked and whenever I went in the lady that worked there would give me a sheet of blotting paper, at first I was paranoid that I must be really greasy looking but they gave them to everyone. An odd but nice touch and it worked because it got me buying blotting paper too.


  31. superdrug, boots, tescos, and sainsburys all carry the full range and they are often in some kind of offer :) .The shine absorbing sheets are the only one i havent tried though i use the rest regularly :)
    i mentioned them briefly in my april favourites :) http://www.tottstittle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/april-favourites.html

  32. I use to use the Body Shop’s ones but they got a little expensive for what they were. I get very greasy skin from working as a chef so had to find an alternative. Then one day I was out having a cigarette, (I roll my own out of preference) and found that my rolling papers were absorbing the grease on my fingers!! So, when I finished work that day, I decided to try them out on my face and they worked wonders.

  33. These Kleenex sheets are the best around for soaking up the oils without disturbing make-up. I’ve tried other brands, but they either leave a powdery patch behind or lift off your make up. Superdrug often have these on offer for 99p or a £1.00 off. I’ve stocked up, don’t want to be without.

  34. Hahaha I absolutely love your story! Something that would definitely happen to me…
    They look fab, I remember having sperdrug’s own brand which were pretty good, but they disappeared…Hmm strange!
    Shall have to try these out :)



  35. The whole range is half price in tesco at the minute…I bought a stash to try!

  36. Really want to try these now :) there a great price as well :) xxx


  37. I find these in Home Bargains for 29p!

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