MUA Professional Eye Primer Vs ELF Eyelid Primer

I love eyeshadow but suffer from creased-eyeshadow-syndrome and will find my eyeshadow creased and smudged after an hour if I don’t wear eyelid primer. I’ve tried them all but of course being of limited budget I’m enthusiastic about the budget buys.

eyelid primers

The two budget eyelid primers going head to head today are…dun…dun…duuuuuuuun…

MUA Professional Eye Primer and ELF Eyelid Primer (sheer) and their vital stats are below -

MUA Professional Eye Primer  – £2.50
ELF Eyelid Primer                    – £1.50

Amount of product
MUA Professional Eye Primer    – 7.5g
ELF Eyelid Primer                     -  4.81g

Where to buy
MUA Professional Eye Primer    -  In store at Superdrug or online here.
ELF Eyelid Primer                      – Online here.

MUA Professional Eye Primer – the good, the bad and the fugly

mua eye primer

The product comes in a sleek black tube packaged in a cardboard box, I know this is trying to fancy it up a bit but I just find unnecessary packaging a bit wasteful even if it can be recycled. Anywhoo the eye primer goes on as a sort of fleshy colour and dries clear. I’ve found it takes just a few second too long to dry but once it does I’d say it’s well worth it. All eyeshadows, expensive, inexpensive and inbetween lasted for around 12 hours, with no creases whatsoever however some lighter and matte shades started to fade after around the 6 hour mark.
I often use a dark eyeshadow as eyeliner and it will look fantastic to start with but then fade to a weird grey colour, I was thrilled to find this product kept my eyes nicely lined all day and into the evening. Seriously impressive!

ELF Eyelid Primer – the good, the bad and the fugly

elf eyelid primer

I’ve mentioned this eyelid primer a few times and I’ve actually gone on to repurchase it a couple times. It comes in a few different shades, the one I’ve picked is ‘Sheer’. It comes in a slim, peach coloured tube with a black lid and for some reason I always end up confusing it with concealers when I’m rummaging through my make up. The product is oddly clumpy when I apply it to my eyelids but blends smooth and velvety almost instantly but the weird clumpy-lumpy-ness is a tad off putting. Results wise, as with the MUA it will last all day without creasing however all eyeshadows tend to fade away to almost nothing after 5-6 hours which is fine for hitting the pub but not for a full day out and about.

Scores out of 5
MUA Professional Eye Primer 4.5/5
ELF Eyelid Primer 3.5/5

I will definately be stocking up on the MUA because whenever I love a product it tends to get discountinued and it just does a blinking fantastic job at making my make up last longer. I’ll probably buy the ELF one when I place an online order which isn’t all that often but because it is £1.50 it’s perfect to have on standby.



P.S. Have you tried either of these products? Any thoughts?

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  1. I really like both products and am currently using the MUA one – definitely comparable to Urban Decay and Too Faced in my opinion!

  2. I love the MUA one – their face primer is pretty good too.

  3. I have the MUA primer and I love it! Haven’t tried ELF but I just don’t think I need to shop around for a primer anymore (unless MUA do discontinue the primer, at which case I’ll cry!). I have a small amount of Urban Decay primer that came with my Naked palette and I even prefer the MUA one to that. Which does my bank balance the world of good :)

  4. My daughter introduced me to eye primer. She bought a rather expensive one from Urban Decay and I really liked the results as eyeshadow was really a no no for me as it creased and looked rubbish after a short time. However the price was too much for me. So when she told me that MUA was doing one I got one straight away. It works a treat and the price is great.

  5. I use the Soap and Glory one but haven’t been too impressed, so I’ve been trying to decide which of these two to buy – amazing!

    Great review and super-helpful, thanks :)

  6. I love the MUA primer I find it just as good as Urban Decay Primer Potion! I used to love the Elf Primer but I think they changed the formula and it just doesn’t last as well for me now x

  7. I’m wearing the ELF primer for the first time today so fingers crossed I still look ok at the end of the day! :) xx

  8. I use ELF (it is as good as Urban Decay) – they have two kinds, that liquid one and a stick that comes with a clear liquid which turns every eyeshadow into eyeliner. I may well try MUA though as it looks much more convenient (I can just buy from Superdrug rather than online).

  9. Ive been trying to track down the mua primer. My eye make up vanishes after five minutes! Xx

  10. *Mooches on the Superdrug website* Guess what I’ll be putting an order in for? I’m guilty for never actually trying an eye primer… I guess I need to rectify that immediately. Great review- thank you! :)



  11. Never tried either of these products – and never tried Elf products at all as I have an irrational fear of buying things online(I know, I know). The MUA sounds like it is worth the £2.50 though! Might have to give it a whirl! x

    My latest post:

  12. Totally agree with the MUA, shame that it doesn’t agree with dark shadow liner though! Thanks for the review of the ELF one, I was tempted to try it but I won’t bother now! xx

  13. I’ve been using a benefit all over primer as an eyelid primer, its expensive for what it is, but so nice :) The MUA looks good though
    Daniella x

  14. I’ve only ever used benefits lemon aid but I might buy the mua

  15. I very rarely ever put on eyeshadow because of it disapearing into my ahem, many creases, so thanks for this review. I will now be hunting down the MUA one from my local Superdrug.

  16. thanks for this post as i have this problem but never realised that i could buy a product to deal with it! :D

  17. Confession: I don’t use primer. I haven’t even really got a clue what it does. Sometimes I don’t even use an eyeshadow brush. Rebel Extraordinaire!

  18. I get about six hours out of the E.L.F primer as well, which I was impressed with, but if the MUA one goes for double that then I’ll be trying it next!x

  19. I love the MUA primer, I prefer it to the Urban decay one :)

  20. I have the elf one and find it doesn’t do very much really, may have to try the MUA one! Love that they’re budget too, who wants to spend loads on something invisible for the skin over your eye!

    Georgia xx

  21. I am just running out of my ELF primer and they were out of stock when I tried to order a few days ago so this post has come at the right time, I will pop into Superdrug today to pick up an MUA one! xx

  22. Great post, I’m going to purchase the MUA eye primer after reading this review :) I love wearing eyeshadows, but like you find they crease or fade after a couple of hours wear :)

    Thank you :)

    Jo. x

  23. I love the MUA one, I have a NARS one too and I don’t notice a difference between them. The NARS one came in a gift set, I could never bring myself to spend more than about £5 on a primer! MUA in general are a winner for me!

  24. I have the Elf eyelid primer and love it, maybe I should invest in the MUA one too! xx

  25. oooh great comparison, really helpful thanks! i have an elf eyeshadow primer but its like in a stick form rather than the liquidy form (if that makes any sense..) but ive never tried the mua one! might have to give it a go!
    nicola xxx

  26. Great post! I’d always wondered how the MUA one compared to the ELF one! I think I’ll have to get me a MUA one when I’ve finished my ELF one. I do personally find my Too Faced one the best I have, but will never actually buy another as it’s so expensive!

  27. I have an elf mineral one and I love it but this post has definitely tempted me to get the MUA. I just need to find it first, MUA pro is always sold out near me! sigh. xox

  28. Will defo have to try the MUA one out now :) xxx

  29. I use the ELF one as I bought it when I bought a job lot there and it works quite nicely for my creasy lids. Not a bad shout for £1.50. But glad to hear there is a just as cheap as chips one on the high street too!

  30. I bought the MUA one last week and tried it out for the first time on saturday night – impressed! My eyeshadow was still perfect when I got in. What a winner for such a low price!


  31. thank you for this review
    I was just trying to decide which one i should get between the two and found this post!
    now I’m going for MUA for the time being a might try elf if I place a order.
    I followed you :)

  32. thank you for this review
    I was just trying to decide which one i should get between the two and found this post!
    now I’m going for MUA for the time being a might try elf if I place a order.
    I followed you :)

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