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After my recent post about buying fabric on eBay so many of you contacted me to ask what other crafty goodies you can find at a bargain price on the bay of e. Gosh, what can’t you find on there? Is maybe a more applicable question because folks you can get pretty much anything you want on eBay….y’know unless for some reason you’re in the market for a human lung or something, I’m not sure they can help you there.

plastic roses

So, always one to share, here are some of the things I’ve bought recently or I currently have sitting on various watch lists. Share yours, share yours!

Making Gifts
My friends seems to love when I make them a little something for their birthday and if I’m quite honest I really enjoy spending a few minutes quietly sewing, knitting or using a hot glue gun.
Some of the easiest things to make a little bits like a pair of earrings – I snap up rose cabochons 30 at a time (£1.50 plus £1 p&p) and simply bob an earring back (50 for £1.70 plus p&p) on the pack with the aid of my nifty hot glue gun.
There are about a squillion different cabochons sitting on my watch list squeeeeeee, I want them all but must be sensible. However I particularly want to plonk something like this cameo into one of these resin frames and string it from a chain and give it to my friend to put a smile on her stupid but pretty face.

Studs, studs, studs
I’ve updated a few charity shop finds with studs this year (and I’ll share more with you soon), they’re just so easy to use and look blinking awesome once done. I’ve hunted around various craft shops and been taken aback by some of the prices so eBay has been my go to stud buying hotspot. Yeah I said hotspot.
I’ve bought this pack of 200 studs for £1.75, twice this year from this seller and whilst they take a while to arrive from China (approx 10-14 days if I recall correctly) the price makes it a real bargain. If however you prefer to buy from a UK seller I’ve spotted these studs at £4.49 (plus p&p) for 100.

Give a gift
If you can actually manage to part with the gifts you’ve made, you may find you spend ages looking about for a little box to put those pretty things in. I have a couple of these boxes (12 for £3.95 plus p&p) left and I’m plonking this listing in my watch list so I can buy more in the run up to getting-ready-for-Christmas-extraordinarily-early.


alphabet stamps

Is it sad that I can find almost nothing more soothing and satisfying than stamping a rubber stamp onto a piece of paper? I frankly couldn’t care less if it is because I genuinely enjoy it and get a bit lusty when I come across shops selling stamps. *cough* loser. I’ve been using alphabet stamps for just about every project I’ve undertaken recently, how cool are they? Oh, oh, oh and on a separate note as a housewarming gift for one of my friends I had a personalised address stamp made for her – now come on, how cool is THAT? Yep, I’m a sucker for anything personalised.

Which craft goodies are you currently lusting over be they eBay (or otherwise)? Share the links below so we can all check them out.
Got any eBay craft tips?



P.S. This is my second post of the day. The first was called 1 Dress 3 Ways.

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  1. What a great post! I’m currently waiting on some studs and microbeads that I ordered on ebay to arrive. Need to get me a hot glue gun though!

    Charlie xo

  2. I love getting crafty bits from Ebay and making things. Always goes down well with friends for gifts.
    I’ve also split the cost of certain things with friends, if we’ve seen something we really like and can buy it in bulk.

  3. You can get some great things on ebay, love these roses, will have to investigate :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. WOW! This is excellent! Annnnnd now my bank balance hates you! LOL. I think this is great, ive been wanting to find something like those necklace structures for ages! Now just to find blank ring things, dont know what theyre called! Thank you. xx

  5. I’m currently looking at envelope templates on Ebay so i can make good use of my vintage paper collection. I think i might just be adding those rubber stamps to my Christmas list.
    * A Thrifty Mrs, could you or any of your followers recommend an eBay shop that sell dress pattens.*

  6. Thanks for this post! I love being inspired to make some new crafty bits! Will get some ordered and spend a lovely rainy day indoors with my glue gun!

  7. I find EBay craft category quite dangerous… how many cabochons do I need??!? The problem is, part of my brain says ‘a miiiiillllion’.

  8. Love the flower Cabochons. I feel a ebay purchase coming on and getting my glue gun out! Love to make handmade gifts for others and would like to make some rings too.

  9. I own NO cabochons. I must remedy this.

  10. What an amazing post! I never knew it was so easy to make your own earrings! I’m going to browse ebay right now for some cabochons! Thanks Thrifty! :)
    p.s. can you just use normal super glue to glue the earring back on to them or do you have to have a hot glue gun?
    Beauty by Emma

    • They tend to snap off/snap the thing you’re attaching it to if you use superglue. You can pick up a good, basic glue gun for under a tenner though.

  11. You’re friends are very lucky to receive such personal and thoughtful gifts :) And I hear you on the stamps. GOD I LOVE STAMPS x

  12. My latest find is a bunch of tiny pegs of all different colours – great for pegging up photos and pictures on some string

  13. Thanks so much for the tip – have immediately purchased rose cabs and earring posts!! Perfect presents for all my friends (and myself, of course!)

    I love my eBay purchased alphabet stamps too, they have become instant essentials.

  14. Ive had lots of crafty bits off ebay, fabric, ring and brooch blanks, beads, pinking shears, ribbon, card, and too many clothes and shoes to mention. Ebay is alsway the place I look when I need something as it gives me a rough guide how much I can expect to pay for things and then helps me determine if I should buy new or try and scout round some charity shops/car boots for second hand.
    Great post, thanks.

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  17. Yessss….You have just solved the “how can I make a cool studded belt issue I was having! Whoop!

  18. Ooh you naughty woman! Giving me even more wants for my craft stash! Thank you!!!

  19. I bagged a bargain in terms of those alphabet stamping blocks from The Range….they had a variety of stamps for 99p each. Not even on sale! There brill for tags etc. x

  20. I LOVE the rose earrings, I just might have to invest!!

  21. I love the idea of making little things, I’m going to start doing it for some of my friends I think



  22. You can also get ink pads for fabric which means more crafty possibilities stamping personalised messages and words or repeating a pattern onto fabric!

  23. Am sorry not to have posted anything so far but wanted to say that I love love love your blog, looks great and so informative. Should have said it earler. x

  24. Oh my goodness, I’ve never felt the urge to get more creative than after reading this post! I used to make all sorts of things but haven’t done so in years, I think it’s about time I got into it again, and I think your blog has been the push I needed! Unfortunetly I’ve got no birthdays or occasions for the near future, but will keep eBay in mind when I do!

  25. Forgot to ask, can you buy plain necklace chains on ebay too, and also silver cabochon frames? Thanks!

  26. The alphabet stamps are SO amazing, theyre definitely going on my ‘next pay day i’m going to waste all my money on…’ list


  27. I love getting crafty :) xxx


  28. I always buy my beads from eBay, in particular small imitation Swarovski beads. You can get 100 from just 99p!
    You can get seed beads really cheap from China as well, sometimes just a few pence if you’re smart about it.
    Postage does take a few weeks and occasionally things can go wrong in the postage process, but most of the sellers I’ve come across are pretty good at sorting out any problems that arise.

    I’ve also bought a few charms from a Japanese seller on etsy, she’s got huge range of items for really cheap and postage is super quick too. This is a link to her shop; http://www.etsy.com/shop/misssapporo

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