My Favourite Organising Bargains

Here at A Thrifty Mrs, I’ve talked frequently about organising your home and life with items you already have around your home (and I’ll link to some of them below) however sometimes folk come up with genius ideas which lead me into shops to part with money. Obviously I try my very best to hunt down bargain versions of these organisational wonders and here are some of my favourites.

shoe organiser 

Shoe organisers
I used to keep my shoes in their original boxes (yes they even had photos on the front) or clear boxes (which by the way are a bargain on eBay) but our flat is quite small now and we don’t really have that kind of space. I saw these type of shoe organisers in a shop for £20 each and I was mighty tempted to get them however when I got home I tracked down similar ones on eBay at £3.99 (plus if you buy 2 you automatically get one free). They’re fab because they have little pockets for separating the shoes plus a see through top and a handle. These now live under our bed and they’re the perfect solution to an organisational and storage problem. They come in green, polka dot-y hearts and cream with a brown trim.

Make up or desk organiser
My friend, who I might add is seriously lacking in organisational skills, just bought one of these organisers to sort things out in the make up department. Apparently it has cut down her morning ‘faff time’ to 25mins from well over an hour. Amazing.

Handbag organiser
I blogged about these handbag organisers a couple of months ago here and I’m still full on, head-over-heels in love with mine.

Everything comes with a wire these days and they can very quickly become a hellish tangled mess. I’ve tried lots of different methods for keeping them neat and tidy but simple and easy cable ties have been the most effective for us here a Thrifty Towers. I’ve bought them on the high street before now at great expense but eBay as usual comes up trumps here. You can even get different colours too so you can colour code and know exactly what each bundle of wires is for. I wouldn’t be without a stash of them.

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  1. I have been planning to buy some shoes organizers myself, this one on the picture is so pretty!! The black cable ties are a good idea, especially behind the computer where I have tucked them all and its a mess haha!! Have a great day :) Ixx

  2. I’ve been looking for those shoe organisers everywhere! thank youu!!

  3. Have just bought 2 of those handbag organisers (one for me and the other for a friend). They look brilliant – thanks for bringing them to my attention. I’m forever changing bags and it’s a hassle and a mess. This way i hope to at last find my phone before it stops ringing and find my car keys before panic sets in and i end up tipping the contents of my bag onto a car park to find them :-) Thanks again :-)

  4. I definitely need a hand bag organiser – my bag is more or less a rubbish bin! xx

  5. I bought a handbag organiser on your last recommendation and adore it. Think I’ll get another one to keep the dog’s clutter (yes the dog has clutter – wipes, long lead, hand gel, etc.) organised in the car.

    By new favourite organising item is the scarf hanger from Ikea at £4. I no longer have vintage scarves springing out of every drawer and it’s good for belts and jewellery too.

  6. I have those shoe organisers! In pink with hearts on, because I’m that kind of girl. I find them really flimsy though and be quite disappointed with mine. Does anyone know how I could make them a bit more rigid?
    I LOVE wardrobe storage solutions.

  7. I use the box from parfum box sets as a organiser, just the bottom bit – I stash all of my products in there and, for me, it keeps them all together and stops them lolling about and falling over on my dressing table!! And I think the boxes are just to sweet to simply throw out!

  8. Bookmarking this post in my ‘things I need to buy’ come payday folder!Thank you : )

  9. The shoe organiser looks fab, do you think it would fit heels in? My friend has mentioned to me several times recently that she wants to store her shoes under her bed in something and these look ideal, if heels fit as well as flats :) I got 3 of the handbag organisers on your recommendation for my Mum and sisters birthdays and they have gone down a treat! xx

  10. These shoe organisers are absolutely perfect for me! I’ve been wondering how to organise my shoes for ages now, thanks for sharing :)

  11. Your leopard print, stripe and yellow are shoe ins (aha) for mine, yay shoe buddies, you clearly have good taste :)

  12. I need these in my life! My shoes all over the place.

  13. I really like the idea of the shoe organiser but I only have 4 pairs of flat shoes! I need to find the high heel equivalent!


  14. I wish I could organize my shoes in such a way that would allow me to have them out! But we hardly have space so they are tucked under my bed. :( Poor dears!

  15. what a great post. i love me a bit of clever storage thanks.x

  16. I know this is a little random but just wanted to say I thought of you today when I was collecting my magazine freebies :p full size Avon mascaras for £3.70! I got 2 but only paid £5.96 because I’m a Costco member so they were a little cheaper ;) you’re teaching me well, thank you :)

  17. Thank you for all the links.. I love the shoe organisers, the bag organisers are an amazing idea too :)

    Love your blog :)

    Jo. x

  18. i use those shoe organisers under my bed one has all my pjs in it and another has all of my socks (organised by style and colour… cuz im cool…)
    they are brilliant and very very cheap in poundstretchers ;) x

  19. Good organisers :) xxx

  20. Great advice, and lovely shoes you have! :) I have a monstrous pile of shoes in my bedroom which need sorted out but I just didn’t know how to creatively before reading this! I use shoe boxes as storage, wrap them in a pretty wrapping paper and they look fantastic.

  21. Thanks for the links, so useful !! I may order myself some of those shoe organisers.

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