Daily Housewifery Prompts

Daily Housewifery Prompts

Oh hey, cleaning yeaaaah, organising yeeaaah. Yup I may have become Paulie from Jersey Shore there for a minute. Forgive me. Shall we get straight into it?

Monday — Got a baking cupboard? Go through and make sure all of the flour is okay. It can end up going a bit powdery and almost talcy and it can also attract pests if not sealed properly.

Tuesday — Fold up some old carrier bags, then pop them at the bottom of the small bins in bedrooms and offices. When you come to change the bin bag you’ll always have a new one to hand.

Wednesday — Untangle any headphones or ear buds and store them in the perfect way. More information to come on Wednesday

Thursday — Set the egg timer for 5 mins and give every light bulb you can get to in that time a good wipe with a dry cloth.

Friday — Perform brush laundry on your make up brushes.

Saturday — Take all the coats off your coat hooks wipe down the hooks and sort through which coats you’d like to keep or donate. Wash those that can be washed and for the rest give them a good vacuum before hanging outside to air.

Sunday — Wipe down your front door with washing up liquid and hot water.

Don’t forget to use the #DHWP Twitter hashtag to stay updated and in contact with other people who are taking part.


P.S. Do let me know if you’re joining in this week.

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  1. I’m going to join in this week :) racing the eggtimer sounds quite fun and I do need to sort my coats out… :)

    Helen xxx

  2. I wish you were on fb I had to come off twitter for various reasons :-( also do you have any cleaning timetable tips? I finish mat leave soon and don’t want the house to descend into chaos. Thanks Mrs T x

  3. Count me in on this one. I need to get back into actioning those little cleaning jobs we put off.

    X x

  4. I love this idea with the carrier bags – so clever! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hell yeah, of course I am! You are, as always, an inspiration! To my shame I forget half the things you mention actually need cleaning!

  6. Hi just wanted to say i absolutely love these prompt posts. Last week you mentioned using olive. Soap to do laundry would love to know more about that. I’m always looking for chemical free alternatives. x

  7. If you stick a bayleaf in the flour or cereal it prevents pests.

  8. If you stick a bay leaf in flour or cereal it prevents pests.

  9. If you stick a bayleaf in the flour or cereal it prevents pests.

  10. I’m in (actually have been the last few weeks, but never posted), I love these prompts.

  11. Love the carrier bag and coat ideas. And the prompt to clean the front door, though I probably still won’t do it. xx

  12. A lot of the time when reading your tips I find they’re things I already do as a matter of course (being a thrifty girl myself), but that one about the carrier bags in the bins is so obvious and so genius – thanks! :)

  13. I should probably do some of these things :) xxx


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