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This floral dress, which I wore endlessly with all of my summer clothes last year, is a very basic Clothing at Tesco number from last summer. Sadly it seems to have shrunk dramtically in length over time (combined with many, many washes), because now if I try to bend over whilst wearing it everyone will get a flash of my hind quarters and no one wants to see that.

1 dress 3 ways a thrifty mrs

Not being one for having clothes sitting around in my wardrobe doing nothing I decided to use it or lose it (send to the charity shop for a short lady to make use of.)

Here are 3 ways I’d wear the dress, let me know which look is your favourite below.

Look 1

A classic clothing twist, pop a dress under a skirt and wear as a top. The easiest of clothing twists!


What I wore
Animal print cardigan – charity shop
Dress as top – Clothing at Tesco
Black skirt – charity shop
Grey tights – M&S
Pink & white shoes made over as per this post.

Look 2

If I can’t get away with wearing it bare legged without fear of exposing my bottom I may as well embrace our cold summer and sling on a pair of woollen tights and rock it with limted fear of exposing my bum.


What I wore
Black cardigan – charity shop
Dress -as above and throughout
Grey tights – as above and throughout
Bag – Vintage
Shoes – as above and throughout

Look 3

Under trousers as a top. It’s a rare day you’ll find me wearing a pair of trousers but I feel oddly comfortable in these high waisted palazzo pants. I wouldn’t try this under fitted trousers because it would create weird lumps and bumps and I have enough of those already, however with baggy trousers like this it works perfectly. I tied my cardigan in at the waist otherwise the look may have been a bit on the baggy side and that makes me look fatter than I already am.

in da woods innit

What I wore
Black trousers – charity shop
Dress – as abover and throughout
Pink cardian – charity shop
Shoes – as above and throughout.


All jewellery throughout – bootsales and charity shops. Stupid poses/faces in all of my posts are care of dares from my husband. Crap photos due to my camera still being broken.

So which look do you like best and how would you wear an ever shinking dress?

Brought to you in association with Clothing at Tesco.



P.S. Yes I was on railway tracks, no it wasn’t dangerous – they are inactive, we had permission. Please do not go on to railway tracks because if you die I’ll feel bad. Don’t make me feel bad, y’hear?

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  1. I rather like look number 2! In fact I may do that with the dress I adore but shrunk in the wash.
    Thanks for the idea

    Much love xo

  2. good try. Dress can be a shirt. Cool!

  3. Leggings or skinny jeans here!

  4. I like the dress/tunic/top with tights. Pink tights, blue tights, black tights. Full length or three quarter. Plain, not patterned.
    But what about adding another bit of fabric to the bottom to lengthen the garment and make it a dress/nightgown? Maybe a couple of men’s old t-shirts would provide the fabric.

  5. that dress is gorgeous! i love supermarket clothes…Florence & Fred have been doing some good work here in Korea too :)
    My favorite is the first look – love the mixed patterns with the cardy and floral dress. But to be honest you look gorgeous in all of them hee hee

  6. I always forget that you can layer dresses with skirts. I don’t know why. I’m going to have to remember this time. Hahaha.

  7. It’s a great idea turning shrinking dresses into tops. I love the colour combo of your top with your pink cardie and yellow beads :) I just wear my short dresses with leggings and then when they’re too short I wear them over skinny jeans (a winner as I like my legs but hate my thighs) Oh and I promise not to walk on railway tracks :) x

  8. Look number 1 does it for me, looks fab & I’ve never tried that trick, love it :) xx

  9. Look 1, look 1, look 1!!!!!! Colour combo suits you lots and lots!!!


  10. I prefer look 3 although I have used look 1 before and it works a treat :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. These ideas were very helpful I have a few dresses that have shrunk in the wash so I might try some of these looks out.


  12. Love it. I swear, why are all cheap dresses about 2/3 inches shorter than I would like? And then shrink even further? Whyy? I love numero uno, you suit the leopard print Mrs!

  13. Great post! thank you! Check out my latest Primark haul!


  14. They all look rather nice! But I especially like number 1!

  15. I like them all. I usually go for a version of 2 using leggings, so it’s a ‘tunic’ type top. Sadly usually I have short dresses because I buy them inappropriately short for a women of my stage of life hahaha!

  16. Look 1 all the way, with look 3 I would wear the dress outside the trousers. I have a few skirts that are too short and I wear them over slim fit trousers, I would wear skinny but I am too fat.

  17. I have this dress too! Paid €1.25 for it on sale!! I love your ideas on how to wear it and will definitely be trying them out!

  18. Look 1 or 2.

  19. I have the short dress issue a lot as I’m tall with a long torso, so bum exposure is a high risk fairly often which is a pain. They should make dresses longer! Anyhoo, I loved look no 1- great idea to pop it under a skirt. I usually wear my short dresses over leggings much like look no 2.

  20. As a top is GENIUS!

  21. Look number 1! It really suits you :)


  22. Look number 1 is brilliant! you look beautiful :) I’m 5’9″ tall so all my dresses seem to shrink on me! :( I tend to wear them with super thick tights or with a pair of denim hot pants :) xx

  23. Ah I have this dress too! I’ve been a bit put off by wearing it recently but you’ve made me think differently. Eeee can’t wait to wear it again – maybe try looks 1 & 3 :) Thanks! x

  24. I love it as a top, and would never have come up with the trousers idea. I’m not very good at trousers at the best of times to be honest.

  25. I love look number 1! Although with number 2 if you weren’t entirely happy about potentially half flashing even with your tights on, you could always slip some leggings on instead. I too am addicted to Pinterest, can find so many amazing ideas on there & I love how I can use everything as an online organiser making ideas & links easy to find. x

  26. thank you, love the ring too xx

  27. I love look #1!! So cute :)

  28. dresses like these are the best, because you can totally hide them under a skirt or trousers and voila a top is formed, or if you fancied being a bit of a cheeky one, then flash away! personally with the way the weather is going, i think bum flashing would brighten up anyones day :) x

  29. Looking super cute in all 3 looks Mrs T. One question: does it make you said that one of your gems is missing from your ring? It makes me sade and I couldn’t have bought it (weird i know) x

  30. I like number 2- but ONLY with tights y’hear! Or maybe leggings…or, what about capri pants?! Oh yes, now that would work!!! You look fab hon. Applauding the genuine thriftiness of this post! xXx

  31. Good ideas :) love look one xxx


  32. I like look number 1 :).

  33. I have a shrunken dress, but I’m going to chop it up and make into a top, and a cushion cover or something x

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