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So UK A Thrifty Mrs readers, you know how it has been miserable and cold this summer? Well I’ve been relying on tights and thick dresses to see me through this dire weather. This past weekend we went for a jaunt across the hills to York to visit family. There I am in thick tights, a heavy dress and cardigan when the temperature doodah in our car tells us it is 24 degrees at about the same time as I start to feel like I’ve been set on fire.

red tesco dress

Anyway, you see this outfit? As inappropriate for the weather as it may have been it was a total and utter bargain. I picked up everything apart from the tights and accessories from supermarkets. The cardigan was full priced at £10 from Asda last year, I’ve had really good wear out of it and it washes really, really well – which is hugely important to me when it comes to cheap clothes. It is a false economy to buy something you’ll only get a couple of wears out of it even it is cheap.

plus size supermarket fashion

The dress and shoes (which I’m obsessed with lately) were both found in supermarket sales from Tesco and Asda respectively. I love a good sale but it has taken me years to learn how to shop them properly. I would  forever come home with a bag full of stuff I’d never so much as consider if it was full price only to wear it once and decide it wasn’t for me. Not only does that waste money but it wastes resources. I now really think about what I’m buying even if it is 1/4 the original price.

Supermarket clothes have been good for the last few years but I really feel like they’ve stepped it up a notch in the last year or so. The quality is great, the lasting power can be fantastic and the price point is often spot on. The supermarkets near me seem to almost continually have a sale rail and if you haven’t already checked out the one nearest to you, you really must.

What I wore -
Red dress, Clothing at Tesco – £5 (sale)
Cardigan, George at Asda – £10
Tights, M&S – £9
Shoes, George at Asda – £3 (sale)
Bracelets, thrifted, 20p each

red dress bloopers


P.S. Have you had any supermarket sale action recently? Any great buys?

P.P.S. I’m really surprised this outfit doesn’t contain any Tu at Sainsbury’s because usually they’re my favourite.


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  1. gorgeous! you have such nice legs!

  2. I’ve just bought a black and white polka dot dress that hits above my knee from Asda tonight. I tried it on and I hated the skinny belt it came with – so I wrapped a leather handbag strap around my waist (had to get thinking here) to see what a thicker belt would look like. I’m ashamed to say I don’t own any belts… I’m a tshirt and jeans kinda girl. But it looked really good so I’m going to get one and I’ll be set. :)

    I’d have seriously paid triple the price in Topshop! It was only £16!

  3. I love Supermarket clothes especially for the kids because they are so cheap. They last really well too and the colours don’t fade so can be handed down to the younger ones. My Nan recently gave me two Tu cardies (we don’t have Tu in hicksville) and they are great. You look very pretty and I am loving the bloopers x

  4. I recently picked up a gorgeous lightweight pair of floral trousers from Asda at half price £7. Even though it’s technically a supermarket, I purchased a really gorgeous pair of solid, well made brogues from Primark for a mere £2!! They’ll see me through the Winter and many more to come!
    Abi x

  5. I am SUCH a fan of supermarket clothing. I’m sure a huge percentage of my wardrobe comes from there.

  6. I picked up a green Gok Wan knot dress at Sainsburys, reduced from £40 to £12 this weekend. I was really pleased with it, as I had liked it when it was full price but it was too expensive!

  7. I got a light weight lilac ombré jumper from the tesco sale it was £14 down to £7s bargain and it looks like its something right out of topshop

  8. Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I LOVE YOUR TIGHTS!!!

  9. I got a light weight lilac ombré jumper from the tesco sale it was £14 down to £7s bargain and it looks like its something right out of topshop

  10. My favourite dress is also an ASDA one, bought Jan 2011 for £6 (down from £18). I wear it at least once a week, so you can tell how many times it’s been washed, yet it’s wearing really well. I also used to buy all of my ‘office’ clothes from Tesco. Although I’m a regular supporter of charity shops, lately I’m finding the better clothing bargains in supermarkets! Cheery post, lovely pics :-)

  11. Nice outfit, I love the dress and the cardigan!! Also LOVE your bad ass kicks ;) Ixx

  12. Those shoes are ace. What a bargain. I love supermarket clothes too and I agree they’re getting better and better. We don’t have an Asda nearby otherwise I’d be in there all the time :)

  13. I managed to get two new bikinis and a gorgeous kaftan from Tesco before my recent holiday!! And a sports bra that is more comfortable than any of the expensive ones I’ve tried! Bargains!! Love your outfit – that cardigan is so cute :)

  14. I slimmed so I could wear my very first (well, since age 10!) bright red Size 12 bikini that I got from Tesco and am still waiting for the weather to change so I can wear it. Meanwhile I’m adding biscuits to my tea…

  15. I love Tesco for clothing! Their sales are fantastic!

  16. I get quite a lot of stuff from Tu. I used to live next door to a Sainsburys and would often nip in on my way home for a pint of milk and walk out with a new handbag. Dangerous!
    I do find the quality excellent for the price, and no-one could ever tell it was so cheap. I’m a fan of Gok Wan’s range for Tu as well.

  17. I’ve just seen this posted on Tesco’s facebook page and it reminded me that I’d seen this post earlier. Thought you might be interested.. they have added more stock to their sale :)

  18. I love, love, love this cardi. I tend to steer clear of supermarkets for clothing for the larger lady, but may well have to think again. Brilliant post. :o)

  19. Very beautiful dress!!! :)



  20. Loving those shoes and the cardigan! And they’re both from Asda so I think I might take a trip there soon :)

  21. LOVE a bit of supermarket action – got these beauties from ASDA ! I was gobsmacked. Deffo converted to supermarket fashion…xx

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