What I Wore – Thrifty Wedding Edition

brown polka dot dress
Hello A Thrifty Mrs readers! Mr Thrifty and I are only recently back from gallivanting around the South East, we both have a lot of family and friends down there and it just so happened a lot of them we’re holding events (weddings, baptisms, engagement parties, naming ceremonies, birthday parties) over the space of one weekend. The event we were most excited by was the wedding of Mr Thrifty’s best man to the most gorgeous and kind girl you could ever wish to meet.

Prior to travelling down south I had a bit of a to-do because the dress I bought especially for this wedding wasn’t quite right and the one I ordered to replace it didn’t turn up on time. Gah. So what did I end up wearing? I in fact wore a dress I’d worn as matron of honour at another wedding earlier in the year. It is a pretty brown coloured polka dot dress which as a bridesmaid I wore with pastel accessories but this time I decided to team it with a black cardigan, black flatforms and a black hat mo. The wedding had a green theme which I indulged a little by using a green envelope bag (which contained green flats should I need them for dancing) and a green glass necklace Mr Thrifty bought for me when we were in Italy.

thrifty wedding outfitcombo
Previously, when I was a bridesmaid, I wore a pink petticoat underneath this dress however at the wedding I popped a black one on. I have a couple of these petticoats which I picked up on eBay and the black has been most useful because I can even wear it on its own for fancy dress or if I’m feeling particularly daring. The dress looks lovely without it but it gave it a bit more of an ‘event’ feel to it and..and…and it made it all swishy!

I was going to wear my hair down and even spent ages doing it but as we were about to leave our hotel room the heat and humidity was overwhelming (hello 28 degrees mixed with fat lass) so I opted to twist it into a low bun and pin in place at the back with a sparkly earring. I’m never really all that comfortable with my hair up, I like to hide behind it but I figured it was either put it up or keel over during the vows.

The wedding was wonderful and had me in tears on more than one occasion. The couple are now off on honeymoon and I’m busy putting together a video for them and making them a little something extra with the souvenirs I picked up throughout the day.

what I wore

What I wore
Polka dot dress – matron of honour dress
Black cardigan - charity shop
Flatforms – here on eBay
Sunglasses – here on eBay
Green necklace – gift
Envelope bag – here on eBay
Black hat – charity shop
Tights – M&S
Petticoat – here on eBay

I went on a bit of a spending spree trying to find something for this event and lost my head a bit. I’m kind of glad that it all went wrong and deliveries didn’t arrive on time (don’t worry they have since been returned for refunds). It made me go back to my roots and get something out of my wardrobe. Sometimes I go astray with my thrifty ways so it is always good to be reminded why shopping my wardrobe or you using second hand is usually my best option.


P.S. Have you pulled together a thrifty outfit for a wedding this year? Feel free to share a link to the blog post below.

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  1. You look lovely, I love the sunglasses! xx

  2. You look lovely! xoxoxo

  3. Great job accessorizing! You looked fab!

    A Bite of Glamour

  4. Very pretty indeed :-)

  5. This dress is utterly gorgeous! I often find that I overthink dressing for “events”, and conclude that I need something new. Inevitably, I leave it until the last minute & need to find something already in my wardrobe, and then I remember that I already have plenty of nice things!

  6. looking good girl!


  7. Love polka dots and that dress has beautiful color.
    Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  8. You look GORGEOUS Mrs. Thrifty, love it all xox

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. You looked great. Lovely dress.

    I love a thrifty wedding outfit. We went to a wedding earlier this year and I recycled loads of items to create a new outfit. My dress was 3yrs old first bought in the sale for £15 and worn for my sons naming ceremony. The shoes were 2yrs old, a bargain pair of heels from TU at Sainsburys,they’ve been worn for all sorts of occasions and only cost £15 in the first place and I used my signature clutch bag that’s about 5yrs old.

    I have a selection of key accessories and dresses that I just rotate across weddings/christenings/garden parties etc. As long as I don’t wear the same combination with the same friends then I’m happy

  11. You look fabulous. It’s it funny how a shopping disaster can turn out so well. I try to shop my wardrobe as often as possible for events, in fact as I have so many pretty/sparkly dresses it tend to be shop the loft! If I see a bargain dress at the charity shop or jumble I buy it and if I haven’t worn it pop it on to eBay to reboost funds.

    I have to say that dress is stunning, the way it sticks out looks beautiful.

    X x

  12. Your look absolutely lovely – and I reckon it was meant to happen like that!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. You look every but as fab as I thought you would! You look like a fifties dream! And I always find it crazy how much can be spent on new outfits for weddings and events, especially as they often are the sort of clothes that can’t be worn for many occasions. Rewear and restyle always!! Glad you had a good time lady xxx

  14. I love this dress!! You have an amazing style :)

    Lauren XO

  15. You look blimming gorgeous! Love the dress and little net hat, and the green bag works so well against the brown. Very 50s pin up girl, love it! Hope you had a great day xx

  16. Hi there, I’m trying to email you but can’t because I’m being told that ‘the email client is not properly installed’ whatever that means ! could you email me please (go to blog) so I can reply to you ? thank you

  17. Aww love the pink sunnies!

    My newest blog post http://pinkyvintagexx.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/nail-alert-metallic-monochrome.html?m=1

    Please follow xx

  18. You look lush. Oh my, I need to know where the polka dot dress came from, it is fab and really suits ya x

  19. I’m adoring the polka dots – I’m a big fan of them! The colours work splendid together and with your tones too.

    I’m not surprised you feel fab in it, because you look fab in it! :o)

    lots of loves xx


  20. Hi,

    As I said on Twitter, I love the outfit, it all goes together so well!

    I did write a post when I needed to dress myself and the four kids thriftily for a wedding. I didn’t need to buy anything for myself, but I did for the kids.

    This is it: http://evans-crittens.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/what-we-wore-to-wedding-girls-dresses.html

    It’s not a “pro” fashion one! Just a personal family one.




    PS and there will be a What I wore to the Fancy Dress Party Post, right? lol I hope so! xxx

  21. This looks fab. The dress is especially lovely.
    I’ve put myself on a spending ban for the month of August and have set myself a challenge to shop my wardrobe and wear a different outfit everyday – http://hazelsworldofjoy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/only-once-august-new-challenge.html
    I have been trying to be more thrifty and have turned to pre loved clothes more and more recently but last month I went a bit mad, August is cold turkey!!
    I’ve done a similar thing before and found shopping my wardrobe a great way to rediscover old favourites!

  22. You lady, are just fabulous in every way. Absolutely adore your effortless style.xx

  23. Lovely! :-) I also like the hair in a bun.

  24. I have that envelope bag in the blue-love it! <3

  25. You look absolutely gorgeous! Brave re-wearing a bridesmaid dress but you really pulled it off. And I love the idea of a petticoat underneath, completely glams it up!

  26. That looks amazing, I love your work, you make me feel confident about being a larger size, Thankyou Thrifty
    You always look amazing and I appreciate the posts on how to looks good without spending more
    We are in a recession after all
    Chat with Ailsa

  27. Brilliant I adore charity shop chic :) excellent post.

  28. Charity shop chic is my favourite lovely ensemble :) x

  29. Brilliant I adore charity shop chic :) excellent post.

  30. mmmmm! scrummy dress! :)

  31. Your hair looks great up, & fab outfit! Now where abouts in the south east were you? I always think of south east as my home country Kent but ahh I know it spreads a little further.

    My last wedding outfit comprised of a black lacey style smock from Primark costing £8, however as it was rather short I wore a black full skirt from Joe browns I’ve had for years over the top for my lower half along with some black patterned fish net tights and a pair of purple patterned T bar high heels (1940′s style) I’ve also had a while. I also wore a short black cardigan (I don’t show my arms off, oh no) and used a cream pashmina I got a few years ago from Primark for £3 as a belt to stylish the outfit, give me a waist, bring some added colour to the outfit & to hide the top of the skirt, and another purple pashmina I was given as a gift over my shoulders so I had something to cover my shoulders and arms should I get too hot and have to take my cardi off. I topped if off by wearing my hair in a french twist with a thick black headband, a dark purple pink pearl style necklace my husband got me years ago in France, two pairs of small white & pinky pearl earrings I’ve had a few years and a cute black clasp purse style bag I got from New Look a few years ago in the sale. I wasn’t the only one wearing black and because of the added colour it took the funeral aspect away from it. One of my friends even commented on my ‘belt’ as I was rearranging it in the ladies room & was really surprised when I explained it was a pashmina & that I wasn’t wearing a dress at all. Looks like it did the job! The only thing I bought especially or the wedding was the smock which I only loved because of the lacy detail on it & has been used in my everyday wardrobe since, everything else I wore I already had. Thankfully it’s not often I go to many weddings (though that’s changing as I get older) as I hate worrying about what I’m going to wear but I actually enjoyed putting my outfit together for the last one reusing bits etc. I certainly haven’t got the money to be spending on outfits I may only wear a couple of times.

    I bought my bridesmaid dresses with wear-ability in mind & didn’t get a ‘bridesmaid’ dress, however despite agreeing with my friend I’d be keeping her dress (cost me £135 from Monsoon) after as I was loosing weight (and shortly after was the right size) I never had it returned to me, or any money instead and now I don’t speak to her for other reasons so am pretty annoyed and upset about it. It was a lovely and very expensive dress I could have worn plenty of times since, and it doesn’t fit her anyway as she has since put on weight, including nearly giving me a heart attack as she struggled to get it on the day.I don’t know what she has done with it, I expect it has gone on ebay. My parents paid for my sisters bridesmaid dress and she is a lot smaller! Great however you could wear your bridesmaid dress, shame more brides don’t think about future wear-ability for bridesmaid dresses. Some are so expensive and it’s a real shame that many can only be worn once.

    N.B I have no problem with people gaining weight etc (I’m hardly small), I just a have a issue with not being given back a dress I should have been, especially when I know it’s not getting any use.

  32. You look just as good with your hair up as you do with your hair down – it looks very elegant. Intrigued by the idea of pinning it back with a sparkly earring – I can’t imagine how you’d do that – any chance of a tutorial please?

    You look absolutely lovely, and I just LOVE the dress, and the bag, and the shoes, and….well in fact all of it!

    I’m just not at all good at putting outfits together, so I just love posts like this, thanks.

  33. I love this dress on you, I love the idea of adding petticoats to make it more swooshy too, where do you get yours from?

    Maria xxx

  34. Such a gorgeous outfit! You look lovely with your hair up :) xx


  35. Beautiful dress, I love how it hangs so nicely :-) You looked gorgeous in the end, despite the whole fiasco!

  36. I’m sorry that the process of deciding what to wear was so stressful but you really came up trumps and looked fabulous in the end – you really suit that colour and the sunglasses are a particularly fabulous touch! I’ve already been to three weddings this year and haven’t bought anything new for any of them – mind you I have a bajillion dresses so it would be nonsense for me to buy one just for an event!

  37. What a great outfit. Those shoes really are a handy invention!

  38. I love this look! I swear by my thriftiness (is that even a word?. I am going to a wedding in a few months and I will be wearing a £6 black and white dress I bought on Ebay last year, a £2 red bolero that I bought on Ebay, a gorgeous pair of black wedges that were given to me by my M-I-L. I just have to be thrifty to find a bag and a hat/facinator. No doubt I’ll read something on here to help. I love this blog!! :)

  39. Just discovered your lovely blog, nice to find such a dedicated thrift-lover!

    Question- I’m lookig for a petticoat, is this one scratchy? Even without tights?

  40. I love your gorgeous dress! And how you have styled your accessories! What a lovely outfit for a wedding.

  41. Love your outfit! Love your thrifty skills too :) xxx

  42. Love everything you put together there lady! And I loved the little pointers as to what came from where!! Awesome!

  43. Beautifull.

  44. I love this outfit, particularly the addition of the petticoat for a little 50s glamour!
    I’m glad you looked fab AND could return the other stuff, all turned out well in the end!

  45. Because I’m so tall I don’t really like wearing heels so the shoes you are wearing look really nice and a good height so I might just have to purchase! And I always love a good bargain! Love the blog x

  46. fkljsahfebjhviuhrtwo
    Finally I’m not the only one who at least knows about them.

    Saw you on superscrimpers and love your blog.

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