Fat Girl Does Skinny Jeans

teal jeans

Over the last few years as my illness and lack of working out have bulked me up I’ve steered away from trousers and jeans almost altogether. The nearest I get is leggings or the pair of trousers I wore in this 1 Dress 3 Ways post last week, prefering instead dresses and skirts because I can disguise my middle with relative ease.

plua size green jeans

For some reason last week I fancied myself a pair of brightly coloured jeans but alas all I could find on the high street were yellow and peach (all of the other colours were only available in a size 12 on the day I went a-shopping) which didn’t look right on my lard themed rear end.

En route to the bus stop I popped into the British Heart Foundation charity shop and the first thing I found were these green skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. They still had their original label attached and when I fought my way into the fitting room, past a pile of black bin bags, I thought they worked quite well. Hurrah.

yellow cardigan

I don’t really have any tunic type tops purely because I haven’t had the trousers to wear them with however I will definately be keeping my eyes out for some next time I go a-rummaging in the chazzas. So for now I’m wearing them with dresses – there’s no way I’d expose my middle to the poor folk of Manchester.

What I wore
Green jeans, charity shop – £4.99
Dress, Sainsburys – £3
Shoes, Asda – £3
Cardigan, charity shop – haven’t the foggiest

So chunky ladies, do you embrace jeans and trousers or like me do you prefer to wear something which flows well over the worst areas?

ootd outtakes



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  1. Oooh, love the colour of those jeans! And you loook fab! :)

  2. I live in leggings/skinny jeans! I tend to find flared/bootleg jeans make me feel/look fatter! Take THAT, fashion ~gurus.
    They look lovely on you xx

  3. Love the jeans!

    Wish I could wear skinnies, but with a huge ass, thunder thighs and super muscular calves I find it near impossible, especially when you add in my lack of height. I’ve still to find somewhere that sells quality jeans at a reasonable price that actually fit, not managed it yet! :(

    Still, you’re looking fab! ♥ x

    • This sounds very ‘cheap’ but if you’re in the UK have you tried Matalan? I always struggled (similar legs) but my last 3 pairs of ‘wear all the time’ jeans have come from there, and at very reasonable price.

    • Ooooh, I’d never even thought about jeans from there, I’ll make sure to have a look next time I’m passing. Thanks!(: ♥

  4. I like skinny jeans on you, they suit you :) I love Dorothy Perkins jeans, only shop that I find that fits properly! x
    Sirens and Bells

    • I second that… Bought some recently from Next and they’re shapeless… Lose their shape too quickly after washing too. I miss my £15 Dotty P skinnies :(


  5. I used to stay away from pants of all kind for like 5 years or something. But I’m starting to rediscover them xD

    Those jeans look great on you!!


  6. I know quite a few bigger lady’s and I really wish they wore jeans etc. I think trousers on bigger women are really flattering once done right.

    I think your post is very encouraging!!

  7. Can I ask what illness you have? Love the jeans, they look fab. I have some pink jeans but they don’t fit very well, my favourite brightly coloured trousers however are these: http://www.very.co.uk/so-fabulous-skinny-cigarette-trousers/1011465653.prd?cmtag=o&_requestid=77829&browseToken=/q/bs9kt&totalResults=1
    I have them in red and they fit really nicely – no saggy bum!

  8. Love these, they look great! I find it so hard to find trousers / jeans that are comfortable around my waist but not saggy on my bum / thighs. My favourite colourful trousers are the red So Fabulous Skinny Cigarette Trousers from Very – they are so comfortable and fit really nicely.

  9. And wears them jolly well, I’d say!
    Z xx

  10. Love the jeans, love the look. Tbh, it doesn’t matter what anyone’s size, shape or level of fitness, skinny jeans aren’t about looks they’re about attitude and you’ve got it in abundance – that’s why you carry them off so well. I’m quite tall and quite slim but couldn’t rock those jeans if my life depended on it!

  11. Love the jeans, love the look. Tbh, wearing skinny jeans isn’t about weight, height, level of fitness or looks, it’s about the right attitude which you have in abundance. I’m tall and slim and couldn’t rock these if my life depended on it!

  12. I love them!! I recently started wearing skinny jeans too. Mine are high waist so with some proper tummy-sucking-in panties it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I just sewed my first pair of shorts last week and am terrified to wear them in public. *meep!*

  13. Those are fantastic jeans!

  14. I live in skinny jeans and most of my weight is on middle.
    You look stunning and you have awesome legs! Give them a try with a normal length top, you never know! x

  15. You look fabulous in these!!!!
    I love the tunic look over flared or skinny jeans.
    Only just getting into wearing it myself tho!x

  16. love the outfit!

  17. love the outfit!

  18. Lovely and bright colors! What makes a hit in your photos is your attitude! :)


  19. You look really good in those, they really suit you! x

  20. You look brilliant Mrs Thrifty! Loving the colour too! I am so glad you are embracing a something new with clothes-for years I thought my arms were awful and always ( and I mean ALWAYS) wore long sleeves, what ever the weather ,to hide my flabby bat wing branches but a few years ago, after sweltering in the heat yet again I thought screw it and I realised my arms really aren’t that bad.

  21. I love my skinny jeans as long as I wear a long top with them. They look fab in the winter with my calf length boots! Haven’t been brave enough to try coloured ones yet but I may be inspired now.

  22. I love my skinny jeans as long as I wear a long top with them. They look fab in the winter with my calf length boots! Haven’t been brave enough to try coloured ones yet but I may be inspired now.

  23. I don’t really do dresses, and if I do, it’s a maxi or a dress/leggings combo! I have a pair of fuchsia pink skinny jeans which I love but don’t wear them enough.

    TheJewelleryKid – Simply be do petite sizes and they have calf fit, curvy jeans so they are more shaped. I haven’t tried them but might be worth a go?

  24. Hi Mrs Thrifty – They look great and you wear them well – fab colour too.

  25. I love this look! I embrace skinny jeans, despite having massive thunder thighs and I’m totally loving bright colours. Looking good lady x

  26. I have very ‘sturdy’ legs compared to my top half and conventional wisdom would have me steer clear of skinnies. I say nonsense, and that’s what they invented heels and longer tops for. I also simply ‘balance’ my top half with statement shoulders rather than hiding my hind-legs-of-a-mule thighs and childbearing hips. Why should I hide what I look like? So long as it’s smooth/no VPL/no muffin tops I’m happy with it.

  27. They look great and love the colour.

  28. you found an absoloute bargain and they look fabulous!!!!


  29. youve found a brilliant bargain! and they look fab!!!!


  30. I’m already a massive fan of skinny jeans and trousers, but you’ve certainly got me thinking about daring to try some of the brighter colours on offer – they look brill!!

  31. Cor blimey, you look lovely. The colour really suits you. I have trouble finding coloured jeans in high st shops in my size (size 14-16) but lately found some pale blue ones in my local charity shop- ruddy love it when that happens! xx

  32. You have fab legs Mrs Thrifty! Skinny denim should come out more often! You wear colour very well too, lucky lady.
    On a bad day I love nothing more than a pair of black skinnies and a good longline jumper. Also, for tummy hiding, I find a longer length vest then a top smoothes everything out. Plus both my mum (a size 20)and I swear by the M&S control vests under everything. Makes you feel like a sausage but I’ve come to kind of love that!
    Woohooo to brave dressing!

  33. What a gorgeous colour, they look amazing on you! I’m the same with usually avoiding trousers and jeans, from years of dancing I have the chunky legs of a male cyclist but recently I’ve picked up a pastel lilac pair and as long as I wear them with a long top they look fine. I feel so brave haha.


  34. I think skinny jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, just because some tunics are too short to wear with leggings! i’ve never found a pair that fit properly and every time i go into the changing room i end up in tears because they just don’t accommodate my shape! dorothy perkins are definitely the best though, when i’ve had jeans in the past i’ve always got them from the and even at retail price i think they usually have a 2 for £35 deal? though that might have been a long time ago!

  35. Yep! Love ‘em!! I find that with (well fitting) skinny jeans one can get away with dresses significantly shorter than one would normally dare. They provide security and structure often lacking in leggings / opaque tights.
    Reckon you should experiment with a few bum-skimmers and those fab new keks of yours. Sure it’ll look lush! :^D x

    BTW my tip for opaque tights (possibly best in the colder months, or snip the very end of toe seam off for footless airyness when it’s warmer) is to wear two pairs at a time. They become SUPERDOOPER opaque, and it really boosts the colour density. It sort of doesn’t matter what colour you have on underneath either.
    Contrasting opaques under lacy / fishnets look cool too. :^)

  36. I love the colour of those jeans. I am awful I pretty much live in my jeans

    Jess x

  37. I’ve never wanted to risk skinny jeans – I stick with flares or boyfriend cut (when they are actually boyfriend cut because some shops lie lol). I’d try skinny ones but at the same time I get all self conscious about my feet looking massive because of my skinny legs (yeah I know I’m weird lol)

  38. I LOVE the bright colour combos!

    I used to dress exactly like this pretty much all the time. But, since I have moved over to a retro way of dressing for the last 4 years or so, I now own no actual jeans and 2 pairs of jeggings for around the house. It’s just not my personal style any mores. But I used to wear a lot of skirts over jeans in my hippy days. Ahhhh… hippy days *lights incense*

  39. I steer well clear of trousers due to the dreaded ‘chub rub’. Leggings are my saviour! I even wear them under my work uniform trousers to save myself from burning thighs! I also find that because all of my weight is on my stomach, trousers can only go to my hips and I’m constantly having to pull them up or risk showing somebody a bit too much builder’s bum. Oh, the joys of being chunky…

  40. Wow your dress and jeans look great together. It’s a fab look.
    Have a lovely week. Ali x

  41. Ooh, so cute! Well done, Thrifty :-)

  42. You are not fat! I don’t know why you think that! Suck in your tummy, and the rest is how fat you are, see! NOT FAT!

    I love the jeans, what are they on the label!


  43. I wear jeans – both skinny and bootcut and always wear ‘workwear trousers’ in work as they are more practical. I’m not adverse dresses but tend to wear these ‘out’ to special occasions. Casually I wear leggings and tunic tops as well as these hide the tumpkiniwumpkiny well!

  44. great post…..I love the skinny jeans look with dresses.

  45. Love the colour :) xxx


  46. I love the colour, you look great!

  47. You look great – a definite yes from me! I have 3 coloured pairs from Warehouse – one of which is teal – and I love them.

  48. I love them! beautiful colour, I never buy jeans because I find them uncomfortable on my stomach, I’d probably compromise if I found some this colour!x

  49. best jeans i’ve seen in forever (OK so admittedly I don’t see many jeans) BUT SERIOUSLY, THEY LOOK FRIGGIN AWESOME ON YOU.
    and you look so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in them!

  50. You look a-may-zing in those jeans (and I’m dead jealous that you scored them from a chazza too.) Way to go, girl!! I’m a large-sized gal myself and wear jeans pretty much constantly – I love ‘em.

  51. I love these jeans. Such a great colour. I think they look great on you. I have a similar problem as I am rather wide of hip and I do tend to favour dresses and skirts. However, I’m coming around to the skinnies. What a great find :)

  52. Love the colour of you jeans, you are so inspiring – loved the bloopers may have to include that feature in my blog :) love it http://ellie-rosee.blogspot.co.uk/ xox ellie :)

  53. I love the coloured jeans/chinos but have big calves so none of them go over mine – or if they do they’re so tight, the rest of the trouser doesn’t sit right. V annoying. I live in trousers – but it’s boot cut for me

  54. I wish I could wear skinny jeans, but my thighs and calves are very heavy, it doesnt look right and feels really uncomfortable.
    You look great though.
    Love your blog.

    From a fan in Johannesburg, South Afica

  55. Oooh, I love the green jeans! I do pants & trousers more often in Winter than Summer, but I find that since I’ve put on weight that I need to spend more time finding pants that fit well & don’t dig in on uncomfortable areas. I’m also larger in the bum & thighs than I am in the hips & waist, so finding nice-fitting pants can be a hard job.

  56. I don’t mean to insult you at all when I say this. But that is no top. That is a dress. Wear tights with a dress, not trousers. What you could do is wear a long top with your jeans and the max length could be just below your bottom.
    I’m just sayin’

  57. I love this outfit. You are rocking those coloured skinny jeans and well done for spotting them in a charity shop – they were clearly meant for you.

    PS Am having a lovely long (very overdue) catch up on your blog!

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