SImply Pure Aqua Hydrating Serum

I’m one of those people who rolls their eyes when a new fandangled product comes out, I’d probably have thought the wheel unnecessary all those years ago but hey what do I know?
I’ve been using a moisturiser since my first day of secondary school, it isn’t even a noticeable part of my regime anymore – it just happens without thought.

aqua hydrating serum

A while back Superdrug sent me a few of their products in their Simply Pure range and I got on pretty well with most of them and one of them I’ve gone on to repurchase myself because I can slowly feel it becoming part of that do-it-every-day-like-breathing routine every morning. The product is a serum and yes, truth be told I snorted a little a few years back when everyone started to rave about serums but I’m ready to hold my hands up and say I can see why.

I use the Simply Pure Aqua Hydrating Serum under my moisturiser most days and the difference it makes is remarkable. It evens my skin out and a makes a noticeable difference to the texture and tone. It feels firmer, quenched and even in texture- which is a big thing for me. Plus when I put make up on it looks really, really good and I’ve noticed my foundation lasts a lot longer and goes further.

I wouldn’t say it will give long lasting benefits but when I use it the difference is remarkable. The days I don’t use it my skin goes back to dull and lacklustre, I’m firmly impressed. You can pick it up in Superdrug for £4.50 and a little goes a very long way. They have various products in the Simply Pure range for hydrating, oil balancing, calming etc. and they’re similarly priced. I’ll be investigating further.


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled because I’ll be revealing the Doodle Bag winner soon.

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  1. Will be watching this space on the serum front as I haven’t taken the plunge yet – interesting that it makes such a difference to your skin, may have to do some investigative googling! Although I’ve only just introduced daily moisturiser aged 26 (eeek – is that too late?!) so maybe one thing at a time!

    Jem xXx

  2. Do I spy the words ‘Paraben Free’ on that?! Holy Housewifery! This is quite exciting. I’ll def be checking that out.

  3. Defintately might have to try this for when my skin dries out! Seems really great value for money!

    Please take a look at my new blog post and let me know what you think of my aztec nails :)

    :) XX

  4. This sounds fab! I’m currently trying the Caudlie serum sample size which I love but it’s a little on the pricey side so this sounds like a fab little bargain! :)

  5. I love the Simply Pure Oil Balancing Serum- I was totally like you and thought ‘what is the need really?’ but honestly, I can’t see myself not using it now! Great post x

  6. It sounds really good :) xxx

  7. What moisteriser do you use on top of the serum pls?

  8. BAH!
    I cant find it on superdrug online. I think because there having a free delivery few days there stocks are low.
    I was gonna treat myself to come because I suffer from uneven skin and wanted to give it a try!

  9. I’m going to Superdrug tomorrow and will definitely pick some of this up. I’m afraid my need for Superdrug fixes are starting to take over my life.

  10. this sounds like a great product,i iwll be checking it out xx

  11. Gonna have to keep my eye out for this in town tomorrow, I’ve never thought much of serums until I got the Caudalie SOS one in my Glossybox. I’m not forking out for that though, this may be a good alternative :)

  12. I’ll have to try this out! I really like Superdrug because of it being BUAV approved.

  13. Thanks for this post :) this sounds ideal for me :)

    Jo. x

  14. I started using this after you mentioned it in a video and my skin has been massively better since. It’s so cheap and definitely something I need to have. Thanks for the recommendation :D

  15. I’m also using the Oil Balancing serum and it’s great. Means I can use oil balancing moisturiser without fear of weird dry patches. Oh the woes of combination skin! But this is great!

  16. I have tried a few serums, but haven’t yet found one that ‘really’ works for me, this may be next on my to try list!

  17. This sounds like just the ticket for my skin – it’s never 100% happy no matter what I do and I’ve been looking for a recommendation of a good serum seeing as it’s about the only thing I haven’t tried!

  18. I can’t wait to try this! I recently bought some of the oil balancing products and for the money they’re really great products.

  19. Ooo, that’s rather cheap for a serum that actually seems to work! I’m a new reader of your blog, so sorry if you’ve already said this, but what’s your skin type? Mine is combination to oily – I’m hoping this will be as good for me as it is for you! xxx

  20. Serums are amazing, I’ve been using one that came from my Glossybox and the difference is incredible! Great post.

  21. I have a serum from avon which I got free with something else, and I really like it, but they’ve stopped doing it. I think I’ll have to try this one out next instead :)

  22. I need to try this, it sounds perfect for my skin!

    Maria xxx

  23. This is half price in Superdrug at the moment, and the matte version is £1.79. I’m a happy shopper!

  24. My local Superdrug don’t stock it GRRRRR. I told the assistant manager that i’d seen it on a really popular blog and she would now be inundated with requests for the serum.
    She called another store and is trying to get me some even as i write, such a nice girl.
    Can’t wait.

  25. Superdrug own brand is cruelty-free too, which is of major importance to me!

  26. Just picked some up this afternoon and my local Superdrug are selling it for half price! Weeeeeee!!!!

    I do love a bargain.

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