Amazing Asprin Spot Treatment

And boy oh boy do I need this at the moment! I’ve been using a Sonicleanse (Clarisonic dupe-ish) for the last couple of months along with hot cloth cleansers and my skin has been feeling amazing. However when I was feeling a tad emotional, plus rushing up and down the country for family emergencies a short while back, I slid down a notch onto facewipes for just over a week. Whilst facewipes are really handy, they don’t suit my skin for more than one or two nights and I’ve since broken out in horrid spots. Blub.

asprin spot treatment

When my chin started to resemble a small mountain range I decided enough was enough and broke out one of my favourite spot treaments from my teen years – asprin! I’m not 100% up on the science of why this works but I know it contains salicylic acid which is very often added to packaged beauty and spot treatments and you know what? It certainly works for me.

How to treat spots with asprin

asprin acne treatment 

What you will need
- 1 asprin tablet per spot
- Water
- A spoon
- A spot
- A knife/grater


1. If your asprin is coated you need to remove the coating layer. I used a tiny grater but a knife should work fine.
2. Pour half a teaspoon of water over your asprin, allow to dissolve only very slightly.
3. Gently mash into thick a paste with a spoon – it may look a bit gritty but that’s fine. Feel free to add more water if it doesn’t start to form a paste.
4. Cleanse and pat dry your face making sure not to aggrivate your spot then press the asprin paste onto the spot and into the immediate surrounding area.
5. Leave for 10 minutes or until it starts to flake off, then wash away with cool water.

- Things to note -
- Obviously don’t use if you’re allergic to asprin.
- Some of the paste will fall off as you press it on so it might be an idea to make up double the amount to have on standby.
- Do of course buy generic asprin and not branded. Branded can cost over £2 per pack, whereas own brand tends to be around 30p in supermarkets.

Will you be trying this out or do you already use this trick?



P.S. I’ll be adding this to my Homemade Beauty Pinterest board, have you got a similar board you’d like to share?

P.P.S. This is my second post of the day. In my first post I revealed what I refuse to scrimp on, plus lots of other people have joined in too.

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  1. any cheap spot remedies are worth a try in my opinion, i would never have thought of this! Thanks Xx

  2. Have you got any similar remedies for blackheads XX

  3. Have you got any similar remedies for blackheads? Xx

  4. I make a honey and aspirin face mask. It’s great for spots, moisturising and exfoliating. take 2-3 aspirin, add a teaspoon of water to soften them up, add a teaspoon of honey and mix. then apply to face as a mask and leave for 5-10 minutes. when it’s time to wash it off first wet your hands and gently massage the mixture over your face to exfoliate and then rinse off. It helps so much when I’ve had a break out and makes my skin look and feel amazing!

    • I use this homemade honey and aspirin mask too and I love it! It makes such a difference to the appearance and feel of my skin!



  5. I have heard of this aspirin treatment….I use sudocream for babies nappy rash it works a treat for me, i put it on at night and the spot is almost gone in the morning. It also doubles up for cuts and burns as it has antiseptic in it.


  6. I’m definitely going to try this in the future, Thanks!

  7. Ooh I’ve never heard of this, definitely going to give it a whirl next time a spot appears!
    Victoria xx

  8. I have never heard of this! Thanks so much for sharing x

  9. awesome! Where would we be without you and your super beauty tips Thrifty?! xx

  10. Would you say this works on serious acne? My brother has very bad acne on his back and no creams or treatments have worked. I’m tempted to try this as he is very self conscious about it and I’d love to help him.


  11. God, it’s amazing the stuff you think up lady! I am 100% going to try this out. See ya later mountain spots!!! :) x

  12. I’ve always used mint tooth paste on spots. Just buy any bog standard tooth paste then put it on a spot before you go to sleep then wash it off in the morning. Works a treat!

    Will be trying this though as well(: ♥

  13. Dear amrsthrifty,

    Can you use soluble asprin?



  14. Just passed this on to my 13 yr old son who is having serious zit issues at the moment.

  15. Ahh I’ve never tried this tip but I will do! Thank you :)! xxx

  16. I’ve heard of this but am lucky enough to not have spots! Wish I could find something so easy that helps redness!

    A few days left to WIN my Vintage Tea Party giveaway!

  17. Sounds like a good idea, next time I have a breakout I will definitely try this!!


  18. Thanks Thrifty!

  19. that sounds like a great idea!


  20. I’ve never heard of this but will DEFINITELY try it!

  21. defo trying this one :)! Laceyloves

  22. Last weekend I had an unexpected and unplanned night out, which resulted in me staying at a friends and having to borrow her make up wipes. Boy did I regret it! My face stung and felt horrendous! xo

  23. Amazing idea!

  24. *adds asprin to shopping list*

  25. I’ll definitely be trying this – at 35 I’m still suffering with breakouts :( still havent managed to find a skincare regime that suits me. Would be interested in hearing more about your regime including the products.

  26. I’m definitely going to try this – at 35 I’m still suffering from breakouts:( haven’t been able to find skincare that helps – would u mind sharing your regime in more detail including the products?

  27. What a brilliant tip. I’ve been using Sonicleanse too and I’ve had spots in places I’ve never ever had them before so will be giving this a go.

  28. Great tip. Never heard of this one before :) xxx

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