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Yup, you read that title right, I’m conditioning my hair with eggs today. Yup A Thrifty Mrs take frugality too far yet again. It’s something I’ve done a few times but I won a haircare giveaway last year and my bathroom cupboard was filled with hair conditioner and expensive conditioning treatments until recently so now I’m getting back in the knack of doing it myself. Eeep.


It’s pretty easy to use eggs to condition your hair, I’ll explain below but first I’ll tell you what my hair is like so you can judge the results for yourself and see how they’ll fair on your own hair.

I have naturally curly hair and I tend to blow dry it straight or use a curling wand to create curls I actually like. Whilst I have A LOT of hair it is extremely fine and fly away.  Because my hair is so fly away it can’t take too much product or too much washing – it can get bogged down and limp pretty fast. I wash it every other day but I don’t use a conditioner quite as often. However if I don’t condition it at all I can’t get a hat to stay on my head and nothing short of staples can keep a hair slide in my hair. Plus it gets frizzy, really frizzy. So in short – I need to condition my hair with every other wash but I need to be careful with what conditioner I try and how much I use. And that my friend, is my hair. Are you excited? Nah, me either.

Enter eggs, fresh from the underside of a chicken or the supermarket, it depends how you look at it. I’ve found using an egg as an occasional hair conditioner has knocked away some of my frizzy halo away and created a nice shine.

 What you will need
– 1 or 2 medium eggs depending on the length or thickness of your hair (I’m using one)
– A cup
– Fork
– Towel
– Comb


1. Crack an egg into a teacup and then fill 3/4 full with warm (but not hot!) water.
2. Beat the egg into the water until combined, be careful – I managed to get egg all over my mirror which looks FAB in these photos.
3. Comb your hair before massaging the mixture on to your hair and leaving for 10 minutes.
4. Rinse hair with luke-warm water – please don’t use hot water or you risk having a handy snack of scrambled egg deposited on your head. Yeah, not good.
5. Dry as normal.



I’m so impressed with how shiny and nourished my hair now feels. Whilst there may still be a hint of frizz there is nowhere near as much today as there normally would be on a frizz-bomb inducing rainy day. Think Monica Geller style frizz, people. I’ll be using this once a week as a deep conditioning treatment and maybe more so on the weeks I’ve given my hair a good seeing to with my curling wand.


P.S. I know, I know there should be proper before and after photos but do you know I have had THE most stressful morning of my entire life and it is some kind of miracle this post has made it to you at all. Roll on the 4 day weekend.

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  1. *bowks at thought of scrambled egg on head*. I would do this if I wasn’t so funny about raw eggs! I use olive oil on the ends from time to time and that works quite well x

    • So many people hating eggs here today! I can’t eat them they make me really sick but I can just about deal with them on my head – they don’t really resemble egg anymore when you beat them up with the water for long enough.

  2. Ahh I cant cope with egg but I also use olive oil on my hair. I cover it in the stuff and pop a shower cap on for extra heat and leave it for half an hour, works a treat for lovely soft hair. x

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! If I didn’t have such a hatred of egg I’d definitely try this out! XO.

  4. I would never ever have thought to use eggs in my hair – what a weird but ingenious it would seem, idea! Don’t know whether I can stomach raw egg on my face though, I’d probably end up making an omlette on my head or something equally ridiculous. I find it difficult enough to keep shampoo on my head, let alone egg! (: x

  5. How pretty do you look el! I’ve done this a couple of times and agree- really smooth afterwards! You have reminded me that I should probably do a hair treatment soon, its looking pretty knackered. This’ll probably be it! I also do home hot oil treatments with warm olive oil, cling film and a warm towel, but that’s for when its realllllly dry!

  6. I’m glad you have shared this, as it do this too! As my hair is short, thick frizzy and some what AFRO!

    Also another trick I do for skincare is Bananas to stop spots comming out on my face. – I believe it works as I have a oily t-zone.

  7. My hair sounds really similar to yours, so think ill give this a try!!


  8. I’ve heard of using bananas in your hair to condition it but never eggs. It looks really good so I will have to try this. My hair sounds like it’s fairly similar to yours. I have a lot of it & it’s pretty thick but somehow still fly away & gets very frizzy when it’s humid. Another use for eggs which I read in a beauty book I had as a teenager, is to use the egg white as a face mask. This does mean that unless you have another use for the yolk you could waste part of the egg (not so good), however there are lots of things people do with just the yolk so could do both things at same time therefore preventing waste. x

  9. Do you have to wet your hair first or do you just wack it on dry hair? x

  10. Never thought of using eggs, great idea. I used to make face masks out of eye when I was a teen after reading about it in a magazine, because it left your skin soft – so that makes sense! x

  11. I’ve tried eggs before and it totally works!! I haven’t thought about it n while but I just dyed my hair yesterday and it could really use a pick me up. I’ll do this today! x Brittany
    Va-Voom Vintage

  12. This looks like something I’ve got to try – it sounds like a great plan, I always like the sound of a cheap and natural alternative that is uber good for your hair! Thank you for sharing this idea, and the results look great on you! x

  13. have always been scared of trying this. Because I know what a dimwit I am, and I’m bound to end up with scrambled egg hair. Yours looks nice and shiny, maybe I’ll be brave one day.

  14. I’m definitely going to give this a try, it has made your hair look rather luxurious and shiny!

  15. I saw someone else post about this yesterday, but they suggested mayonnaise. Your hair looks lovely but I’m not sure I’d be up for putting egg on my head. X

  16. Your hair is beeyyoootiful.
    *whispers* I wash my hair with egg. I cut out shampoo 5 months ago and now either use egg, bicarb or clay and I LOVE it :)

  17. “fresh from the underside of a chicken” – ha ha ha!

    I use egg white facial mask regularly – and my skin has never felt so smooth (egg white, paint onto skin using a makeup brush, cover with tissue paper *split 2 ply so its thin* and paint over the top with more white. Leave to dry, Try not to frown or laugh. Peel off. Works wonders)

    I shall have to try this one oooot!

  18. This is really interesting, I’ve heard that beer is also good for your hair! Think I may try this when my conditioner runs out! Xxx

  19. First of all I must say you look stunning in the ‘after’ pic. Love your hair and your shade of lipstick.
    Thanks for the great tip on hair conditioner. Going to try it.

  20. Your hair looks AMAZING! I am so sold on this now and I’ll be trying it tonight! Thanks athriftymrs.!

  21. Thanks for the info, have to try this! Argan oil is great for your hair too, I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and my hair is looking shiny, smooth and healthy, plus this stuff has a heat protector to keep my hair safe when I heat style :)

  22. Looks good. Real ale works well too!

  23. I still need to try this! ..Anita Roddick brought a fantastic little book too which included beauty products found in the kitchen… including Beetroot lipstick!

    Lucy x

  24. thank you for the recommendation, very useful, I also use a good hair conditioner which has helped me a lot, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, it restore moisture to hair, protects against heat and chemical damage and keeps my hair soft and healthy. 😀

  25. thank you for the recommendation, very useful, I also use a good hair conditioner which has helped me a lot, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, it restores moisture to hair, protects against heat and chemical damage, plus keeps my hair soft and healthy. 😀

  26. I have a question, should you or should you not use hair conditioner after your egg wash? Will it ruin the effects of the eggs?

  27. Should you or should you not use your normal hair conditioner (Pantene), after my egg wash? Or will it ruin the eggs effects?

  28. can i use shampoo after rinsing???

  29. Anonymous says:

    I do this all the time, this and sometimes i put yogurt in my hair, it has reversed the 2 years of damage my flat iron had cost me. Its incredibly healthy for hair.

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