Rescue a dried out mascara

rescue a dried out mascaraSome mascaras are drier than the Sahara, the Kalahari and The Financial Times combined (I was going to make a joke about Madonna there but I thought better of it) from the word go and as they trek through their short lives, they become drier and drier until one day – two months into their life with you they dry out almost completely. Gah. Can I get a gah? Good.

Here’s a quick and easy tip to get just a couple more uses out of that mascara.
Grab yourself a a mug filled with boiling water. Plonk the mascara in and allow to sit for about 5 mins. Your mascara should now work for one final last hurrah before it becomes time to send it to the giant mascara heaven in the..umm…bin.

mascara in hot water

Don’t throw out those mascara wands though dear friends because my post 8 uses for old mascara wands will save them from landfill.


P.S. You can find lots more bargain beauty tips over on my Pinterest Homemade & Bargain Beauty board or by having a read through my beauty tab here.

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  1. I’ve tried this before and it does work for a short time but as I’m too lazy to do this often I actually tried putting my mascara on the radiator for a bit before using it and that surprisingly worked too xxx

  2. I think you may have just saved about 3 of my mascaras! Thank you thank you thank you! xx

  3. I also do this often, but after a few months I do not use them for my eyes anymore because I am afraid it is too bacteria infested!! xx

  4. Such a good tip! I do this with old gloopy nail varnishes too! Works a treat!

  5. Great idea! Glad I saw this because me and my mom were about to throw loads out!
    Great post and lovely new look to your blog 😀

    Laura x ~

  6. Ahhh what an amazing tip!!

    Pleasd check out my blog and follow me xx

  7. I’m going to be a killjoy here – if your mascara has dried out, it’s because air has got into the tube. Air + wet mascara = bacteria = possible pinkeye! If it’s dried out, chuck it, it’s not worth the risk to your eyes. This is why I always buy cheap mascara :)

  8. Such a helpful tip! I’ll be definitely trying this out as I’ve a couple of mascaras that need rescuing!

  9. Brilliant! I’ve never seen a tip to rescue a mascara before, off to try it now? x

  10. I’ve heard this before but have never tried it, may give it a go though!

  11. Ooh great tip! x

  12. Apparently a couple of drops of olive oil added to a dried-out mascara can also help eke it out a bit longer.

  13. You should toss out mascara every three months – I literally mark mine with a sharpie to remind myself.

  14. My friend rinses the wand just before use, that helps too.

  15. I was also going to comment that if your mascara is old enough to be dried out the only place you should put it is the bin. You can get mascara for £2 in Boots from the natural collection not worth risking your eyesight. I got conjunctivitis and something else which made my eye ball all blood had to take 3 weeks worth of steroid drops and antibiotic drops – cost £20+ in prescriptions (much more than a new mascara). I don’t know exactly how I got it but I think I wouldn’t be surprised if it was old mascara. I threw all my mascara away and bought new ones just in case (as well as cleaning all brushes and avoiding eye makeup until it was completely cleared up)
    Also if your mascara is on the edge of being out of date and you put it in hot water the warm conditions will encourage the bacteria to multiply so another good reason not to do it.
    Sorry to be a killjoy!

  16. I have that mug!! I love it – 10p bargain at a jumble sale :)

  17. Another top tip I’ve found is contact lense solution – my bf gets sent tons each month with his contacts and barely gets through it so I pop a couple of drops in my mascara and it works a treat :)

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