eBay Craft Goodies

When I posted my guide to buying fabric on eBay I was inundated with emails asking me to expand on the topic and share my favourite haberdashery and bits and bobs/craft-y sellers.

eBay Crafty Goodies

This year I plan to make 60% of my Christmas gifts, for some this might be nothing but I’m not blessed with the crafty ways of some of you clever folk so for me this is a lot. I know it’s only July but I need to get a wriggle on if I don’t want to be crying my way through my 400th viewing of Elf as I glue a brooch back on to something kitsch come December.

ebay craft goodies

I’ll need supplies of course. A lot of my fabric has been sourced at bootsales or eBay as detailed in my buying fabric post and I was lucky enough to pick up a lifetime supply of vintage thread for £1 in a charity shop a few years back so I’m set for the basics however things that change small little crafty gifts from dull and ordinary to a A Special Gift, well those I need to stock up on.

eBay Ribbon

Is there a clinical name for a ribbon addiction? Why can’t I resist the stuff? It truly is my weakness.

- Why yes I do need various coloured leopard print ribbon. You mean you don’t?

- If you follow me on Instagram (@athriftymrsuk) you’ll note ‘I fart polka dots’ so this insanely huge selection or polka dot ribbon for £1.519 (5 yards) could come in useful in case I can’t summons the wind myself. No, really this will be perfect for a couple of craft projects I have in mind including sewing a cot bumper for my friend’s baby and hair ties for a cheerleader (yeah, really) friend.

- I think we’d struggle to be friends if you can’t at least admit that ladybird ribbon is cuter than a kitten shaped cupcake.

Pretty things

cream resin swallows

When I mentioned cabochons in this post I had so many emails asking me to feature more, so it would be rude not to
- These swallows are some of my favourites. They are great as brooches and even make a pretty mean statement ring.

- Right, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I need, want and lust after these poodle cabochons. I have projects swimming through my head just at the mere thought of them.

- I’m a bit of a bow fiend and can already see these as a ring.

- So many things, so many things, there are so, so many things I could do with these skull cabochons. SO MANY THINGS.

- I want to wear these peachy gorgeous flowers in my hair and pretend we have a summer.


ring blanks

When I posted about making jewellery in this post a lot of you asked where to get earrings, chains and other bits and bobs. Naturally eBay is my answer.

- I’ve had a few bad experiences with some of them turning wrists and ears a fetching shade of green but eventually I’ve found this seller to be really good and very fast when it comes to dispatch. I’ve found a lot of sellers to be a good bit cheaper but I don’t want to give a gift to someone and have it discolour their ears.

- These metal studs are good quality and key to lots of current trends.

- If you’re making rings you’ll need some ring blanks. There are so many different choices in colour sizes, widths that you really need to sit down and think about what you prefer. I make quite a few rings for gifts and always find that these ones work best for me.

Great sellers
The Haberdashery Cart
Jennings Haberdashery
Fantasy Gifts and Haberdashery
The Haberdashery and Wool Centre



P.S. Do you have a favourite craft or haberdashery seller on eBay? Do feel free to share the links.

P.P.S. I posted earlier today with the Wednesday task for #DHWP. You can find it here.

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  1. This has definitely inspired me to start making my own jewellery – I never actually realised how easy it was!

  2. I don’t think it’s crazy at all to start thinking about Christmas. I’ve been mentioning it to the boyf for the last month and he thinks it’s mad. But seriously, I spent the WHOLE of December at my desk making Christmas presents. I want to enjoy Christmas this year.

    Forward planning is the way!

  3. I am totally *in love* with the leopard ribbon and the swallow cabochons! So nice! I love finding wonderfully cheap things on eBay :)

  4. I make my own jewellery so this is great to know!
    Laura x ¦ http://demandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Thanks for these links – after your last post I bought some lovely cabochons! I always use ebay for my crafty bits, so much cheaper and more options! x

  6. What do you use to glue things on to the earring studs? I bought some from ebay a while back and have yet to actually make any as I don’t know what adhesive to use. Thanks

  7. Thanks for the tips! I love the ribbons. I’ve never thought about finding things like that on eBay before.

  8. Oooh the poodles! I love them. I think they’d make great earrings.

    I always want to make some of my presents but never get around to it, so this will be the year. I’ll have to start planning now though as it’ll take me ages to come up with some ideas of what to make.

    Nikki x

  9. Such a great post, I’ve been thinking about starting to make my own jewellery for a while now and once I’ve been paid may have a look into getting a few of these things!


  10. This is an awesome post – I’d love to make my own jewellery, and these links are really helpful :) x

  11. Oh! You just gave me an idea for something I could maybe make my sister for Christmas. I would do it for her birthday…But that’s friday and I don’t think I’d be able to find everything in time. However Christmas will be perfect.

    A Bite of Glamour

  12. Have you thought about making stuff like sweets for Xmas? There are loads of quick and easy fudge recipies and others around, and if you put it in a pretty bag it makes a fab pressie. Thanks for the post, youve given me lots of ideas for this year. ;O)

  13. I absoloutely love eBay for everything from clothes to dishes to crafty things. I’ve recently become addicted to making jewellery too I’ll definitely check these sellers out
    Daniella x


  14. Very useful! :)



  15. Some great tips :) xxx


  16. This is an AMAZING post! Thank you! xxx

  17. I’d never even heard of cabuchons before and now I want them all! Great blog, you’ve given me loads of ideas for new projects.

  18. I’d never even heard of cabuchons before and now I want them all! Great blog, you’ve given me loads of ideas for new projects.

  19. cabochons even, see, told you I’d never heard of them before.

  20. thanks for sharing.

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