Youtube Roundup

Sunday? Sunday? SUNDAY? How on ruddy earth is it Sunday? Honestly, where has this week gone? I know I say that type of thing a lot but seriously has this week gone by in the blink of an eye for everyone or is it just me?

As many of you may know I have my own YouTube channel called Thrifty Telly and I’m really enjoying putting out a few videos every month, it’s a different kind of challenge and I’m learning a lot along the way. I’m not fantastic at the filming part, I trip over my words, I’m not great at editing and I find myself cutting out a lot of sweaing but hey – I like doing it, so maybe you enjoy watching?

Here are three of my most recent videos.

Clarisonic Dupe – Rio Sonicleanse

If you can’t view the embeded version it may be easier to watch it here.

Buying Make Up From Pound Shops

You can watch it here if the embedded version isn’t for you.

Liz Earlie Cleanse and Polish Dupes?

The direct link is here.



P.S. Do you have a YoutTube channel? Leave the link below, I love discovering new people to watch.

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  1. wow it’d be great if you watched a vid or 2! also sorry to hear about your bad experience with rude staff in new look :(

  2. I’m a big fun of yours and like you a love to pinch my pennies. I follow your blog and youtube, and love all your money saving tips, because as a student I really cant aforrd not to.

    I also have a youtube and blog. Partly about fashion/beauty and partly about how to save money.

    My Info-

  3. I love your YT videos, you’re so lovely to watch :) My channel name is librakitten16 :)

  4. I do like YouTube quite a lot, but personally for things like reviews, I like blog posts more. Not to say im not obsessed with the soothing sound of your voice!

  5. I really liked the Cleanse & Polish dupe video because I’ve wanted to try the Liz Earle one for so long but it’s just not in my budget. I’m going to give the Superdrug one a go next week.
    This is my channel…there’s only two videos on it so far but it’ll grow hopefully!

  6. I love poundland makup! Today i went and got some Rimmel lipgloss (moisurising, bright red!) And it’s amaizing! I have also done a post on my blog about poundland! Check it out!

    Sarah xxxx

  7. Hiya I love your channel :)I just bloody love it! It would be so nice of you to check out my channel,

    I’ve only just started my blog and youtube channel so it really would mean a lot if you could take the time to have a peak of them! Thank you xxx

  8. ah, my friend just started a youtube channel the other week. i actually really like it, you may do too! x

  9. Hi Thrifty!

    Your skin looks really clear on the vid. I’m quite red with open pores so I’m going to investigate the Sonicleanse.

    Fab review, thank you!


  10. Definitely going to get the sonicleanse.
    Thanks for the review.

    Please check out my channel:


  11. Definitely going to get the sonicleanse.
    Thanks for the review.

    Please check out my channel:


  12. Great review!!! I’d love to try the sonicleanse.

  13. I was recommended to check out your channel by a follower she mentioned a teapot incident at a charity shop! I had to come and find what she was talking about. I am glad I have found your blog! I also live in Manchester cant wait to have a good read this evening.

    Tracy over at

  14. I really want to try the Boots hot cloth cleanser. I am a teenage girl who has just started a youtube channel so please check it out.

    My youtube channel is

    Chloe xxx

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