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My 30th birthday is fast approaching, (can we get a panicked klaxon noise?) and even though it’s not until December I seem to have person after person asking what gift I’d like. As much as I admire their organisation skills, I’m breathing deep and hard and giving any answers I have with a distinct wobble to my voice. Thirty!

A Thrifty Mrs – 30!

I thought I’d make a few wish lists over the next few months of the things I love and this first one is from Joules, a brand I trust and a brand who regularly give me the old sweaty palm when it comes to their floral dresses and accessories.

joules wishlistAll items available in Joules stores or from their website.

Joules was the brand I referred to in this post about good value, who I mentioned I like to buy wellies from and their aesthetic fits perfectly with the things I swoon after. I have a few of their dresses, sweatshirts and as I mentioned wellington boots but they let me in on a little secret -they’re soon to be launching an interiors range and I’ve become tres excited and forwarded the pictures straight to Mr Thrifty who has been lacking in inspiration for the big 3-0.

I’m not normally a ‘want’ kind of girl and if I am I tend to wait it out, save up and consider other options before splurging but dear me, I WANT that horse print bed linen.  Seriously want. Mr Thrifty – take note.

Polka dots and stripes and florals – oh my. You know you’re getting old when you actively swoon at bedlinen but seriously, I love the styling of the photographs and if the linens are as great quality as the dresses I have from Joules then we’re looking at corking quality.
Joules’ homeware range launches on Aug 22 which is handily exactly 4 months until my birthday.
In partnership with Joules.
All photographs c/o Joules.

P.S. What is on your current birthday wishlist? How old will you be?

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  1. Don’t feel too bad, my 21st is coming up (also in December) and I actively swooned over the horse print too!
    It’s funny that you posted this today actually as I started a birthday/christmas/need all of this in my life wishlist today on pinterest (

    Happy blogging!

  2. omg so cute! I want absolutely everything you posted! I believe that if you ‘think’ of 30 as the ‘big 3-0′ then you should treat it as such! Start your birthday now! Have some fun, splurge a little, and have some big adventures!

  3. I’m hoping for a little thrifting jaunt for my birthday. And, I know it seems hard to turn 30, but I promise, really promise, you are still young, young, young!! The older I get, time seems to go faster and 30 seems like yesterday -I just turned 40! Actually, now that I think about it, in a few weeks I’ll be 41…sigh.

    I do love the horse linen too!

  4. Love the horse bed linen too, excellent choice x

  5. I want to be panicking at turning 30 (I will be 43 lol)

  6. I’m 34 now and I can say, hand on heart, that turning 30 isn’t that bad, and turning 31, 32, 33 and 34 were painless too. It’s being 29 that’s the killer – it feels exactly like you’re in a room that is slowly filling up with water. Once you’re there? Piece of cake.

    And stop showing me pretty things, damn you.

    Lise @

  7. For my 39th I asked for – and got- a year of birthdays! Every month for that year until I turned 40 I had a card and a gorgeous pressie from Man Wonderful. I can totally recommend! Xx

  8. love the accessories you chose! 30 is still young! xx

  9. I adore that English Garden set, the skirt and wellies :)

    sophierosehearts x

  10. What to get for the big 30? Jewellery of course. It fails to fade. Fat free. No ironing involved. Can even be bought from a second hand or pawn shop. Thrifty. Always indicates devotion.

    • Hmm, I’ve never really been a fan of jewellery. The majority of what I have is costume jewellery and it is rare I wear it. My good quality jewellery sits in a box, never worn.

  11. I love the Joules skirt and the bedding is gorgeous! Hope you have a great 30th! xx

  12. Ooh I’m with you that bedlinen is fab! Well Joules is generally fab! I love White Stuff to for their prints…I just had my birthday and made my own wishlist and I actually got a few things from it! so heres hoping you do to!x

  13. 30? Oh to be 30 again! My next birthday (February) is the big 5-0 and I would LOVE a digital SLR. I have put my order in, (to hubby) but time will tell. He has made suggestions that I have a BIG party in a castle, but I’m still pondering….

  14. Oh it’s my birthday today! I am 47 (gosh! Where did the years go?!) I had lots of gorgeous gifts, from grown up things like a silver necklace from my husband to Hello Kitty goodies and frilly ankle socks! Had a fab day, with cake. My next significant one, the big 5-0, I am actually really looking forward to!

  15. I was 50 (you know.. FIFTY) on 17 June this year…… did not go well. I blogged (dollyclothespeg if you wanna be depressed larf).
    You will have a good day and am looking forward to reading about it, how about taping/blutacking/supergluing pics of your ‘wishes’ (geddit) inside the bathroom cabinet/fridge etc etc – that might work lol.
    Susan x

  16. I am a month behind you on the 3-0 bandwagon :(
    I’m not sure what is on my wishlist, but 30 is scaring the bejesus out of me! Does that mean I have to be a growed up? If so I may just hibernate!


  17. The second bedspread down. I need it. I don’t care how much it costs. It will be mine and I will never leave my room again. And don’t worry, I’ve been swooning at bedlinen since I was a teenager!

  18. Love Joules things :) xxx

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