Don’t throw it out!

free make up toolsYou know the little sponges and brushes which come with make up products? I’m not really sure why companies insist on including them because I don’t really know anyone who uses them unless they’re stuck without any other choice. They seem a colossal waste of material and money to me.

Rather than just chucking them away, keep hold of them and put them to good use. A damp sponge tipped applicator is perfect for cleaning smudges off a computer screen and the brushes are great for cleaning out keyboards  – I know for a fact you can buy a fancy brush with a picture of a laptop on it to do exactly the same job and it will set you back a whopping £12.99.

They’re also fantastic for craft projects. I used a sponge tip applicator from a make up palette when making this clutch bag and they can be so handy for applying glue to fiddly spots or painting something small.


P.S. Have you got any handy uses for these tiny make up tools?

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  1. I’m the person you don’t know who actually uses these for the purpose they were intended… I don’t understand why you need to use fancy/other makeup brushes and applicators really as I find these do the job just fine. I’ve used different brushes in the past when I’ve had one of those make up counter make overs and been talked into buying them but I’ve never seen any benefit so I’m not converted.

  2. I’d never thought of using these to clean my laptop. Genius!

    Laura X

  3. Great idea! I always just bin them. x

  4. I find they make handy little cleaning tools for my doll’s house!

    • I am now picturing your dolls, ‘borrowers style’, cleaning their quaint victorian dolls house with your old make up brushes while you sleep :)

  5. Sometimes when I haven’t got any cotton buds, I use them to remove any make up mistakes xx

  6. I never even think to save things like this and I pretty much always get rid of the little plastic applicators that come with eyeshadows

  7. Such a great idea, mine normally go straight in the bin!

    Sarah xx

  8. I always keep mine, but never use them! Perfect, thanks so much for the ideas!

  9. I often just use these for the makeup. Great ideas though for alternative uses.

  10. I always use the spongey applicators for make up, I love them! They are fare less messy and cheaper than eyeshadow brushes! haha :) x

  11. I keep them to do my nail art. I use them to get the gradient nails that are very popluar right now.

  12. Ah this is such a good idea! I never use them, I especially hate it when you open a palette forgetting about the little sponge eye-shadow applicators & they fall out! I’ve been looking for an easy way to clean my laptop, so thanks!

    L x

  13. I’ve never thought of keeping these before, fantastic idea x
    Sirens and Bells

  14. I think they’d be a good addition to your household cleaning kit, too. I have this little water trap in between my shower door and the base which collects all kinda of dust and hair, as well as water and it REALLY irks me! Blergh! This would be perfect!

  15. Never thought of using them as glue spreaders! I tend to use out of date cut up bank / membership cards for spreading glue in small places. They cut nicely into thin strips. x

  16. I use them to clean my laptop! Really good for cleaning in small spaces in general :)

  17. I never throw these out, I have a separate little pot for them, they’re great for using as an alternative for Q-tips for fixing dodgy eye makeup. It’s a little more Eco-friendly as it means less waste :)

  18. It depends on what it is, if it’s quite an expensive product usually they’re fine but the cheaper brushes are really scratchy. I’ve never really used them, I tend to put them in the drawer for emergencies. My best beauty reuse tip is that I reuse my ex-foliating gloves when I finish with them to clean the bathroom shower and tiles, they’re amazing for that and gives them a little reuse before they hit the bin :)


    Inanity and the Girl

  19. thank you so much for the tip about cleaning your laptop keys! xxx

  20. Very good idea! Hadn’t thought to use them for fiddly painting!

    Abi x

  21. There great ideas :) xxx

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