Daily Housewifery Prompts

Daily Housewifery Prompts

Bonjour and happy Monday moi petit pois, how is going you lovely things? Fancy some more tasks to make your life that bit easier? Sure you do.

Monday — Wash any washable cushion covers.

Tuesday — Squash your loo rolls as per this post.

Wednesday — Organise your underwear drawer

Thursday — Clean the inside of your bathroom cabinet.

Friday — Throw out any pens which have decided they’d no longer like to be employed as pens.

Saturday — Unsubscribe from any unwanted email updates.

Sunday — Go through your eBay pile and upload at least three items to eBay.

Please do let me know if you’re joining in because I’m wondering if it is worth continuing with this strand of posts. And check out the Twitter hashtag #DWHP to stay up to date or grab some quick advice throughout the week.

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P.S. Happy Monday – stayed tuned for another post later today.

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  1. Teehee employed pens ^^

  2. i’m not personally joining in but i genuinely love these posts so much. please never stop them, they’re really motivational and clever and i love them with all my being. yep, i just went there.

  3. Ooo Mrs T how organised of you to get this posted when it is only just officially Monday. Personally I love this post and miss it when it occassionally does not appear. I have to confess I haven’t completed a full week uet but even getting a couple of the bits done each week is slowly making a difference in my home (organising bits I mean. I am aware that cleaning something once doesn’t mean it stays clean forever!) x

  4. I’M IN! Don’t know about eBay (too expensive to sell there), but I could make a blog to sell them independently. Please, keep suggesting this. I’m still really clueless at this housewifery stuff.

  5. Hah! I organized my underwear basket yesterday, does that mean I get Wednesday off???

  6. Anything to help keep organization in play is a good thing! I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can’t wait to come back for more posts…Hope you have a lovely week!!


  7. u are so organize.

  8. Yay! Either I’ve been missing these the last few weeks, or they haven’t been up – either way, thanks for doing a list for this week. Great suggestions on it, too! :-)

  9. I love READING the to-do list – but [confession] I just select ONE of the tasks and aim to do that sometime during the week.
    So this week I shall be mostly knicker-flinging!

    blessings x

  10. Yes! You must continue (pretty please)! I love these posts and did my bedside table last week as per your instructions :-) xx

  11. I’m moving in with the Boyf in a couple of months, have had the luxury of living with parents for a while now so these tips will be sooo useful reminding me of all the things I’ll probably forget to do! Thanks :)

  12. Hi, in response to your question I really like these tips, and I’ve had a bit of a mindshift I think because I’ve even done some of the above already so I must be adopting your ‘eat the elephant one bite at a time’ approach to jobs that used to depress me! Thanks :)
    PS – your best tip ever for me was putting bedding sets all in 1 pillow case, absolute genius, I keep telling people, you’ve revolutionised my airing cupboard!

  13. I will be joining in with some of these things. I already washed my cushion covers and I don’t have an ebay pile, but the rest seem doable!

  14. I love your daily housewifery prompts. I work full time and find it hard to keep on top of things round the house. Most sites that offer household hints seem to assume that people have waaaay more time than I do. Your prompts are for things I wouldn’t normally think of doing, but are useful and manageable in the time I have.

  15. Please don’t stop these posts :)


  16. I agree with Mim- your posts help keep us motivated and tidy without them taking too long to achieve- keep ‘em coming! xXx

  17. Go Thrifty! Come and have a look at my new Primark haul!


  18. I love these prompts! Please don’t stop them! x

  19. Please don’t stop doing these posts! Since I started reading them I’ve actually managed to convince my mum that (at 25, having moved out 7 years ago) I’m finally a responsible adult and can keep up with the housework!

    Basically if you stop I’ll be disinherited and shunned :p

  20. I’m joining in! :)

  21. Yes, please carry on. These posts are pushing me to get organised. I am even tempted to IG a picture of my bedside table drawer, just to show you the power of them

  22. I join in, I love all the organised cleaning tips, maybe I’m sad….no just unemployed, keep up the good work, it makes me happy :0)

  23. Please do carry one, I love these posts! Mucho motivation to do things I would otherwise ignore. xx

  24. sell on etsy, its cheaper than ebay!

  25. Im liking this – dont normally get much done during the wreek, but as Ive got a week off this week I shall be adding a few of these to my ‘to do’ list. Thanks. :o)

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