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I’m all for speed and ease when it comes to cleaning. As I often say  – I don’t want to spend a whole day cleaning when I can keep my house ticking over with a few little bits every day.
I want everything to be fast and easy and the same goes for my cleaning products. I want to use one thing in every room without having to look at the bottle and figure out which room or task it is for and what I can’t use it on. I struggle to find that in the cleaning aisles so I make my own.
So here goes here’s how to make your own multi-purpose cleaning spray.

multi-purpose cleaning spray 

How to make multi-purpose cleaning spray

Note – It’s pretty easy and can be used on most everything apart from gold or brass (to my knowledge) but do please spot test if you’re worried it may damage something.

What you will need
- A spray bottle (you can buy one in Ikea or even from most pound shops. You can even reuse one you already have from a previous product)
- White distilled vinegar
- Water
- Washing up liquid

1. Pour 100ml vinegar into the bottle.
2. Follow that with 200ml cold water.
3. Add 1/4 a teaspoon of washing up liquid.
4. Shake.

homemade cleaning spray

And there you go. Spray on your cloth and use pretty much anywhere in your home. You can also try it without the washing up liquid but it does help cut through grease so it is particuarly helpful in the kitchen.

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P.S. This is the Wednesday task from Daily Housewifery Prompts.

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  1. Really simple and cheap, I might have to pass this on to my friend who’s just moved into a new house and doesn’t have much cash to spare! x

  2. I make my own cleaner too :) I find it’s cheaper and more effective than the store-bought stuff, plus it doesn’t have all the nasties in it if you use a formaldehyde-free washing up liquid.

    Just a little warning though, I don’t think vinegar-based products would be safe on granite, because it’s an acid, but I can’t say for certain.


  3. Always full of such great ideas! Also just realised you had an ‘up north’ button, which I really enjoyed! I’m a Stockport and Manchester girl, so I loved reading about the Stockport vintage fair-it’s great!

    Love the blog xx

  4. Will definitely give this a try … already have one with just vinegar for the bathroom and mirrors but will try adding the washing up liquid. Thank you! xxx

  5. Good tip. I do that but without the vinegar because I don’t have any grease to mop up. I reuse an old spray bottle, and my dishcloths are cut up sheets/towels/pillowcases/tablecloths.

  6. I pop a few drops of tea tree in with my vinegar. Love the smell of tea tree!

  7. I use vinegar to wipe down surfaces. I never thought to make a spray, much easier/tidier. Duh to me!

  8. I have a lavender one for the bathroom, will definitely try the vinegar one for windows – it’s amazing on glass, and for descaling.

  9. I make something similar with a bit of baking soda instead of the washing up liquid, and a drop of any essential oil that Im into at the time. Most of my cleaning cloths are old cut upp t/shirts as the fabric is lovely and soft and great for polishing. Love the idea about spraying the cloth and not the surface. Great post.

  10. Another “tiptastic” post ;D

    I use vinegar for the windows/mirrors with newspaper but I’m going to try it with the washing up liquid in a spray bottle for other areas, as you’ve suggested.

    I will also remember to spray ON THE CLOTH not the surface! *taps side of nose in a conspirational manner (?!) ;D xx

  11. Hi, is it antibacterial? Xx

  12. Great tip! I have several cleaning sprays, one with a bit of baking soda and one with borax for cleaning and baking soda. Sometimes I put a bit of essential oil in it for a nice smell. Like lemon or lavender.

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