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Bonjour, how art thou? I have some exciting news – I’ve been shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award 2012, eep! I didn’t ask for nominations this year, so I was baffled and more than a tad chuffed to find I’d been shortlisted, meaning some kind souls had nominated me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ll never know how grateful I am just to be shortlisted.

I shan’t bore on about this (too much) but I will celebrate with a KP Choc Dip and a good episode of Gilmore Girls, the high life if you will?

cosmo blog award shortlist

My nomination is in the Lifestyle section along with some ruddy good blogs I read on a daily basis. If you’d like to vote for me to win all you have to do is nip over here and fill out the form (it’s easy – just click my blog name). If you do vote for me I will of course give you a kitten named Albert and a packet of After Eights…that’s a lie…woah politics gets nasty huh?


P.S. This bloggy political broadcast was brought to you by EXCITEMENT.

P.S. There will be no kitten. Or chocolate-y-minty goods.

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  1. GILMORE GIRLS IS THE BEST!! You get my vote :D I love your blog! xx

  2. Voted for you as I think you are a great blog, kind of gutted that I won’t actually receive a kitten though haha :( x

  3. congrats … you’re definitely getting my vote!


  4. fab way of celebrating.

    really pleased for you, and I think it’s thoroughly deserved. Going to vote for you, yes I am!

    Even though you are being saucy with your balloons (!), that is a very pretty photo of you.

  5. Voted :) your chirpy writing-style keeps me hooked and deserves credit Cx

  6. i just voted for you!i love love your blog!when and how should i expect little Albert?i am sure he will love playing with my kitty cat Mr.Zervas! good luck :D

  7. Congratulations on your nomination :)

  8. Congratulations on your recent nomination :)

    (sorry if you got this twice.. silly google log in)

  9. Two things, one – vote for a Thrifty Mrs and two – go see out this Gilmore girls that you talk of so often, does netfix have it? Good luck babe.

    • Thank you!
      I’m not sure if Netflix has it, I hope it does because it is well worth a watch.

    • Also it will be on 5* again after the ‘Summer’. Repeats obviously! I can’t wait as if I watch the DVD I can’t stop at one episode. Watching on the Tele rations me! I ‘m gonna vote for your blog too! Will you all get featured in the actual mag?! So exciting if you do!! :-) Congratulations! love Clairex

    • Oh yes I forgot about the 5* repeats.
      I’m not sure what happens if you win actually! I’m up against some really fantastic bloggers so I doubt I would win but it is nice to be in with a remote chance.
      Thank you!

  10. Wonderful way of celebrating in my books! Well done you, I shall be voting! Good luck xxx

  11. i’ve just voted – for you of course and am now craving after eights. great.

  12. Voted! Best of luck, you deserve this! :D

  13. Congrats, I’ve voted for you, I love your blog xxx

  14. Voted :) Well done xo

  15. I both nominated and voted for you. YAY!!! xx

  16. Congratzeemolo on that. Will vote in a mo. Need to do nasty chores first. NASTY, I tell thee…(toddler just pooed his pants)
    No kitten required for me, t’would bring on a nasty asthma attack in any case.
    Well done though, you work hard on your blog and it shows.
    x x

  17. Hey :) congratulations my dear. I’m not suprised at all that you’ve been nominated, your blog is so unique and so inspiring. Voted for you.
    Good luck.

    Jo. x

  18. Massive well done to you. It’s nice to see some different blogs in there from last year, I may not comment all the time, but I’m always reading (that made me sound a little stalkerish eh!!)
    I have my fingers crossed for you, and have voted. xx

  19. Anyone who looks at me over 2 peachy coloured balloons with big blue eyes gets my vote. That – and writing a cracking blog :)

  20. Voted and congratulations, best of luck! Now, back to the important part: Where did you get a KP Choc Dip? I’ve not seen one in years, I didn’t know they still made them… <3 Gilmore Girls and <3 this blog :)x

  21. Voted mon sweet! Congratulations and all that jazz xx

  22. Good on you! Just voted. x

  23. Thank you so much Amanda! (it won’t let me leave a direct reply for some reason. Grr)

  24. Just voted – good luck!! x

  25. Voted for you…absolutley love your blog….

    I have just started my own but still trying to find my feet…


  26. Just voted for you :) love your blog. And I love Gilmore girls. Enjoy! x

  27. You got me with the balloons….
    & several years of reading your witty writting skills.

    Have voted, all the best – you flippin deserve it. Just promise no getting into bed with another party….


  28. Oh my goodness! Congratulations, I’ve voted for you of course. I really hope you win, you came to my home town for your anniversary! Jacob xx

  29. Another vote here, good luck to you!

  30. I am heartbroken there will be no kitten named Albert, but I voted for you anyway.

    Are you sure there’s no kittens?

  31. Off to put my little tick in your box lovely (ooh-er that sentence could have gone a bit wrong eh?). Anyway best of British love, hope you win.

  32. Congrats for being short-listed :) xxx


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