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Here at A Thrifty Mrs we’ve never had a set way of doing our food shopping and even when we do fall into an easy pattern, it ends up changing after a couple of months for one reason or another. Until recently we’d been shopping at either Sainsbury’s or Morrisons for the bulk of our food, buying cleaning products at cheap-y local shops and having the bulk of our fruit and veg delivered by a local box scheme. It had been working well enough however the price of our weekly shop was slowly creeping up and up and we decided we’d try to do something about it.

Around about the same time Aldi got in contact to ask if I shopped with them and offered me £50 in vouchers to see if we could do our weekly shop for less than usual. Because there are two of us £50 tends to be our very top limit for a weekly food expenditure so I knew we’d be able to spend less than the voucher but I was interested to see exactly what £50 could buy us in Aldi.

Our nearest Aldi is close by and is somewhere we stop in to pick up sandwich meats, chocolate and booze but never really much else. My mother in law is a big fan and often picks up some bargains, I’d always meant to give it a go with our weekly shop but never really got round to it just because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get everything I needed in one shop.

The £50 bought about 3 weeks worth of shopping (excluding the bulk of vegetables because we have those delivered and had already paid for 6 months). Enough to feed 2 people 3 meals a day, to buy items like washing powder which we only buy every 3 months and also to accommodate the great many guests who stay over night or just pop in for lunch. We of course bought extras like milk, bread and butter but for the most part we spent that £50 and stuck to it. We calculated the cost as we went round the shop, ticking things off our meal plan and shopping list and it came in at £49(something), I did keep the receipt but because I wanted to wait and try everything before blogging about it, the receipt has managed to disappear off into the sunset.

Concerns I had about shopping in Aldi

– Can I buy free range or organic meat and eggs?
– Would I be able to buy branded items?
– Could I trust things like washing powder?
– Do Aldi sell Fairtrade?

I’m not a snob but those were my genuine concerns and I suppose the reason I put off doing a full shop in Aldi for so many years.

 – Can I buy free range or organic meat and eggs?
I was pleased to note I could buy free range eggs and meat. The chicken wasn’t organic but I’m happy to buy free range, especially when it is only £4.99. We froze a lot of the meat we bought in order for it to last and when we did cook it found it to be tasty, value for money and not packed full of that leaky-water gunk. We didn’t buy a lot of meat, simply because we couldn’t find free range versions of everything, whilst I’m not really forceful about only getting free range meat I like to try my very best.

– Would I be able to buy branded items?
We very rarely buy branded items but the one thing we insist on is HP brown sauce – anything else would just be wrong. So I was pleased to find it on the shelf, all brown and yummy. To be honest we don’t eat a lot of branded food so if you’re very specific about what you do eat it would be worth checking it out yourself.

Could I trust things like washing powder?
I’m funny with washing powder, I don’t buy the most expensive or anything like that but I know what I like and I like what I like. I use washing powder to make my own washing detergent (it stretches it a whole lot further) and don’t like too strong a scent. I chose the £2.49 Almat Non Bio powder and I’m a convert. Even on its own (emergancy wash before making my own) it buffered out mud and grime from Mr Thrifty’s sports kit and the smell wasn’t overpowering at all. Total bargain product.

fair trade aldi 
– Do Aldi sell Fairtrade?
Yes! I first noticed they sold Fairtrade when I spotted the bananas (although I do mark them down a little there because I see no need whatsoever for bananas to be packaged in plastic), we went back to the tea section to see if they sell Fairtrade and indeed they do, which pleased tea drinker extrodinaire Mr Thrifty no end.

What I’m never too keen on experience wise is the whole throw-it-in-your-trolley-or-pack-it-faster-than-lightening thing but hey, I suppose having few staff working quickly keeps costs down? But as someone with a disability I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them on my own. Aldi staff have always been super friendly and helpful whenever I’ve approached them though.

Items I wouldn’t recommend? Their fruit juice apart from their higher end orange juice which is insanely tasty. We weren’t very keen on their frozen potato wedges either but our three year old friend loved them.

Items I recommend? Their sandwich meats, cheeses, part baked bread, crisps, bread sticks, chocolate, flour, chicken, bananas, frozen pizzas, crackers and the booze – we like all of it. I don’t care how bad that booze part makes me sound.

All in all I’m impressed and not just because we got a load of free food. I’m impressed because I honestly didn’t think we’d be able to do our food shopping there in its entirety. Sure we didn’t get the majority of our fruit and veg there but what we did try and based on the prices I think we may make a switch when our subscription to the veg box ends. Aldi is now our current supermarket of thrifty choice and we’re pretty pleased for now.

I’m sure lots of you are Aldi old timers, so I want to know what are your product love and loathes?

Thank you to Aldi for providing the vouchers.

EDIT – The comments on this post are awesome so make sure to check them out for some savvy Aldi buys. TTFN,


P.S. I really like that they charge for bags, I think every supermarket should be made to do it.

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  1. Wow great to hear, i always overlook Aldi, unless i am also buying booze ahah :) Mt shopping tip is to go to shops such as Waitrose near close and get all the marked down goods!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway :) x

  2. I am not completely a convert as the service at the Aldi near our house is really really bad (unless you’re like the last customer before closing lol) There are two or three tills and majority of the time I go there is only one till open which is really annoying.

    I do like their pesto – when I cook I can get two lots (6 portions) out of a jar unlike Chris who uses one jar for one sitting (3 portions) lol.

    My friend from church absolutely swears by Aldi.

    • I love Aldi pesto because it’s suitable for vegetarians! Most pestos aren’t (due to rennet in the cheeses) and specifically vegetarian/vegan ones normally cost much more than 99p a jar because they’re specially made.

      I managed to get a meal for 8 out of one jar t’other day- although that was more down to only having one jar rather than thriftiness! :p

  3. I think it’s pretty easy to dismiss places like Aldi, I know I definitely do, and I’ve always turned my nose up at buying fresh meat and dairy from there so it’s a nice surprise to find out that actually the quality is good. THREE WEEKS OF SHOPPING though! That’s seriously impressive. I’m not sure we’d have the cupboard space to store all that food! xx

  4. Absolutely great post. I’ve shopped in Aldi before and always loved the sliced meats but am a bit snobby when it comes to other things. Will be giving them more of a chance I think.

  5. My ex-boyfriend was the king of the thrifty food shop, and he was always finding brilliant things in Lidl and Aldi. Their chocolate is amazing.
    DO NOT BUY cheapo Vodka though. We found a scary brand named Rachmaninov in Lidl and it tasted like paint stripper. As we were students, we still drank it, but dear Lord was it bad.

  6. Aldi frozen pizzas are AMAZING! xx

  7. Aldi are great. THe fruit and veg lasts for a long time (none of the mouldy in two days rubbish). I’ve had tomatoes 3 weeks later still firm and juicey and tasty. I cannot fault them and they are the only supermarket I know in the UK who do a decent chocolate crunch cereal. I tend not to buy meat from them because we bu in bulk from the butcher, and they could do with a few more low fat options. But do absolutely love Aldi.

  8. I tend to do the bulk of my shopping at Morrisons, but I also pop into Lidls for their bagels and sliced cheese and sometimes a couple other bits and pieces. Sometimes I have to go to Asda for a particular pasta I need. I actually tried Aldi for the first time last month, as there is an Aldi right beside my local Asda… but regretfully I have to say, the service was possibly the worst service I have ever experienced in a shop. I mainly purchased fruit and veg, but as the next few days went by and I started making my way through it.. I just wasn’t happy with the quality. I became so disgruntled by it that I ended up turfing the lot into the bin and heading off to Morrisons to restock. I’m certain there are large variations between stores.. unfortunately I just think my local Aldi happens to be one of the not so good ones! I did say I’d never go back…

    I’m so glad you had a positive experience! <3

  9. There are these amazing toffee nut things that only aldi and lidl sell. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

  10. The lightning speed service has always been like that, I remember when I was younger my parents always used to shop at Aldi and they didn’t even have scanners back then.. I was totally amazed that the checkout assistant knew the codes to every item and could type them in so fast! It is about keeping costs down but its also because they don’t hire specific checkout assistants like most other supermarkets do, when you work for Aldi you’re expected to do everything (they do get like £9 an hour though! always wanted to get a job there.)

    As for the food, we do our big shop there every week and I love their frozen pizzas (just like Dr Oeteker but way cheaper) and their cheese selection is great for a fraction of the price.

  11. We love Aldi and like you, used to only go in for chocolate etc. I think the frozen fruit is great for smoothie making and the cheeses and meats are great value. We also stock up on toiletries like cotton pads and tissues at Aldi. We still buy masses of chocolate and sweets though. I always go on my bike and have a tricky time cycling home with it all overflowing my basket!

  12. I frickin’ love Aldi. We used to have all our food delivered by Asda, but the service was nowhere near worth the money we paid (late delivery, questionable substitutions) so we started going to the Aldi near us.

    The food is just as good, and cheaper. My only annoyance is that it’s sometimes hard to get everything I need. Last week is was baking powder, dried split peas and plain tinned haricot beans we were missing but at their prices I don’t mind picking a couple of things elsewhere.

  13. As a family we rarely shop anywhere else now. Their fruit and veg last for a lot longer than you would expect and there are some amazing one off bargains to be had. We’ve bought luggage, walking boots and all sorts from Aldi before! I’m happy that I’ll be close to an Aldi when I go back to university and I can buy good quality food on a student budget x

  14. I wish there was an Aldi or Lidl closer to my uni, it’d be so much cheaper than Tesco or Asda online.
    Also, funny you should mention charging for bags, here in Wales it’s been a national policy for about a year now. Annoying when you forget carrier bags like I do, every single time :)

  15. Hi,

    In Wales we pay for bags everywhere now (well of course we don’t, we just bring our own like you did! 😉 ). I thought the Carrier Bag Charge applied in England as well, but it can’t have started yet?

    I love Aldi’s too, ours is eight miles away though! :-(


  16. I’ve never tried shopping there, but it sounds like it’s worth a try.

  17. I know this is not mega important, but as a lactose intolerant oddity Aldi sell milk free Jaffa Cakes. I was so happy to discover this I ate a whole double packet in just under an hour.

  18. I love Aldi, I’ve been shopping there for a while now since the Supermarkets hiked up their prices a few years back. I do have to pop in other shops for a few bits of branded goods but I actually prefer Aldi to a lot of the main brands now. The one thing I love about Aldi is that I tend to buy more real food items rather that junk that’s on offer at the need of every aisle which half ends up going in the bin.

    I also quite like the speed of the till lady, I tend to just toss everything (non-breakable) in the trolley as fast as I can, it’s a fun game! :-)

    The skin care/makeup items are worth looking at too- won some awards I’ve heard, I’ve used the foundation and thought it was pretty good and I love the nail brightener, a great product for making your nails look super healthy.

    Love Sarah

  19. Oh and the random stuff- their motorbikers waterproof gear is just as good as the high price stuff from biker shops. The gin is brilliant for making damson gin. The pretty napkins [are these Cath Kidston? said the friend who came to tea] The chocs and shortbread for emergency gifts – and the flowers are good value and last well and we buy them often for the Sunday displays in Church.

    And yes the washing tabs, d/w tabs, dandruff shampoo, peanut butter, fruit, yogurt…regular everyday stuff is brilliant. We LOVE aldi.

    Get on their regular email list so you know whats coming up!

    bargains and blessings xx

  20. I am gutted that there seems to be NO Aldi near me in Epsom – the closest is a fair old drive away which negates the savings I would find (if you’re reading – sort it out Aldi *wink*) BUT. When I lived in Somerset – I was a faithful weekly shopper. I could not fault them on anything. I love the fact that they charge for bags also, and agree that ALL supermarkets should follow suit.

  21. I looooooove Aldi and have shopped there almost exclusively for the past 12 years or so. I csn’t imagine how much money that has saved us over those years – hundreds and hundreds of pounds I’m guessing. Luckily for me, our nearest Aldi is so close it’s practically our corner shop. If they’re looking for anyone else to give them a shout out on a blog they’re very welcome to send some vouchers my way!!

  22. My mum could tell you the price of any item from any supermarket and she always recommends shopping at Aldi, luckily where I’ve moved to it’s only down the road xxx

  23. Over here in the land of Wales it is da law that you pay 5p per carrier bag. Shops have to donate these proceeds to Government approved charities. It is fantabulous. Everyone has reusable bags 😀

  24. My boyfriend had a job interview for Aldi and they tell employees they have to scan 1000 items an hour (or something like that) so it’s a very fast moving company. My boyfriend and his nan were big fans of Aldi and before that I used to turn my nose up. I don’t shop there often as there isn’t one near me, but when I’m staying at my boyfriends, I’m a big fan of their sweets and chocolate (they are all copies of others, but a lot cheaper and taste almost the same). I’m also a big fan of their ribs!


  25. We don’t have an Aldi near us, but we do have a Lidl which I ocassionally go to. I don’t have a car in the day so just walk to our local Co-op with an ‘old lady’ trolley, lol. I frequently get distracted by the quirky other items that Lidl sell, you never know what they’ll be, and they are pretty cheap too! (not very money saving tho’). I noticed when passing an Aldi in the car the other day that they were the ‘Which Supermarket of the Year’ for 2012.

  26. Yay to Aldi! While we still do the odd shop at other supermarkets we do a shop to Aldi to get all the basics for the month. I agree I think it’s great they charge for bags (we always have our own anyway), this is common throughout mainland Europe so wish the UK would follow suit. You haven’t mentioned it but their weekly specials can be great too, sometimes you can grab a good bargain for yourself or for christmas presents. Nearer christmas they always have fab items worth considering including edible gifts, we will most definitely be getting their chocolate reindeers as stocking fillers!

    Admittedly we’ve found the odd we’re not keen on, I don’t like their ketchup but that’s only because I really HATE vinegar so any vinegary ketchup is going to get a thumbs down whereas my mum loves her ketchup like that. I also find that the vegetables can be hit and miss, sometimes they look great and we can get what we want but other times there is no stock or it’s not looking so hot. I suspect that’s more down to when we go though like anywhere else & I will say all the veg we have bought has been great and lasted well. . I absolutely agree about the washing detergent, we get the non bio gel and think its fab. We also love their meat including their lean beef mince, it’s such great value for money. Whenever we go though these are the items we always stock up on – tinned chopped tomatoes (we cook a lot of tikkas & chillis), tinned tuna, eggs, low sugar baked beans, tomato puree & the 1kg bags of dried spaghetti. If you haven’t already tried the following I seriously recommend people do, including their harvest moon Benefit with red fruit cereal, their fresh orange juice (with bits), their premium blognese sauce, their jaffa cakes equivalent (though if you prefer something a little fruitier Lidls have nice ones), their individual Brooklea creamy fruit yoghurts, diet lemonade & for movie nights in their bagged popcorn & their doritos equivalent & salsa dips which are so much cheaper. Their Magnum almond equivalents are really nice too especially for just 99p!

    I’ve been regularly shopping at my local Aldi now for over a year and I’d say 8 times out of 10 we can always get everything we need which isn’t too different to our experiences at other supermarkets. The only real complaint I have is that they don’t have any cycle parking at my local store even though it’s right off a cycle route but that’s my only complaint really. I can get over the speed the cashiers throw stuff at you for cheaper prices, besides it’s nothing compared to the experiences we’d had in dutch supermarkets where not only are they super quick but they split the end and start serving the next customer despite the fact you & another have only managed to bag half your goods!

  27. I love Aldi, I was always a fan of their breakfast cereals and fizzy pop when I was little… Oh wait, I still am, lol! I do find it’s pretty good value there, though I agree with Mrs Penny Wise on the unfortunate lack of low fat ready meals etc. As regards the lightning-speed checkout, it seems to be easiest to just dump your shopping back into your trolley, then you can come away from the till and pack properly at that little station by the exit. Also, having to pay for carrier bags makes me think twice about the impulse purchases because I have to either fit my shopping in my backpack or pay extra and I’m a stingy little wotsit XD

  28. We’ve been shopping exclusively in Aldi for over a year now. We’ve halved our weekly shopping bill!
    Faves include the Rich ground coffee, Aldi ‘Weetabix’, fruit and veg, tinned stuff – all kinds, pork sausages – in the opaque packaging, value bacon, Mature Cheddar Cheese, greek style yoghurt corners, Earls dog food, premium lemonade – lovely, BOOZE!!!

    There have been very few things we HAVEN’T liked at Aldi although my son doesn’t like the tomato ketchup and insists on Heinz!!!!


  29. I shop at Aldi once a week and found it to be very good for:
    Frozen fish – like salmon and white fish fillets, which are considerably cheaper than other supermarkets
    Any frozen veg and fruit (especially berries)
    Continental meats (yum, black forest ham)
    Store cupboard basics like gherkins, mustard, etc.

    Sounds like you had a good shop


  30. This is exactly why I love your blog. Honesty, informative and funny. Thank you thank you for this post! As a student hearing where I can buy cheap food is brilliant! xx

  31. I’ve always been a big fan of aldi! Their fruit & veg is always so cheap compared to bigger supermarkets. The only thing I don’t like about the fruit & veg is that everything is prepackaged, you can’t just buy a handful of carrots or one lemon. We love their free range chickens too. Recently I couldn’t make it to the aldi and had to buy a non-free range chicken from tesco for the same price nearly – it was so fatty and yucky I won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

    When we first started shopping at Aldi, there were a few things that we couldn’t buy from there like porridge oats and caster sugar but they are really getting their act together and are introducing more and more ranges. Their cheese is also the best – parmesan cheese for less than £3? Yes please! They even do soya milk now too! Their cleaning products are good too – I get their washing up liquid as I’m a fairy fan at heart but can’t afford it all the time (well, I can, I just think it’s extortionate if not on offer) and tesco own brand is rubbish but Aldi’s is good and even approved by good housekeeping. I also buy their frozen fish, a snip at under £3 whereas it’s closer to £5 in Tesco!

    Yes, I love Aldi….

  32. I’ve never shopping in Aldi – for the same reason as you, I didn’t think you could buy a whole weekly shop in there. However, I may have to have a look now x
    Sirens and Bells

  33. That’s two recommendations for Aldi I’ve heard/seen today. I may have a gander soon : )

  34. I love Aldi and think I could fill up three trolleys for £50 (without pausing to wonder if the plural of trolley is trollies?) Totally agree about their carrier bag policy too – the funny thing is that you hear people moaning in other supermarkets about having to pay for bags but they’re quite happy to bring their own to Aldi!

  35. I’m a big fan of Aldi. Their fruit & veg is always cheaper and lasts so much longer than other supermarkets. My top choice there: all their cold meats, their individual fruit fromage frais yogurts, ice cream and their version of Pringles.

  36. I can’t believe there are so many people (who read thrifty blogs) haven’t already switched to Aldi.
    Just some of the products that are particularly great, baked beans, (OH, a brand bean man is totally converted) bacon (i.e rashers)tortilla wraps, greek yoghurt, the fruit and veg here in Ireland anyway is particularly good, look out for the large hams at Christmas – if you can manage a mustard and honey dressing they are TO DIE FOR!!! Their version of Baileys is also excellent.
    When shopping for kids party bags the bags of sweets and crisps are great. The make up in Aldi is also highly recommended. Mascara I can vouch for. Baron St Jean red wine is fabulous for €3.99 !!!!

    The only things i think they need to improve on (Aldi, I hope your listening) are…..
    Toilet paper, Kitchen paper and tinned tuna (Lidl are far better)

    The best advice is to try everything once. If it is not as good as your current brand then switch back, but almost every new product we try, we end up switching!!

  37. I love ALDI! It is great value and their range of food seems to be constantly expanding. Our local one has such a variety of customers. I love at the moment their mexican lime soda, I think it’s around 70p and it is beautiful, my mum rates the morello cherry one!

    I used to have to really scrape the barrel for funds re: food and could easily feed two for -£10 for a week and feel like I had a bit of change! I still shop there and love the feeling of value for money. The fruit and veg seem so much cheaper compared to other Supermarkets I sometimes shop in.

    I highly rate: Greek fruit yoghurt, flour, free range eggs, fresh fruit (especially the blueberries), rice cakes, frozen thai fishcakes, kitchen roll, washing powder tablets, ketchup, mayo and fizzy drinks. A lot of the wines have won awards and I like the Toro Loco red, yum!
    The chocolate is gorgeous, most of it is made in Germany and has a higher cocoa content so doesn’t leave me craving eating loads more…30p chocolate buttons are scrummy!

  38. I can highly recommend the Aldi Disco Biscuits. Similar to the pants, but a lot more chocolatey.

    They also do a great version of Baileys and Pimms, and a really amazing White Grape and Peach Juice. They reduce a lot of their veg to 29p on quite a regular basis – I can get enough onions for a whole term at uni!

    On the subject of Christmas in August, Aldi often do amazing gift sets in their random bits such as real ales with a pint glass, or bottles of wine with chocolates, cosmetics/bath stuff, etc. which can be picked up beforehand!

  39. There is an Aldi in my town and what I love about it is the range of continental meats available. Lots of German Wurst (sausages) and various salamis. The breakfast cereals are quite nice being a fraction of the cost of Cheerios

  40. I love Aldi – my boyfriend and I would have been lost without it during our student years! And I’m with you about charging for bags. I live in Wales and by law shops have to charge 5p for a bag – it really seems to be reducing the amount of bags people use in my local supermarket! :)

  41. Our nearest Aldi is some miles away, so we have been using the more local Lidl, but Aldi has been recommended to us recently, as a good alternative for the weekly shop…Very interesting post, Thankyou!

  42. We love Aldi and you HAVE to try the Torchon French ham and their Pesto Rosso. Both are incredibly tasty and better than any other supermarkets’ ham/pesto we’ve tried. The Pesto Rosso has a really interesting mix of ingredients- for example cashews rather than pine nuts and we have it in so many meals…I recently posted a recipe actually using it in asparagus stuffed chicken.
    Anyway, do try those two if you can!!! :)
    Joanna x

  43. I love Aldi/Lidl and had shopping there down to a fine art until I started sharing a house with my friend, who is a total food snob and only ever wanted to shop at Waitrose. However, he now needs to rein in the spending after helping his parents out a bit and has agreed to my demands for a Lidl/Aldi double trip (they are right next to one another round our way). Happy Days! Crack out the Multivitamin Juice!

    (Recommend: Cooked meats, fresh fruit/veg, free range meat, toiletries, washing powder and cereals). The only thing I’d avoid is the Earl Grey tea in Lidl and the coffee, which last time I had it was v ropey.

  44. I love Aldi/Lidl and had shopping there down to a fine art until I started sharing a house with my friend, who is a total food snob and only ever wanted to shop at Waitrose. However, he now needs to rein in the spending after helping his parents out a bit and has agreed to my demands for a Lidl/Aldi double trip (they are right next to one another round our way). Happy Days! Crack out the Multivitamin Juice!

    (Recommend: Cooked meats, fresh fruit/veg, free range meat, toiletries, washing powder and cereals). The only thing I’d avoid is the Earl Grey tea in Lidl and the coffee, which last time I had it was v ropey.

  45. Due to my reduced income we now do most of our shopping there. It has been a lifesaver to us!

  46. I have coeliac disease, so I’m on a gluten free diet, and Aldi were always the best for listing ingredients before it became the law to do so. I’m in Scotland, and I know of three Aldi stores which are right beside Sainsbury’s, which is very handy for my shopping needs! Great post…


  47. My partner and I do our weekly shop at aldi! We love it. We can get pretty much everything we need for low prices, and their range continues to grow. Our cats love their cat food and turn their noses up at the branded stuff such as felix!!

    Aldi lover xx

  48. I miss Aldi! Used to shop there all the time when we were in Germany. They aren’t in Canada but have found a few in the States.

  49. Spotted the familiar Cath Kidson bag in your trolly. Mine goes to the supermarket with me too.
    Sadly no Aldi near us, but whoohoo to you for your £50 voucher. As for brand lables – husband insists on Hellman’s mayo but it’s me who insists on B+J and Haagen Das icecream. No other will do. xx

  50. I have been an Aldi convert for ages! Love the place and manage to feed my brood (6 of us) for under £100 a week. The only things I don’t buy are pet food and Heinz products if they don’t have them at the time. It’s great now they sell British products like yoghurts, cheese, pork, beef, bacon etc and free range chicken! They have even started selling salmon (farmed but responsibly) Can you tell I love Aldi?!

  51. I love Aldi, but I don’t do all of my shopping there (I’m usually half and half between Aldi and Asda). For some reason I can never find brown rice and pasta, plain cous cous, or chickpeas in Aldi, and given how much I like to cook middle eastern food, this makes me sad.

  52. I adore Aldi. I’m still trying to convert the husband. One loaf of seeded bread at a time.

    Their meat is great quality and value, their sauces are made by the same people who make asda/tesco/sainsbury own label sauces. Also chutneys, pickles & olives rule too.

  53. I do most of my shopping in Aldi ever since it opened near us. I love everything, except their dairy spread, I’m a Dairygold girl and won’t be converted. Their king prawns, chorizo, fresh fish, hot smoked salmon, fresh pesto, yogurts, marrowfat peas, veg, fruit – it’s all brilliant.

  54. you make your detergent go further by making your own and adding it to a shop-bought base?…that’s another blog post, surely?! Do share…please?

  55. you make your detergent go further by making your own and adding it to a shop-bought base…that’s another blog post, surely?! Do share…please?

    • Anonymous says:

      For a standard wash I use a tablespoon of soda crystals (£0.90 per kg) and two teaspoons of liquid detergent in the powder drawer. Use conditioner if you like. Has saved me a fortune.

  56. There is an Aldi near my new student house so I will shopping there to see what I think & hopefully save a few pennies :)

    L x


  57. I just recently went shopping at Aldi’s, to buy more than just milk or bread and I was so stunned about all the low prices. It really is great!

    Natalie xx

  58. I live in France, and we have Aldi here. Love Aldi! BUT they don’t sell gin like they do in UK – we have to go to Lidl for that (it’s excellent by the way) but as Aldi do a very nice box of Cabernet Sauvignon for around 8 quid for 5 ltres, I’m not complaining!

  59. I recently found out how brilliant Aldi is 😀 I love their fresh fruit and veg and their bakery section. Their crab sticks and salmon fillets are nice too! Me and the Mr love the Spinach and Feta pizza as a naughty treat 😀

    Kitty x

  60. My mum shops in Aldi and every time we have guests round they ask where the wine is from and it’s always Aldi, she swears by it! They also do a great day moisturiser which has a slight shimmer to it which I looooove :)

  61. I love Aldi but don’t get there as often as I like. Years ago their fruit and veg was dodgy and went off within minutes of leaving the shop but it’s changed now and I’ve always been impressed in more recent times.

    We love their cheese and sliced meat and their chocolate range is fantastic. Also, at Christmas it’s the only place I can find a specific marzipan chocolate bar that I’d seriously kill for. Yay for Aldi!

  62. Have you done a post on ‘making’ your own washing detergent that I’ve maybe missed? If not – could you do a post?!

  63. Have you done a post on ‘making’ your own washing detergent, that I’ve maybe missed? If not, could you do one?

  64. I have 6 people to feed and I have been shopping at Aldi for several years. On a rare occasion I shop elsewhere I spend 3 times as much on a weekly shop and still don’t get as much as I would when shopping at Aldi.

    They are always expanding on products enabling a whole weekly shop. Like others the only thing my family dislike is the ketchup. The instant noodles for 18p is a big hit.

  65. Yes another Aldi fan here :-) I tend to alternate occasionally with Tesco as there are a few things I can’t get there (Fairy Washing Powder – tried the Aldi powder and brought kiddies out in a rash oops!) As someone mentioned, would love to now how you make your aown washing detergent!
    Aldi faves include big pizzas for 99p – actually really good. And some big frozen fish fillets (possibly pollock?) dusted with some yummy breadcumb type stuff very nice for a treat, cheap and HUGE!

  66. I’ve been going to the Lidl more recently, but I may have to go back to Aldi…the choice of goods is diffrent here in France, but it’s still good value. I only go to Carrefour for a few branded things now. Our Lidl does lovely fresh baked rolls which are delicious, so I’ll still have to go there for those! (Luckily the two shops are next door to each other!)

  67. Totally Love Aldi- and Lidl, having lived in Germany, I’ve had major exposure to both, and agree that some things may not be great (meat has been a tough one, and their fruit can be a bit hit and miss)but actually lots IS good. I miss living near one, as they’re great for certain areas of a shop.

  68. We haven’t got an Aldi near us but we have recently started using our local Lidl as we’re on an economy drive. It’s great, I like most of the stuff and it’s so much easier than trying to drag myself around a massive superstore, being overwhelmed by too much choice and millions of deals.

  69. Me & my boyfriend shop at Aldi every week and it very rarely comes above £35 for the entire weeks shopping – this includes lunches for him to take to work (or things we can make into lunches) and meals for us both at night – and i have to say, we love our food so there is always a hefty portion whenever i cook! We swear by aldi for its prices, veg and chicken because the prices cannot be beaten. 6p for a tin of mushy peas and 26p for baked beans … who wouldnt love them prices!? We pay £2.99 for a whole chicken for sunday dinners which then goes on to make at least 2 more meals or lunches for the week whether it be a cold dinner or mixed into a curry or pasta. The bolognase sauces and curry sauces are about 70p i think and they’re so good! The veg lasts so long too after buying veg from asda and having it go off within 2 days, 6 days later and aldi veg is still good to go! I cannot recommend aldi enough and even their version of beans, cereals, biscuits and even cider are all as good (if not better) as the original brands such as heinz and kelloggs!
    So glad you did this post so people know that aldi isnt just for “poor people” as was what was thought of it when i was in school xx

  70. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t an Aldi near me BUT can recommend stuff from Lidl, their yoghurts are fab much better than activia and at 27p each bargain also their cereal with cherries straws and rasps in it is fab much better than M&S or Soecial k more fruit for starters! Ketchup cereals bagels jams washing up liquid perfume spicy tomato cook in sauces for spaghetti Bol it’s all great ooh and their flowers never had anything I didn’t like…..used to go to
    aldi but alas it is no more…great posts by the way

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