Daily Housewifery Prompts

I hope you found last week in #DHWP land helpful and I’m pleased to see so many of you enjoying the ‘in depth’ posts where I dedicate a whole post to one of the tasks on the list such as organising your underwear drawer.

Daily Housewifery PromptsShall we jump straight into the list? Yeah? Good.

Monday — Throw out or mend broken umbrellas. Here is how I mend an umbrella.

Tuesday — Clean the powder tray of your washing machine  – an old toothbrush can come in handy here.

Wednesday — Make your own multi-purpose cleaner (post coming on Wednesday.)

Thursday — Clean out and reorganise your cutlery drawer.

Friday — Clean the top of your wardobe and cover the top with newspaper as per this post.

Saturday — Put 2 tbsp of bicarbonate of soda down the plug hole of your bath and follow with a kettle full of boiling water for nice clean drains.

Sunday — Handwash 4 items.

 Do of course let me know if you’re joining in and feel free to use (and resize) the above picture on your blog to let others know what you’re up to – just make sure you link back here so people know what on earth you’re talking about.

Oh an if you’re on Twitter keep up to date with the alerts and how everyone else is getting on with the use of the #DHWP hashtag.



P.S. Will you be taking part this week?

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  1. Ooo my drains defo need doing :-)

  2. I will indeed be taking part, I don’t always need to do what the task is but it prompts me to do something!

  3. Mrs Thrifty, my partner loves you. I am not a slattern , but my cleaning regime is blitz, ignore and do happy things ie sew, read, bake. Then i look at the house and have an OMG moment and blitz, then ignore. Since I found you i have followed your list and I am cleaning places I had forgot existed. I even used my initiative and cleaned out the diffusers on my strip lighting,I can now see to tackle my tiling with a toothbrush and bleach! Many thanks, keep em coming.Pam

  4. I’m moving out next week and I actually can’t wait to have my own place so I can join in xxx

  5. It is weird that this post makes me a bit excited? haha. I can’t wait to move out, and do all homely things :) Love your posts

  6. Oh definitely going to try and do each daily thing :) I especially need to clean my drains yuck!

  7. My drains definitely need doing, as does my cutlery drawer. The multi-purpose cleaner sounds good too. So, I guess that means I’m in this week!

  8. I’m pinning you on my blog today x

  9. Great list – handwashing is something I always put off, so handwashing Sunday here I come!

  10. I shall try and take part for the first time this week as baking is mainly out owing to dieting. I mean healthy eating. So I shall clean instead. Cause that’s the same :(

    This actually looks like a really helpful prompt. Thank you :)

  11. Oh! Kids are off on school holidays and so am I so I’ll be having a go at this to try and bring some organization to my daily life! Love the idea! K x

  12. Brilliant idea which I will be following! This week I aim to sort out clothes I haven’t worn for ages and take to the charity shop.

  13. Brilliant idea, and I shall definitely be following these prompts. My aim of the week is to sort out my wardrobe and take clothes which don’t fit to the charity shop. Hopefully it’s an achievable task and I won’t get demotivated half way through!

  14. Yay, Im a bit of a blitz and ignorer like Pam. However, Ive pirnted off your list (and your previouse ones) and am working my way through them (as well as adding a few bits of my own). So far this week I have…..
    Monday – I did a washed a load of towels after work
    Tuesday – I cleaned out the powder drawer on the washing machine (it was yucky!) and ironed 10 items (I loathe ironing and have a pile about 3 foot high so thats a real acheivement for me).
    Not quite sure what I shall tackle today (maybe the cutlery drawer and some others) as Ive come home from work at lunchtime (not feelin too clever), shall see how I get on.
    These prompts are fabulous (between you and the Flylady I may well get myself organised at long last!)
    Thanks Mrs Thrifty.

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