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The winner is Tallulah Lemons.

As I’ve mentioned a few times I love giving gifts and I especially love to put together meaningful gift packages or hampers for friends and family. I try to keep within a tight budget and as you can see in this post, I organise it to the hilt.


One thing I’ve been including a lot in the hampers and gift packages have been phone covers, I even made a mobile phone gift hamper for a friend earlier in the year. I’ve been picking them up here on eBay on the cheap and they’ve always gone down really well.

Recently the guys at Mobile Fun asked if I’d like to try some of their phone accessories and at first I thought ‘hmmm I dunno, I get mine from eBay and they’re mega cheap as it is’ but upon investigation I saw that their silicone multipacks are really rather excellent value (£14.95 for a pack of 10 covers) and would be great for breaking up into gifts or just changing out with my outfit. I was sent a pack of 10 iPhone cases to give a whirl and I’m pretty pleased with them. They come in 10 different colours and are individually wrapped so they’d work really well as gifts because no one need know you hadn’t bought the case individually just for them. I really think they’re perfect as useful stocking fillers (I hate tat which will get thrown away, I like to make my gifts useful) or an addition to a gift hamper.


They’re the type of cover which just slips on over the phone, no wrestling on a hardback plastic shell – I’m always terrified either the phone or the case will shatter when I do that, am I alone? Also they have a rubber-ised feel to them which I feel a bit more comfortable with because I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds my phone is constantly slipping off surfaces, sliding off my bedside table, jumping out of my hand or just plain old attracted to the floor – that is a fancy bit of kit to be bashing about. I feel like when my phone has that little bit of rubber wrapped around it (fnar) it is a tad more looked after.

I included the black one in a gift hamper for my friend, so I could review the product in the real way I’d use it. She has come back to let me know she likes how sturdy it feels and boy does that girl need sturdy stuff, she is a break-y type.

This pack seems like excellent value to me and because most of my friends have an iPhone I feel good knowing I can add something a little extra to a Christmas or birthday gift for not very much money at all. I really like having a stash of easy gifts in my cupboard so I think buying in (sensible) bulk might just be the way forward.


Mobile Fun have very kindly offered to help me run a giveaway here at A Thrifty Mrs, say thank you. Good girl. They’re offering one reader a chance to win £25 to spend on their website – it doesn’t have to be an iPhone case, they have lots of different products to choose from.

How to enter

1. (Obligatory entry) Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (the ‘join this site’ button in the sidebar) and leave a comment on this post including the following information -
a. If you’ve followed.
b. A link to the product you’d pick out from the Mobile Fun website.
c. Your email address.

2. (Optional additional entry) Tweet
‘ Hello pretty face, you’re looking well. Quick bit of news – I want to win with @athriftymrsuk & I bet you do too  ‘  
- please make sure to include your twitter handle in your comment or this optional entry cannot be counted.

The rules and shiz
The giveaway is open from 12pm 06/06/2012 – 12pm 13/06/2012
The draw will be made (with the aid of on the 14/06/12 and revealed on this blog shortly after. (All times are GMT) 
The winner will be contacted via the email provided – a redraw will occur if the winner does not respond in 14 days.

To enter you must have a UK address and be over the age of 18. If under 18 please obtain the permission of your parents.

To enter you must follow this blog (via google friend connect) and leave a comment containing a link to the item you’d chose on Mobile Fun on this blog post. 
Your comment must contain your email address which will only be used by me as a contact method, if your email is not left in your entry you will not be entered.
Additional optional entries via Twitter must contain your Twitter handle and will be considered invalid without. 

Entries via other methods such as email will be deleted and will not be considered valid.

When the winner has been drawn their details will be passed onto the company/PR representative who will contact you regarding your prize and then make arrangements to have it send it out. 


P.S. Good luck!

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  1. i follow with gfc :)
    so many nice things on their website… i already have a case for my kindle (a very boring plain green one :( ) but i LOVE this – such a brilliant idea make an ebook look like a real book! :D
    but what i really need is a case for my phone –
    they really do look after them well, i had a case from elsewhere (ebay!) and i dropped my phone (about a million times) and then the case broke which was sad :( but yay the phone didnt!! lol.

  2. I’m following and my email address is :) I’d have this I think – Our car transmitter is rubbish and most radio stations make me want to drive into a wall!

  3. Tut, I forgot my twitter doodah! It’s @elenalucie xxx

  4. Hey, I am already following :-)
    I think I’d go for these
    My headphones are always falling out so maybe they’d be better!
    Email is
    Thanks xx

  5. Already a follower as adoreabubles.
    If I won I would pick this:
    My email address is:

    This is exciting :D

  6. I’m following on GFC, my email address is sweetsoulmusic @ and my favourite item is – as it brings back memories of my childhood fav computer game!

    My twitter handle is @kathroooon


    Kathryn x

  7. Have followed and tweeted. The 80′s child in me would LOVE to choose this:

    But the sensible grown up would probably go for one of these, as we’ve just got a car for the first time in years:

    Then again, it’s my birthday on the 18th, so I may just treat myself to the gameboy one anyway!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi! I follow your blog on bloglovin’.
    I would love to buy this item from the website:
    My email address is:
    I have also tweeted and my twitter name is librakitten16.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Angie xx

  10. Hi! I follow your blog via bloglovin’.
    I would love to get this item:
    My email is
    I have also tweeted and my name on there is librakitten16.

  11. i follow with gfc as mummy24. i would buy this kindle case –

    I have also tweeted as @ashlallan


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I would pick very cute
    Am following and Twitter name is nathalietaylor7 Tweeted message
    email is

  14. Love this idea! Although most people I know DON’T have iphones… are there covers for non iphones too?
    I already follow you on bloglovin’ and I spend too much time reading blogs, so I don’t tweet either else I’d never do anything but check them all the time! So I know I’m not eligible, just wanted to throw my threpenny’s worth in!
    Love your blog (still)

  15. I follow via GFC

    I would love:

    My HTC has rubbish battery life, and I’m forever having to reserve battery ‘just in case’ :’( Woe is me.

    My email address is:

  16. Thanks for the giveaway! I follow with GFC – Victoria
    email pink_lady123ATyahooDOTcom

    I would buy a jacket for my kindle M-Edge Go! Jacket for Amazon Kindle – Carbon Fibre Black.


  17. I follow with GFC. I like these… but should probably think about getting a screen protector
    my email adress is & I’ve just tweeted (@middleageddrama) xx

  18. I am following you on GFC as Gillian Holmes

    gholmes724 [at] gmail [dot] com


    I’m following you on Twitter as @gholmes724

    I have tweeted as @gholmes724

  20. Hiya – I’ve followed you :) Like the idea of doing gift hampers with things like this… I always consider hampers but am not very creative so its usually food or toiletries! I’d probably get an iphone case for my boyfriend if I won the competition – maybe this one

    My e-mail is sazmmm (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. Ahhhh awesome, so on the hunt for covers for my iPhone which work. Ever since I’ve had it, I’m terrified I’ll destroy it.

    I follow via GFC & Bloglovin and I NEED this in my life:


    my email is

  22. I already follow you on GFC :D If i won i’d get my trusty old ipod is in need of some love!

    email is

    Thank you! <3

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