I make an effort to buy most everything I need when there is a discount, sale or deal to be had. Because of this I have built quite a healthy stash of food, stationery and mostly hair, make up and beauty products.

My stash of shower gels and shampoos could rival a small pharmacy or normal week in a Kardashian bathroom. But to continue to accumulate standbys without making good use of these products in incredibly wasteful. I know I’m not alone stashing things away and rarely delving into the stockpile and I really think it is something we should perhaps look at.

Yep, sure it is great to have a small stash of products should you have a tight month or two but do you really need a stash which rivals someone from Extreme Couponers or even Hoarders? That wouldn’t be terribly thrifty now would it? And this blog is called A Thrifty Mrs.

I’ve resolved to use 75% of my stash before spending further on products. I’ll admit it, I’m an advertisers dream. Oh your shampoo is made especially for my very exacting shade of hair, wow really? I know it isn’t and yet I’ll some how believe what you’re telling me and toddle on down to Boots to pick up a bottle (or most likely two when it is on offer) and only actually get through 30% of the bottle because it hates me and my hair isn’t quite as perfect as the advert may have suggested.

If you struggle to view the embedded version do follow this link over to YouTube to watch it there.

I made an empties video last week (above) but since then I’ve had a real sit down and think. Sure it can be a great deal to buy a shampoo or foundation when it is on offer – however if it is just going to sit in a drawer or cupboard until we eventually come to move house and think ‘ugh do I want to lug this across the city?’ and end up chucking out  – then it isn’t a bargain and it certainly isn’t very thrifty.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort with this and make sure I use up as much as I can before buying more, so maybe you’ll see more empties videos from me in the future.


P.S. Do you have a stash or stockpile?

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  1. Great post and video – I love empties!



  2. I think the idea of an empties post is awesome! It is so rare that I get to the bottom of the multitude of lotions and potions I have. And the same can be said of some food items in our larder. I’m trying out a spending challenge this month (£50 weekly budget to cover all except the household food budget) and it’s stopping me picking up unneeded products and storing them in my cuboards. I’m blogging about my challenge and experiences in my all new blog. I’d love it if you had a look:

    Perhaps you should set your empties out like they would be on a store shelf and see if you are still enticed then? Get that just bought a new product feeling with what you already have.

  3. I could listen to your voice forever. It makes me happy. So, so happy.

    I am moving to England next week, but as I will stay there only one year, I did not want to give up my apartment. My sister will move in for the time I am in England and guess what: She doesn’t have to buy anything. I can’t take all my stash to England, and if I leave it here, it will expire. My sister will move into an apartment with a one-year-stash of cleaning, eating and makeup supplies. When I’m back, I will try to start buying things that I need instead of buying things I think that I need in case of a third World War.

  4. I alternate between stashing and then using up. Normally what happens is I feel compelled to buy 2 of a product at a time (one to use, one spare – in case, you know?) and then when I finish the first, I buy 2 more, ending up with 2 spare… Then I feel guilty that I’ve wasted money and space and rush to use them up. Odd, ain’t I?

    Currently on a use up kick, as I’m desperate to clear my credit cards and I have set myself a strict budget to work to until it’s done (hopefully in December).


  5. I just moved house properly for the first time and had to re-assess my ‘spares’. I’m now onto a system where I always have a spare, but only buy for example, my No7 Skincare when it’s on 3 for 2 and I either have no spare or I know I’m super close to that when the offer comes around. I’ve had to get rid of so many odds and ends that I bought so I’d have a spare then the product didn’t work for me, or I forgot about them, that it’s soul destroying. I’m also resolving to only buy one of a new product at a time if I absolutely can’t get any samples or sample sized versions!

  6. this is awesome, i love your videos and you’re definitely one of my favourite bloggers.
    have a nice day! <3

  7. I found I had like 5 bottles of shampoo on the go so I took a risk stood over the bathroom sink and squeezed them all into one bottle. I figured that it theory my hair would be super clean and if I did over wash my hair then I’d just move onto a new bottle if needed. I’m then working through all the other bottles that we seemed to have acquired over the time that we’ve lived in our house – the main issue is that I swear I never have any shower gel – why can’t my shampoo get adopted instead>?

  8. Since moving I’ve had a tub of beauty products that I’m working through. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not to buy any more conditioner until I’ve used up all of the ‘free’ ones that I got with hair dyes!

  9. I am done with stockpiling after having to pack up boxes and move them. I do set aside shampoo that is only OK and mix it with other shampoo as my bottles get lower. Or it can be used for hand washing or hand soap. Moisturizer and deodorant really does start to lose its quality if you store it to long or in extreme temps.

  10. You are really funny haha! :)
    I love watching empties, I need to do one for myself!

    I’m currently holding a giveaway to win make up, nail wraps and jewellery if you’re interested!

  11. I had a little laugh in my head when you said about the kardashians :) And, when cotton pads, shower gel, and even when you find some nice little storage boxes that match your room I stock up on (You can never have too much storage!). You are such a nice person, and I LOVEEEE your youtube channel and blog, (really, as soon as I get on the laptop, I go straight to your channel, and sprinkle of glitter’s) Haha! x

  12. Great post, i love your videos and who doesn’t love an empties video eh!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x

  13. Great post! I think I might do an empties post too! I love Essiebutton’s empties videos too!

    Abi x

  14. I don’t know why these posts are so great but I love them!
    I used to work for the Bodyshop at home and when I quit I kept loads of the stock I had left and the kit for myself. When I lived at home I never even scratched the surface of the products I had but now that I have my own place I’m slowly but surely getting through it all….. I think I have enough shower gels to last until I retire xxx

  15. I love your blog- it always brightens my day! I went through my makeup box recently and took out all the random eyeshadows, bargain mascaras and almost-finished lipsticks and have put them in a little tub on my desk where I can see them. I am challenging myself- only when I use them all up can I open the nice posh makeup that people have bought me for birthdays and Christmas. Actually, when I use them they don’t look half bad!

  16. Last year after Christmas I realised I had a lot of spares in the bathroom and decided to use them up before buying anymore, I didn’t have to buy any shampoo, conditioner or shower gels until about August! Now I only buy them when my current bottle is about 3/4 used up! This is working out well as my toddler has started to pull everything out of the bathroom cupboard and squirts it everywhere so I am glad there are no longer thousands of bottles for him to find! xx

  17. I chose to do this at christmas and I havent bought shampoo, soap, exfoliaty things or other toiletries since December (only thing i’ve bought is toothpaste!) I still have loaaads to use! Think I might manage to survive until Santa arrives again!

  18. I used to hoard. Then I met my husband and then I understood the true meaning of hoarding. Toothpaste 4p off? He’ll buy six. And not use them. So when he complained about the house feeling ‘cluttered’ I swore, considerably at him for several minutes, possibly threw something, and vowed to never again have more then two of one type of thing. By this I mean find my top products. Over the year I have refined every product in our house (except shampoo and conditioner- which I’m still experimenting with) down to ONE product, which I can then buy in bulk if possible or google for cheaper dupes. This has reduced clutter and expenditure AND taking a little time to really figure out what I like and what works for me has freed up more time and lessened dissappointment when something supposedly amazing looks dreadful or brings me out in hives. I even repotted every single eye shadow I owned (a lot) so I had my own Perscription palettes for my skin tone. I applied the same ruthless approach to hubby and children’s products until they were forced to stop buying. Leftovers were donated or turned into other products (body scrub from moisturiser, liquid soap from bars etc). Unfortunately hubby has now turned to collecting boxes of cakes and pies.

  19. Ohh Mrs Thrifty sometimes it’s like you’re looking in my house when you write some of this stuff! I have probably over ten sets of shampoo and conditioner (I won’t go and count them as it’ll make me feel guilty!) – I love a bargain.

    I have recently boxed up a load of bathroom stuff and given it to ‘give and make up’ – they redistribute unwanted toiletries to the women’s shelters – so it’s where all those gift sets that I will never use go. So I felt a bit better and my boyfriend can’t complain about how much space. Well…..

    The nearest give and make up peeps are in Trafford Park.

    Love your blog!!! x

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