Reusable Gift Packaging

One of my chums recently turned sulk*gasp* 25 and naturally I gave her a gift – a vintage necklace. I wanted a nice little box to wrap up in but every shop seemed to be charging £4 for a teeny tiny box. What on earth is up with that?

giftSo rather than forking out the price of an all day bus ticket for ONE BOX, I decided to use something I already had at my disposal. Instead of chucking out a body lotion tub, I peeled off the stickers, washed it out and lined it with tissue paper (which had previously been wrapped around a gift I’d been given) before finishing it off with a big fat bow using ribbon which had been wrapped around some jim jams I’d recently bought.

reusable_gift_packagingI’m sure if you’re crafty you could do something far more creative, but hey I’m not. My friend thought it was rather clever and now keeps her spare buttons in the pot. Huzzah and hurrah for reusing.


P.S. How was your weekend?

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  1. Great idea thank you for sharing my friends birthday is coming up soon and this was really helpful.

  2. agree, and I do the same. Try to use something I already have for packaging.

    Once a year, I buy a box of coloured tissue paper from Cox & Cox, it lasts pretty much the entire year, and I use it for gift wrap, in boxes, for crafty uses such as poms, and wrapping flowers ~ looks nicer than cellophane.


  3. Great idea, think I will be using this one! x

  4. it looks so pretty! i always reuse wrapping. i’m one of those who fold up wrapping paper and pops it in a little box for later! Also a big fan of brown paper and pretty ribbon or string for lovely wrapping. The pot is a great idea, so I’ll be adding that one to my repertoire too! Mrs Thrifty, you are not helping with my tendency to hoard… !

  5. Yep I always keep boxes and jars without lots of branding on them and ribbons/tissue, for exactly this reason. And I keep gift bags people give me, make new tags and re-use them.

    I like the idea of a little tub, I haven’t used one before but it’s a perfect size.

  6. Great suggestion – much better for everyone!

  7. Excellent idea. I’ve been known to do a bit of origami (yes, I said “origami”!) in order to make small boxes with lids for jewellery gifts (good tutes on YouTube). xx

  8. Ooh, fancy! I think cards and wrapping paper/gift bags are possibly the biggest rip off around, especially when a lot of of people will just throw it all away almost immediately anyway. I’m already pondering how to avoid christmas cards this year without feeling like the Grinch…

    • I’m a card sender at heart, I love to give them and to have them sent to me – however we now only send Christmas cards to people who live very far away. There’s no point giving a Christmas card to someone if you can say ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS’ to their face.

  9. Such a fab idea! In my spare room I have kept lots of pots and boxes for this very reason although I haven’t included the bow before. So pretty :-) xx

  10. I like the idea of reusing a pot. xx

  11. Also, you can make them a gift themselves. Bit of glue, stick sequins all over the lid and viola not only is it a beautiful gift box but hopefully the recipent reuses it as a trinket box.

  12. Ooo good idea, thanks :) x

  13. Myself and my small group have friends have been reusing the same gift bag and rotating it between us for many moons at this stage . . . But I love the idea of the pot too , have a lovely purple bodybutter pot from the Body Shop that is about to run out , I may be saving it after all.

  14. My Mumma and I have been swapping the same gift bag on our birthdays for 6 years now lol. It’s still going strong :D

    I also keep allll the packaging that I get with purchases from ebay and the like as you never know when you need bubble wrap, although the temptation to pop the bubbles is huge…

    I also make little boxes for jewellery gifts myself using card and tissue purchased from poundland. Simple to make and totally personalised so it makes them a bit special :)


  15. wow! i’ll try to remember to save the packaging from the copious amounts of body shop coconut body butters I go through to try this out.. although the brown colour doesn’t exactly scream happy birthday! x x

  16. This is such a great idea x

  17. That’s totally cute! And something I’m actually capable of doing (being of the non-crafty variety myself).

  18. Ha ha like everyone else we have a rotating family gift bag! I also like to wrap presents in fabric cut offs and ribbon x

  19. I quite agree, I hate wasting money on something that often ends up being chucked anyway! I use all sorts of things for wrapping pressies- wallpaper, those metallic multipack crisp-packet exteriors turned inside out so you juse see the silver, same with kit-kat multipacks! Oh and last Christmas, I did a similar thing to you but I used some old boxes and tins made to look pretty with charity-shop bought buttons, here is my post with them if you would like a look!

    (oh and like Pearl, I totally reuse gift-bags! Since I get loads from kids at school, I am now never short!)

  20. This is such a great idea. I will definately start saving all my body butter tubs from now on!

  21. Hurrah for reusing! I love this idea, I’m always reusing fancy paper for present labels :)
    R xx

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