Favourite Nail Polishes Under £3

Oh you know me, I like cheap stuff. Good cheap stuff.

Here’s a little video in which I chatter on about my favourite nail polishes under £3. Bargains.

Some people get angry with me for buying ‘frivolous’ things, some people get angry at me for buying anything but I think that rather misses the point of my blog. I make wise choices for me about the things I want in my life, if you want to bathe in gnats piss and wash your hair with 14p shampoo then that is great but it isn’t for everyone and berating people for not doing it your way isn’t fair.

Some people spend £40 on a foundation or £60 per month on cleaning products but change their mind a little when they come here and see good alternatives under a tenner. If I preached at them, I’m sure they’d stick with their expensive make up and write me off as loon. Right…

Anywhoo, here is the video. If you can’t view the embedded version do hop over to Thrifty Telly to catch it over there.

Do you have any recommendations for good cheap nail polish?


P.S. My approach to blogging is a bit different this week because there is a lot of emotional ‘real life’ stuff greeting me head on at the moment. I promise next week I’ll be back with my usual blogging excitement.


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  1. Good on you. I am a thrifty person but there are some things that I will not compromise on. Shampoo and skin care are important to me, but I stock up when my preferred brands are on promotion. Same goes for tea and coffee, at any given time I could have 6 months supply. I sew for pleasure, charity shops supply a great part of my materials but i do not hesitate to buy new if it is something I love.

  2. I absolutely loved your little demonstration bits with the doo be doo’s. it actually made me giggle out loud :) love your videos and your blog x

  3. Great video. And don’t worry about what people are saying. You absolutely shouldn’t have to justify how you spend your money xx

  4. Just keep on, keepin’ on! You and your blog are great as they are. Some people just like to find things to complain about , its just their way! I know people for whom complaining is practically their favourite hobby. So they’ll always find something to pick at! “Why isn’t that person using 5p soap, arggghh! It is ruining my life! How could they be soooo frivolous?!” You know the type of thing! Just leave them to wallow in their own self imposed misery. XXXX

  5. I’ve been trying out the revamped M&S ‘Limited Collection’ make up range (currently with 25% off). The powders and blushers have been pretty good so far, they don’t usually last long on my shiny face. I’m a big fan of the nail varnishes that are around £2.50 I believe. I’ve had a greeny blue one on my finger nails for 2 weeks and on my toenails for 3 and so far there isn’t a chip in sight! There are only about 20 colours but it includes all the standard colours plus those in trend at the moment. Be good to hear what you think if you try them. xx

  6. just LOVE your singing!

    Super duper vid, and I enjoyed your thoughts about the nvs. I am a snoot when it comes to nv, and tend to go for Chanel. However, when it comes to what I call nutty colours, I won’t spend the £18 on a colour that I might not like, or go off quickly.

    So. When I go shopping in Asda, I always throw in a nail varnish from Collection 2000. Not all supermarkets sell it, or at least, not the ones I go in.


    Recenly I bought ‘mint mojo’ a jade green, and ‘fruit loop’ which is a peachy orange. Also got a grey colour, but can’t find it to tell you the name.
    They are fine for a bit of fun. Bright and dare I say it ‘zingy’ colours, but the varnish itself is a bit thick. It took a bit of effort to remove the green. And the brushes are cak, just too thick and seem to be splayed. However, for £1.75 (approx, the mint mojo was reduced to 74p!) they did the job and I was happy with that.

    You’ll be fine at 30, worry not! I’m 41 later this year, and this old hag doesn’t need the Tena lady just yet! Note to make, the big birthdays = the big pressies ;o)

  7. Mr Jade is a beautiful colour! I may have to go get it.. I am a nail polish fiend. I’ve always thought that the Acessorize polishes were lovely, but I like the glittery ones and they are, in my opinion, pretty expensive. Maybe next time i’ll stick to looking at the normal colours :)

  8. I usually stock up on No7 nail varnish when Boots do the £5 off No7 voucher. I think the varnish works out at around £2.

  9. i love nail varnish :D! and the love heart ones, i have the U R FAB one. i dont “do” pink… but the slightly grey muskyness of it :) the NYC range also in superdrug are another good lot some really nice colours, and go on brilliantly :) x

  10. Really enjoyed this post – love the new approach! G

  11. Theres always those out there that go out of their way to pull ya down! Don’t let them, this is your blog and I for one like it.

  12. Loved the doo be doo’s! Great post, I’ve been looking for a new ballerina pink nail varnish and that Accessorize one looks right up my street. X

  13. Chin up thrifty :) Hope to have you back to normal soon!

    I agree 100% with your sentiments on gnats piss……good on ye!

    ttbd x

  14. Lovin this, but totally agree with you, there will always be haters, ignore! I love NYC for low cost nail varishes I think they’re around 1.60? They have a new neon range out at the mo that is amazing!


  15. Have you tried Miss Sporty at Boots? I love the lilac and this sort of muted burgundy they have, and only £1.99! I wouldn’t buy expensive nail polis, they all dry up eventually!

  16. You really must get a LOT of stick from people about buying yourself nice buget things because you have to remind readers that you are not a tight skinflint miser quite regularly. I for one love your budget recommendations. I now use vinegar to clean nearly everything in my house and I just bought Superdrug’s body butter based on your recommendation. The way I see it is that you are delivering a public service by giving us all free tips and advice that we can praise or criticise as we see fit. Hope you and Mr T are ok with the emotional stuff you mentioned and I look forward to normal blogging soon x

  17. I have found some good nail varnishes in superdrug for £1 by MUA. They come in some great colours and they also make eye shadows in a powder which are some of the best I have used, you cant go wrong for £1! :-)

  18. Just found your blog and love it! I live in America but have been to Manchester…so I am well schooled in all things British! I do vote on dollar store nail polish! No matter how much you pay for polish after a time it becomes globby. I’d rather have my dollar polish go globby then a 5 dollar polish. Plus I feel I can buy crazy shades if it is only a buck!

  19. I really love you and your blog! I am in the US but we have Rimmel so I am going to see if we have the colors and try them out.

  20. My fave polish is LA COLORS (almost an OPI dupe) 99p from Beauty Base (a London discount beauty shop). HUGE range of colours and finishes!

  21. I loved this video, the inserts with the doo be doo’s has really cheered up my morning, so thank you very much! I am a massive Rimmel nail varnish fan. Also, if you have any sky/baby blue nail varnishes that look a bit pants on their own (or pale pinks for that matter) the white polish underneath trick works just as well for them!



  22. I really recommend Miss Sport nail polishes. I used to buy their stuff when I was a young teenager but still love the nail varnishes ten years later! Especially Pop Fiction, it’s a bright blue! xx

  23. How dare you write something against gnats piss! It’s a beauty staple for me!! Think of the people with different lifestyles who could read your blog… I am offended!!

    Thriftina, when people obsess about your every word it must mean you’ve become a celebrity! I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but better have a laugh at the fanatics 😀

  24. Love the doo bee doos and your eyeshadow looks great by the way. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks, you can spend your money however you choose.

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